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Athena's Addiction

Book By: m4sean

Athena, the infamous controversial writer, requested, John an upcoming well-known interviewer to speak with her each day in 1 week. However, the catch is if he has sex with her during that week, the interview is off. Can he resist her charms?

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A.N: Keep in mind that this is my first draft, and that I plan for each chapter to be this long, so if you don't like it long please tell me. :)

Chapter 1

Monday: A stranger or two to get to you.

John pressed his lips on his wife's forehead smelling her sweet honey coconut lotion; that she had applied on her smooth milky white skin the night before, and raised from the bed. "It's time for me to go to work."

She rolls her eyes turning her body away from him. "Whatever."

John frowns, generating a red color in the face. "Are you still mad about last night?" She doesn't respond. "Look I don't have time for this; I'll be late for work if we start another argument." John fixes his suit trying to crease it with his hands and strolls nonchalantly to the door opening it.

"Do you want a divorce?"

John pauses, turns to his wife, and closes the door. "Rachel you're taking this too far."

"Is it another woman?"

"You of all people know I'm bulletproof against other women and-"

John pauses when Rachel rises up giving him a cold icy stare like a lion waiting to pounce from the bushes. He notices a newly set of bags under her crystal blue eyes. She had been crying all night. "It has to be a woman, John, because ever since I spoke about having kids you have been refusing sex for months. She can join us, I wouldn't mind to try something new, I just don't want to lose my husband."

"It's not a woman at all. I just want to-"

"Yes, yes, yes! You want to wait until we're financially stable to have kids, so we can give them the world, I get it!" She screams. "We have a decent house, with two empty rooms and a nice pool in the backyard, your journalism thing is going well and the company I work for is doing fine; so I just don't get what's the problem, plus I'm getting older." She pauses and makes a hard swallow, becoming teary eyed. "I- I'm already thirty and I don't feel like I'm pretty anymore, I feel fat, out of shape, and you don't even encourage me to do anything about it.

John begins to slowly approach her. "Wait are you talking about, honeycomb I do pay attention and encourage you."

"Why do you sit here and constantly lie!" She launches a pillow at him. "I purposely missed a shower, stopped cleaning, and eating in front of you for two days and you never once commented!"

"You smelled good to me, you have been wearing you favorite coconut lotion."

Rachel creates a small rumble, as if she had triggered an earthquake from bouncing on the bed in frustration. "That's what I'm talking about! You should know that I hate the smell of coconut."

John opens his mouth and closes it feeling hesitant about his next choice of words. He walks towards her and halts half way picking up a brief case. "I almost forgot this." He said walking out the door heading to work. Rachel freezes and trembles watching the door slowly close. She rolls back into the bed, throwing herself into the nearest pillow and begins to start sobbing.

Later that morning, John exits his silver sports car and walks up to the foot of a large building by the name of Daily Planet, one of the largest news companies in the country, with a fifteen story building filled with top notch journalist. He moves through the electronic doors moving to the security preparing to take everything off with the metal detectors. He walks through the scanner trigger it to screech off.

He rolls his eyes when a brunette female security officer grins as she moves closer to him with a handheld metal detector in hand. "Mr. Wick, I see you can't get enough of me."

"Can we hurry on with this?"

"Oh come on don't be so rude," The brunette says scanning around his private area. "I have to do my job, effectively." She moves in closer and rubs the motion detector on his penis. "I see I need a warrant to bust this package." She winks. "You're still open to take my offer."

John grabs his briefcase as she backs up, he makes a deep sigh. "Like I said last month and the month before… I have a wife."

The brunette moves aside, "I hear from Michal, you're having problems at home."

"Michal is still spreading those rumors."

The brunette nods, "You should really be careful on who you talk to about your business especially when your becoming one of the most well-known journalist."

