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Alexis Kids Nightmare: Chapter 1: Twins Insanity

Book By: Maggotfan257

It's about a group of kids that are friends that are being punished for their parents actions from the past.

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Twins Insanity
Chapter 1
The names Max Hark-er and I'm one in the same and this is what occurred during the year 2001.
The year that changed the lives of two twin sisters Sally Moon Soul, Mallory Dark Soul and one middle aged mother Aubrie Black Soul and this is their story.
These twins were 8 years old just playing at recess being kids and then out of no where something in their head said kill them kill them all.
Mean while their mother, which was a user of witch craft at that time was sitting at home when she felt a pain in her chest at that very moment she stiffened.
"Oh god no please not now I'm not sure I could hurt my children please there must be another way please lord please!!?"
Cried Aubrie with so much passion in her heart the earth could hear her cries of pain.
When the mother was on her way to the school she saw over five police cars passing by going toward the elementary school building where her children were going to school.
When she saw that she cursed under her breath saying
"Why god did you have to let their powers mature so fast and bring devastation on to this world through my children, why i just don't get it!"
She yelled aggravated at the so called god of the universe.
"I wish I could help those two twins, but the only thing I can do is put them in a place where they can not harm other people again"
Sighed Aubrie, but just then she looked up to see her daughters dancing in circles around the pile of dead bodies of their classmates and teachers.
The twins said, "This is only the start of what there is to come we shall not let anyone stop us!!"
Laughing in unison as the blood of their classmates started to drip from their own bodies as they danced around happily.
Their mother came running at them and bound them by means of bewitched handcuffs so that they wouldn't be able to use their powers while they were bound.
"I told you two girls to never ever use your powers in public and I meant it.
Now I have no choice, but to send you off to the asylum, where you will be for 6 years until you learn the real act of killing people like I did!!"
Laughed Aubrie with such demonic force that you could feel the wind speeding up trying to get away from this demonic human being.
Its been 6 years sense those twins were sent to the asylum for treatment of their mental insanity.
Now students and teachers are coming close to revealing the twin sisters secret that Aubrie, their mother, has worked so hard to keep hidden.
Lets see how she tries to keep the secret from becoming known to the town of Alexis.
Well that is if Bryce Dread Soul, her son doesn't get in her way of doing what she wants to do.
On that August 22, 2007 I started High school at Alexis High its a pretty small school, but for this years freshmen class it was made up of at least 300 students.
This is unusual for Alexis High because they usually hold up to a total of 800 students, and their freshmen class has always been around 100 to 150 students.
I believe our freshmen class this year will be depleted by unknown situations occurring around town throught out the year.
"Hay Max have you heard about what happened to Beth our teacher for English last year?"
Asked Lilian with a sorrowful look on her face.
Shock spread through out my body thinking of the worse possible situation.
"No, what happened to her?"
I asked with a sense of fear going through my spine and the rest of my body as I awaited her answer.
"Well my father works with the police department, and said tht Beth was injured by unknown weapons"
Explained Lilian with a little bit of sadness in her eyes.
"Um were the soul twins invalved?" I asked hoping to god I was wrong with my guess.
"Yes that exactly who it was, but shes not dead she was badly wounded and fell in to a coma I would say shes lucky to be alive wouldn't you say Max?",
Lilian smiled with a sarcastic look on her face as she started to walk away to go to class.
Just then I felt the change in the wind and realized it was my paternal twin sister Molly Hark-er.
Like the insane sisters we have powers, but not destructive like theirs.
We use our powers through black outs to tap in to each others individual strengths, and use that to our advantage.
In 9Th grade we didn't know how to control it so we hide away our abilities for every one's sake not just own.
"Hay brother hows your first day of ninth grade going for you?" Smiled Molly Happily with a look of joy that would lighten any ones day.
"Oh I'm doing fine just worried I feel like something bad is about to happen, but I don't what it is or why its happening.
Also Beth our English teacher from last year almost got killed yesterday did you know that?"
I smiled with a faint grin on my face mixed with fear and regret as I spoke to my twin sister.
"Oh god! By the way i found out she was talking to Aubrie, the mother of our close friend Bryce yesterday." Molly Continued,
"Do you know the reason why They are scared of the twins brother?"
Just like that my world came crashing down around me.
I was one of the only 10 year olds Sally moon Soul, and Mallory dark Soul had because of their little brother Bryce dread Soul.
"Do you remember in elementary how the twins were in the same grade as you and I." I cried as i continued,
"Well back then I was playing with them when I felt a strong change in the wind, and found myself being stared down by the twins."