John begins to walk away towards the escalator. "Problems or not I will still and forever be faithful." He walks from the escalator and moves towards the elevator walking in by himself. As the door closes the tip of an open toe show moves in front of it halting not allowing it close. John looks down at the painted red toe nail following by fishnet stockings leading up to a blue skirt and a red blouse worn by a tight eye glasses wearing blonde woman with her hair in a bun.

"Mind if I take this cart with you?" She says shifting one eyebrow up, while staring John up and down.

He moves over to the left. "By all means, if you must." She slowly treads her way inside. "Which one is your stop?"

She shrugs, "Which ever floor you're going to stop at." John rolls his eyes and allows the door to close. After the elevator begin to move up the woman turns towards John leaning on the railing. "So what is your name?"

"I have a wife."

"I never asked for Rachel's name."

"Wait how did you know-"John stares at the woman noticing her biting on her lip grinning. "It seems you already know my name."

"Everyone knows your name."

"I guess I'm becoming somebody."

The woman chuckles as she pushes the fifth button making the elevator stop and open. She moves in closer reaching her hand out, and flips his tie up walking out the door turning back facing towards him. "What's somebody inside a nobody town." The door closes.

"A famous nobody?" John scratches his head. "I guess we weren't going in the same place after all." He shakes his head muttering, while fixing and caressing his tie. "This place has far too many lustful women, and then Rachel makes it even harder." John is a proper man that likes to have a stoic stature.

The elevator door opens revealing the standard cardboard box workplace layout filled with computer workstations. The people move in unorthodox ways trying to achieve personal task set upon them. He walks into the office dashing past everyone into his seat. He props down and looks around confused. "Where are my files?" He looks over seeing everyone around them with their desk filled with files. A short Asian woman, Irena, the boss's assistant, comes out from the hallway with a few journals in her hand. "Hey Irena?"

She stumbles trying to catch and balance the stacked papers. "Yes what is it John, I am very busy."

He analyzes the papers noticing his name. "What are you doing with my files?"

"I am supposed to handle your workload for the rest of the week, Mr. Thomson said so."

"Why would Mr. Thompson make you handle-"

"Do you always ask questions when the situation doesn't concern you." A black-grey haired, Mr. Thomson says while smoking a cigarette. "You remind me of someone I use to know, a someone who always questioned my movements even when it didn't concern them."

Irena skillfully hold the papers in one hand to use the other to fix her glasses. "Sir you are talking about your wife again."

Mr. Thomson blinks and pauses. "Dammit!" He shouts and shakes his head. ."Anyways I have a special task for you. This will be the breakout moment of your career thus far." He snaps to Mariam and grabs the files placing it on another guy's desk. "I need you fully focused for this job .

"What exactly am I doing?" John questions.

"You will be inside of an interview, it may take all week, but the fact is I need everything off your mind."

John caresses his tie."This must be one hell of an interview for me to be trying to keep it off of my mind."

"Indeed." Mr. Thomson blows out a large grey fog of smoke, "Come and follow me, we will be heading to the fifth floor. Irena come with us."

"But sir I have John's workload to work on."

Mr. Thomson grabs the papers placing it on the nearest desk. "You weird short looking black guy! What's your name?"

"M4Sean, I always tell you this sir."

"Well this week you have John's workload to complete."

"Wait hold on now! I already have three stories to work on, The People, 5 Moons, and Athena's Addiction!"

"Well you better start with Athena's Addiction, it sounds catchy. Wait what is The People about?"

M4Sean stands up tall, "It's about if you stare-"

"I don't give a shit, already boring," Mr. Thomson says walking away towards the elevator. "Alright, Irena, John, let's go to the fifth floor. Irena and John stare awkwardly at one another as they follow behind.

Irena rushes to the side of Mr. Thomson. "You usually don't go down to any of the bottom floors, only if there is something special." She says walking down to the elevator.

A voice sinkers."Have fun asshole."

John looks around for who said the comment and finds himself making eye contact with Chris and Jape. "Do you guys have a problem?"

Chris shook his head. "My problem will be your problem soon enough."

John makes a slight jog into the elevator, Mr. Thomson continues to blow smoke keeping a straight face. The elevator closes. "Today you will be interviewing the seductress, Athena Love."

John scratches his head, "Athena who?"

"Athena Love!" Irena gasps and then tries to hold back and hide her excitement. "That's interesting."

Mr. Thomson blows out of his cigar giving Irena narrow eyed look. "The only people who know of her are her fans."

Irena looks down towards the ground embarrassed. "Well the guys were talking about a woman that came to the office saying she was looking for the right guy, whatever that means."

Mr. Thomson grunts. "Cut the crap, the reason why I brought you is so you can give John some insight on her."

Irena slight blushes, "Well, Athena Love isn't her real name. She adopted it some point in her life."

Mr. Thomson nods, "It's her stage name."

John rolls his eyes, "Are you guys about to make me interview some former porn star that's on the rise?"

"No you have it all wrong!" Irena's voice cracks from her defensive scream. "Athena Love has done everything you could possibly imagine, prostitution, hostess, pornography just to name a few."

"So I'm right." John chuckles, "I'm interviewing a former porn star on the rise.

Mr. Thomson exhales the smoke through his nostril onto his mustachio. "Athena Love is an internet sensation, who write blogs and erotic short stories at night. With the small infamy should she had it exploded through her work, and not only does this woman screw her fans, but she writes about them giving her stories a small tale."

John wipes his eye, "Sounds like a charmer, she seems like another sad story that degrades woman in our society. In a time where women fight for their rights and equality we are going to promote a story like this?"

"Mr. Thomson thought the same way as you." Irena frowns, "But the worth of her name doesn't lie, for your information, Time Circle, Big News, and Lore City have been trying to slam an interview with her way before this moment."

John bucks back in amazement. "Our biggest competition want's an interview from her? I really don't understand."

"This woman is a master succubus who only knows how to please and tap in a man's or woman's desires. Everyone has been trying to get a piece of her ever since her first internet post achieved over three billion reads in one single night."

John shakes his head. "She understands how to network and wrote a book like 'Fifty Shades of Black" and got famous. We all know that was terrible writing and our society as a whole is losing its intelligence, so maybe people are hyping this woman up."

"Hyped or not, we are getting the very first exclusive interview." The elevator opens, "Whatever you do follow her terms, and don't ever stare her in the eyes, she will read right through your heart, don't allow her to touch you in any shape or form because she will instantly catch your mannerism, we are talking a master of mind games and trickery. If she tells you something she isn't supposed to know like for example your wife's name, you must not give any reaction. The goal is to make sure she doesn't know or learn more about you. Talking to her is like being on a trail, anything you say will be used against you."

"You guys do know I have a wife?"

Mr. Thomson moves swiftly through the halls, "Well at first I didn't want to use you because of that, until I realized you were the perfect candidate, and then she requested for you saying she will only talk to you, so her confidence worry's me."

John stares over towards Irena, "Do you know anything about this plan? Surely she would how announced it of some sort."

"You're actually on to something." Irena nods. "Yesterday, Sunday night she posted on her blog that she found a new project for her next story."

"So I take it I'm the next person she would like to use."

Irena fixes her glasses "Precisely, her works are based off of real experiences with made up fictional settings and characters in front of it. So basically she is planning on having sex with you and writing about you."

Mr. Thomson grunts. "Athena Love is a very deadly woman, who will change your entire routine and lifestyle if you're not a careful man. She one of those woman that will butter you up and strike when your guard is down."

"Sir," Irena says fixing her glasses. "You're talking about your wife again."

"Dammit" He shouts.

They move through the hallway, John spots a man switching his hip wearing an argyle suit. "Here we go with this."

Irena blushes, "What are you doing down here, Jelly bean?"

"Honey we both knew why I was down here" The raspy voice, short light skin Salvadoran man with thick eyebrows and a crew cut hairstyle says giggling. "I came in the office this morning and heard ALL the little children talking about a certain someone, if you know what I'm saying." He smacks his lips, and continues to make hand gestures as he talks. "I had to talk to my favorite sensational internet writer myself."

Irena giggles, "You heard about Athena being here as well.

"Girl, yes the lovely Ms. Love and I had a chat." Jelly bean walks past Mr. Thomson not once giving eye contact and makes Air kisses with Irena. "She was pretty intelligent to say the least. She is a night owl so I'm surprised she come out in public but I was quite…" He makes a moaning sound and gives a lustful glare towards John. "Aroused."

John clenches his fist and frowns, "What do you want Michal?"

"Please, John baby call me Jelly Bean, Why must I always tell you?" John brushes past Michal in disgust. "Don't worry John; someday your distasteful eyes will be lustful again." He licks his lips, "Well we must depart, it was nice talking to you honey." Michal shifts his hips down the hall walking away. Irena hurriedly rushes back to John's side

"Fucking faggot." John says in ear shot of Irena.

"You should keep your homophobic thoughts to yourself… you may get in trouble." She whispers behind.

John walks to Mr. Thomson, standing before a door. "Alright John." Mr. Thomson says opening the door with his palms open presenting, and pointing towards the dark room. "You are on your own."

John stops at the foot of the door reading 'Dark Room.' He fixes and caresses his tie. "She wants me to interview her in the photography darkroom?"

Mr. Thomson shrugs "she only wanted the conversation between you two to actually be heard and seen in private by only you guys." Very careful girl, here take this." He hands John a tape recorder. "Don't worry about writing anything down."

John turns on the recorder and slowly walks into the darkness. He couldn't see where he was stepping, and he could only rely on muscle memory and his general knowledge of the way a staircase looked. He felt like as if he was being sent down to hell to make a deal with a beast, he suddenly ran into a wall realizing he was supposed to make a right turn. He notices a violet color coming from the bottom of the stairs; he slowly treads down the stairs only hearing the creaks of his shoe as he moves down the steps. He walks into a room cleaned out with only a woman sitting in a chair with her eyes closed and legs crossed.

The violet rays of the dark room compliments her skin, actually giving off the illusion of it merging with her skin. Her blonde hair that use to be in a bun was now down to her back. John looks around at the room noticing how close the walls were to them, feeling claustrophobic even-though he never has felt this feeling.

It wasn't the room that he felt edgy to, but the way it was being used for. He knew this woman, Athena Love, picked the room, she had made it like a trap, away from all ears and witnesses. Whatever he did, or said down here would never be known or heard.. He looks down at the tape recorder realizing that it his only source of sanity in case he went mad.

He stares at her open toed shoe, fishnet skirt and white blouse. He recognizes this attire and woman from earlier. "I see we already met on the elevator." Athena doesn't reply. John looks around and grabs a chair setting a far distance away from her. "I will be recording our conversation." He waits for a moment and chuckles when she doesn't replies. "I see what you're doing; well I'm not your average guy. I won't fall for your cheap mind games and-."

He pauses when Athena opens her eyes staring directly into his. She unfolds her legs slightly spreading them open. At this moment John's eyes couldn't help, but linger down noticing she wasn't wearing any underwear. He is able to see the outline of her vagina.

He immediately looks back up noticing she never once took her eyes off him. She cocks her eyebrow towards him. John makes a deep sigh and stares at her, the two stare each down for two or more minutes, John digs into his pocket, "I don't smoke anymore, but I do save this for girls like you." He takes out a cigarette and points it towards Athena. She slowly shakes her head. "I see so you don't smoke." John says watching her nod.

They both stare towards one another for another minute or two. Athena finally moves reaching in between her boob taking out a manually rolled blunt. John squints his eyes watching Athena take out a lighter. "I thought you didn't smoke, why lie?"

Athena inhales and deeply exhales blowing out the smoke, "If I told you I could fly… would you believe me?"

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"It means everything people tell you… everything people present to you… is never the actual or whole truth."

John sniffs smelling a sweet stone burnt leaf coming from her blunt. "So you're saying you didn't lie. You don't smoke cigarettes only smoke weed?"

Athena grins, "You're catching on, but anyways I'm kind of curious… what did they say about me?"

John relaxes in his chair "They said many things."

"Many things as in?"

"As in you're a monster, a home-wrecker, and another sad story to degrade the woman in our society." Athena begins to laugh. John pauses gritting his teeth. "Do you think this is funny?"

"No I'm laughing at the reality you said… the scary part?"

"What scary part do you speak of, or what is the scariest thing?

"The scariest thing is when everything you heard about me is true" Athena smirks making John pause. He began to move his eyes rapidly searching for an answer in his brain.. "So before we get this started I want to play a game." She slouches forward opening her legs, "If you ever feel the need to fuck me, go ahead, but then the interview will be over."

John laughs out loud. "Well it looks like I'm going to win this game."

"I also want you to read my stories then come back to me. It will be the best way to conjure thought provoking questions."

John frowns, "How long will this interview be?"

"You will have half an hour each day this week starting today." She bucks her head up, towards the clock on the wall. "So far you have fifteen minutes left. If you screw me anytime during this week the interview is done."

John nods, "Fair enough, but I promise it won't go like how you think."

She blows out a marijuana fog, "I hope so, and you have fourteen minutes."

John sits up, "Alright let's start, why did you choose me what was the point of picking a married man and how does that tie into your next story you plan to post on the internet?"

"The next story I plan to post is about a Priest who's seduced by the Devil, starring you as the priest."

John scratches his head "I am no priest, why didn't you go to a church or something."

Athena chuckles, "Priest are devoted to a god and you are devoted to your wife, and what's interesting to note is that not all priest are saints, also most have something to hide."

"What do you think I have to hide?"

"You're hiding your love for another being."

John lays back into his chair accidentally eyeing her vagina. "My love for my wife is real and no one will get in between that, not even you."

"Ooh, Love, my last name." Athena nods, "Love is evil, spell it backwards I'll show ya" Athena giggles watching John's expression. "For a priest they believe in god just like how you believe in Love. Of course it isn't something we cannot see but still we believe in it."

"Ms. Love are you an, Atheist?"

Athena shakes her head, "I don't believe in god, but I do believe in an almighty creator, like any normal human being my faith is questionable; so should your faith or love be for you wife."

"Did you pick me because of the rumors Michal has been spreading?"

Athena shakes her head; "Michal told me this rumor after already chosen you, so no It was actually the conversation we had on the elevator. Before you I went through the office speaking to every man and woman to see who would be my perfect candidate, and after looking into your eyes." Athena smirks. "I knew you were the one."

"Ah yes speaking of that, how in the world were you able to get into the office?"

Athena rubs on her thigh, "Your two co-workers Jape and Chris."

John thinks back to earlier when they gave him a dirty stare. "So that is why they looked at me like that."

"Yes, because I promised them I would land their company an interview, I guess they thought I was talking about them."

John shakes his head, "Either way you would need some type of pass to even get up there, and that in itself takes a few weeks to even get.

"Let me explain." Athena replies back. "Just sit back and listen to my tale."


They say it's better to give than receive, but receiving is so much more convenient. Why must the good things be hard to obtain and the bad easier than finding a penny. Fortunately for me I had already embraced sin long ago.

It all started with Jape, the brother in law of Chris. I wanted to use Jape to get close to Chris who I originally chose to interview me. I heard he was also was having problems with his marriage according to Jape, so I thought he was going to be the perfect man, however, Chris was weak and fell for my lustful eye on the first day I spoke to him.

Plans don't always go according, but I figured I should at least get something out of it. Jape wanted sex and Chris wanted sex, so I arranged a place to meet at. And of course meeting them in the same place at the same time is even more… convenient.

This wasn't the first time I've spent quality time with two men, but I've never gotten a chance to sleep with a married man and his brother in law. When a man's wife, girlfriend, and even a friend refuses to give him sex he will cheat, or find someone else, despite his feelings.

I've come to learn that there is always a person that will say yes, even though the majority will give the answer of no. If you keep looking, you may get lucky, and if you're really lucky you will find something or someone like me… the yes option. Sex is Karma's distant cousin, a bitch in disguise, but we all love her. Now that I think back it was such an interesting dynamic that even now it gets me wet inside.

It's good to know, when screwing two guys there are always a forceful one, a rough guy who makes it his internal mission to give you the best pleasurable experience than the other. I take it upon myself by identifying this one to exploit his barbaric nature.

"I already told you I would get you what you wanted." Jape whispered in my left.

"Now give us what we want." Chris whispered in my right.

I had to let out a small giggle; it was the most appropriate thing at time. Chris kissed on my neck, while Jape and I embraced our lips together. His tongue was surprisingly warm against mine. Jape slowly reached his hand in feeling on my breast, grasping it firm and massaging it. His rough hands felt great against my skin, surprisingly smooth really, the way he fumbled with my nipple on the left and pressing hard on my bottom right breast.

He moved in front of me and began ripping open my shirt. I felt a sudden shiver fly past my nipple, as if the icy air wanted a taste of me too. Jape leaned in forward introducing his soft tongue to the tip of my right nipple, and like a beast he devoured, sucking, spitting, and transitioning to each side equally.

I released a soft moan trying quiet down, after hearing it bounce from inside the stalls, escaping out to the closed quarter checkered room walls. What a man, Jape was with his mouth, the way he circled around my nipple with his tongue so forcefully, giving me a wonderful idea of how he would handle my kitty, my sweet vagina.

I grabbed his face sending him down trying to test my theory. Men are not the only creatures that like something going down on them. Jape lifted my leg up and I rested my arms on Chris's shoulder. I liberated a deep ever-lasting extensive moan, feeling a wet slimy feathery soft substance rolling down against my clit, the brain, the top section of my vagina. The feel of his tongue wasn't to my liking, but my lord it still triggered my eyes to spin like wheels, when he had flattened his tongue gently pressing his lukewarm saliva against my thigh sliding back onto my clit.

Chris on the other hand sucked hard on my neck trying to leave a mark on my body, a love bite some would say, however I would like to think of it as stating your property on that individual. I cocked my head back to the side watching him stare me down with his deep set green eyes. The angle was perfect for me to allow my long tongue to enter in his mouth. He jerked his head back, opened his palm grabbing my neck slightly chocking me eyeing me intensely.

"Don't look at me like that; you're just letting out some steam." I said pushing and forcing my tongue down his throat, then after a moment I began to suck on his lips, and even with me doing this I saw his struggle, his internal struggle to deal with the fact that he himself is a greedy bastard like every other.

Chris stopped for a moment with a puzzled look. "You wore your tongue ring." He said licking his lips, while he began unbuckling his pants. I grinned and looked down at Jape disappointedly by the fact he was treating me as a pastry, like as if I was some delicate wine to be savored and sipped on. At the moment I felt as if I had ran upon two soft guys that will screw me softly until Chris grabbed my face with a firm grasp forcing my down to his private area.

I quickly opened my mouth feeling a large silky smooth object with a tender steady pulse enter sliding swiftly along my tongue, until I made a slight gag when I felt the tip touch the end of my throat. I pulled back noticing I couldn't fit his entire penis in my mouth, I instantly felt overpowered at this massive meal set before me, which is exactly what like, for I'm a girl, a woman, an animal, I want to be fucked hard like a dog, and faster than a rabbit, by a cock thicker or longer than a horse like Chris'.

It was a very thick light shade of brown and the way he plunged it in carelessly made me realize Chris was the rough one I was looking for. To me his cock became a delicious Caramel Sundae, no, a large chocolate stick that I wouldn't have minded to lick, or suck on forever until it was gone, which is never and all the better..

"Oh baby, your mouth is so beautiful." Chris began to stroke my head back and forth. "Yeah, you're a nasty girl aren't you?" He groaned as I skillfully being to weave my tongue around each time he pulled back searching for the right rhythm. I continued licking the bottom section, also using my mouth like suction cup making noises as I built more saliva in my mouth to soak his brown cock, and feeling accomplished when he started moaning louder.

Chris sat down on the toilet fixing his butt comfortably jerking my head down harder. Jape stood up, fumbled his hands into his pocket, took out a condom, began unbuckling his pants with one hand and holding my butt with the other. Chris dropped his head backwards losing his menacing grip making me realize I found the right rhythm.

I pulled back and screamed, "Yeah baby!" When Jape finally joined his cock inside me, I saw the walls became thinner, like a closed box and I soon felt a sudden burning sensation. Either he was stupid or wanted to anally fuck me, because he pushed in fiercely then stopped to analyze his doing, when he realized he missed my pu*sy. Any other girl in that situation would have flipped, but it didn't matter, I looked back and grabbed him when I felt him trying to quickly escape. "Keep it there." I said winking to show it didn't affect me.

I've done anal sex before, but it had been a while. My nipple began to harden when I quickly conjured a thought of something. I took a step, and then another, leading Jape on to follow as I slowly climbed on top of Chris. In that minute which felt like an entirety, I made it and successfully had Chris and Jape's penis in both holes.

It was an awkward position, in the tight space, Chris and Jape must have made eye contact with one another because I noticed how Chris immediately turn his head facing the other direction. Jape continued his stroking motion, and Chris started to bounce me in place. They both accepted the situation, my sick way of having double the fun. No matter what people say anything goes in the middle of sex.

"Fuck me!" I screamed feeling Jape stroke faster. "I'm you guys whore, fuck me harder!" I screamed feeling Chris's breathing become more abrupt. I grabbed Chris's face and began to tongue kiss him. In that moment Chris fixed himself and stood up, I felt his penis drive forward into me deeper inside of my vagina, they both began to bounce me up and down, shoving their cocks into me. I extended my hands outwards grabbing and holding on the top of both stalls. We stayed in the position until Jape finally gave in releasing a large amount of semen in my ass

"Damn." He said pulling out falling back on the door glaring at the ceiling. Chris immediately turned around propping me on the toilet with my legs dangling in the air. The moment I've been waiting for, a one on one with this man, he made a large glob of spit on his hand and place it on his penis. He looked me dead in my eyes and skillfully drove his hard brown thick wet cock down inside my pussy. And there at that moment in time, I became helpless as he fucked on the toilet pushing and pile driving his penis in and out from me.

I could only feel the tip of his penis penetrate me engulfing and filing over the walls of my vagina, as I came on his cock, making me numb to hear a buzzing sound and his heavy breathing, while I tasted and occasionally swallowed my saliva when I forgot due from the pleasurable fucking I was receiving. The lights on the ceiling became brighter, and his wife's sweet rose aroma was all I could smell from his neck as I bit into it ripping my nails scratching into his back.

He grabs my neck with both hands and started stroking harder and faster, he began to scream, as I began to dream, with a moan and groan, he screeched as wept for him to cum. Then I saw the inevitable, his pupils became small and he began to jerk out of rhythm as he quickly pulled out and pointed his cock towards me.

Suddenly a white creamy substance started flowing out landing on my belly, then chin, as he drove his penis in my mouth. He placed his hand on the wall and flung his head backwards crying to the heavens, while his cock became my dinner and his sperm my food to swallow. He was done. I grabbed his penis strangling it sucking out everything he had to offer. He began to twitch and slightly giggle when I sucked the tip. I guess it tickles when you suck on the tip of a man's cock after he came.

Where were we you wonder? It's kind of funny now that I think about it; I'll give you a hint. We were in a bathroom of a place where people gather. No that's too generic how about a place where people go to lose themselves, their souls and waste time thinking they are having an illusion called 'fun'. A place where boy meets girl and girl meets the bottle. A place of bright lights and where music itself demonstrates it's mastery over us, the puppets. Yes I was in the men's restroom of a club having sex or an agreement' with two hungry bastards.

My life isn't glorious, but it's damn for sure is interesting. Without a word they both pulled up their pants. "Come to the office building tomorrow." One said as they both walked away passing a group of men who we listening. And like that they were gone. A man walked up towards the stall unzipping his pants.

"Wait sugar." I said pushing him. "A girl gotta go." I winked closing the door turning to sit back on the stall. After a moment back in reality I began to uncontrollably sob trying to wipe and hot back the tears from my eyes, my face became hot and-

"Hold on" John Interrupts, "You cried in the stalls when you were alone?"

Athena shrugs, "You heard what I said."

"Why is what I'm asking, I thought you got what you wanted, you had sex and obtained access to our building."

"Of course you would think that, you're a man, complicated beings that understand women, but let me give you some insight on me, that you probably already know." She says sarcastically. "I, Athena Love, always become deeply attached to the people I share myself with."

John chuckles, "If all I heard about you is true then that must mean you are attached to many people."

Athena nods, "Yes I am."

"Well then why do you have sex with so many? It should kill you inside when it's over, why you don't stop?"

"I can't and I hate myself every time, but there are a few reasons why I can't stop. You see when I engage in sex I feel alive and at that moment in time the universe stops, all my worries decease, and I matter most to that individual despite it being temporarily. I love that feeling; it's my addiction, my blessing, and curse"

"What exactly are you searching for? What do you want?"

Athena grins, "I want a total complete stranger or two doesn't matter, to take advantage of me and use my body any way they see fit."

"That makes no sense and you're a confused deranged girl."

"Confused am I? No, YOU are the one confused, I saw the way you looked, when I was sharing my story." Athena pauses. "Do you watch porn?"

John pauses and thinks for a moment. "Every blue moon why?"

"When you watch the guy FUCK the life out of the girl… do you watch the man or the woman?"

"I watch the woman."

"Wrong you watch both, everyone watches both, you watch to see if the man does his job to fuck the woman, so she could moan loud enough to arouse you, and If he fails you search for another video; same goes for women, we are all attracted to the same sex in some way."

"Where are you getting at, what is the real question?"

Athena moves forward not once blinking. "There is a hidden truth to everything, the real question for you is when you were hearing my story, which gender were you getting turned on to, and who were you actually imagining…. the woman or the man?" She malevolently smiles. "That's my question to anyone who hears or reads this recording, if you were actually imagining your same sex. So could it be said that you are attracted to your sex, but if you're straight after you watch the act are you now bisexual?"

John shrugs "Good question, but I'm not a man with answers just man questions, and I'm truly not bisexual or gay."

Athena nods, "Yes I heard about you homophobic nature, but after we established that you can get aroused to a man, your statements are invalid."

"So you say." John snaps a reply back. "After hearing all this, I now know that you yourself are a walking contradiction; for you say things that are covenant to the situation with only providing half the truth."

"Well isn't that your job? To find out the truth before I find your truth."

"My truth?" John leans back.

"Your true nature, who you really are" She stands up before he could reply, walking towards him, he jerks back ready to defend himself then stops noticing her walking up the stairs. "Our time is done I will see you soon. Go home, do your homework, think about what we discussed, and maybe screw your wife, so the next time we won't have to talk just about me." She pauses and turns around. "Oh and by the way… find something better to wear; you dress and walk like you got a stick up your ass." She turns continuing back up the stairs.

John looks down at the recorder and pushes pause. He stands up and stretches his stiff muscles, "Crazy bitch." He says walking up the stairs outside catching eye of Mr. Thomson.

"So how did it go?" He said.

"I didn't really get much but she said she will come each day in the week for me to interview her." John looks down the hallway noticing Athena hug Chris. Chris began a conversation with Athena then gave a menacing glare at John. "My problem is soon going to be your problems?" John shakes his head towards Chris. "This is going to be an interesting week."



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