"I froze with fear in my eyes trying to find out why they had such a strong killing instict towards me their friend."
"So when they went to strike me with their knife I blacked out, the next thing I know I wake up on the playground with them dancing around a pile of dead bodies."
I explained as i continued my story,
"Then Bryce was standing beside me watching in horror for there was nothing we could do, mean while their mom came and handcuffed them then left."
"then i found out the twins Sally and Mallory were sent to the Asylum for 6 years Minimum." I Said crying at the remembrance of that horrible day 6 years ago.
My sister looked at me shock, she couldn't believe what she just heard.
"Oh god brother, I'm sorry I never knew.", cried Molly Hark-er with so much tears in her eyes I thought we would flow away with her tears like a raging river.
My first week went smoothly except for finding out that an old teacher of mine was in a coma.
Plus going through school seeing all my friends that I'm close too.
"Can't this week end already I'm tired of this school I just want to go home!!!"
I screamed throwing everyone off guard.
"Now just calm down sir everything is okay alright no ones trying to make you stay"
said Andrew, my foreign language teacher for German, the only teacher that's seen me black out; and learned how to deal with it head on like he's doing right now.
"Why though, why do you guys keep people here during the week after school is out uh, does it have to do with the disappearances that's happened this week does it?"
I asked with so much anger and frustration that the air in the room begun to thicken as I sat there contemplating what to say and how to change this situation in to my favor.
"well if you must know, you little know it all, it does and we don't want any of the students disappearing like the adults are.
All because we began to look in to the sisters re... I mean where they are located."
Andrew said with fear in his eyes that showed me that he knew the insane sisters were back but where?
"Well that makes perfect sense so that's where Mason disappeared too!" I said with such mystery in my voice with a sense of adventure as well.
"So I'm going for a walk care to join me any one?" I laughed with happiness in my eyes.
Just then Claire, Paul, Tanner, and Jessica all came forward and said in unison "where to leader!" I laughed even more.
I was happy, no, over joyed that other people were willing to come with me tonight to go and look for the others.
"Alright everyone first things first, where should we look?" I whispered softly to my group of friends and apparently my sister as well.
"Well i think we should look at the boiler room first because that's where Rob and Dillon were last seen."
whispered Molly thinking that they might be dead, or worst be found in tiny pieces with parts of blood, and muscle tissue stuck to each little piece of bone.
We finally got down to the boiler room looking for signs of a struggle or signs of blood on the floor that would indicate that someone was here or missing at this point in time.
Mean while Dillon and Rob were fighting amongst each other trying to find a way out of the boiler room.
This happen do to Mason turning on them and trying to kill them when they followed him in to the boiler room.
they been stuck in the boiler room ever sense. "My god what was that about Rob, why was Mason trying to kill us?" cried Dillon with fear in his eyes.
As he stood there waiting for his friends response to his question.
"I have no idea, but he must be working with the insane sisters mother, remember what we heard earlier i told Max he should be on his way now!" yelled Rob with new strength.
Just then Mason reappeared with a evil smile on his face.
"That was clever to call Max, but I don't think he'll help you two sense i just killed that Jessica chick and Paul, which by the way was quite the Slaughter house .
Although it was a pity that I wasn't able to kill Max or his sister Molly." Laughed Mason with a evil aura around him.
Max sensed it right a way and was there in a flick of the hand along with Claire, Tanner, and Molly.
"Did you really think I wouldn't come and kick your ass after what you did to Paul and Jessica you fucking murderer."
I screamed pissed off to the point that Mason Flinched and fell to one knee.
"Im...Impossible there's no way you have this much power after fighting against me once, HOW DO YOU HAVE SO MUCH POWER!"
Yelled Mason with such anger that I though the ground above us would callapse on top of us.
"Silly Mason do you realize that when you and I fought, I only used a portion of my energy to beat you and that's it, nothing more, nothing less."
I laughed as the pressure from my power started to crush Mason alive.
"Ah let me go you bastard you have no reason to........oh ya that's right",Mason continued on as Max's foot slamed against mason's face.
" i will get my rev...." We walked out of the boiler room where we left Mason to die on the ground with his arms & legs ripped off of his body so that we could see his anger burst.
We were walking away when Mason was using his head as his feet.
"Get back here you cowards I can still beat you, you bastard,"
Yelled Mason with the last amount of strength he had before he fainted.
As everyone was starting to leave the boiler room, the pipes started to burst all around them.
Quickly they started to run out of the boiler room, but Rob and Dillon didn't make it out, well they did except in body bags.
"Why weren't they able to get out, they were right behind us unless Aubrie grabbed them when we weren't looking?"
screamed Claire, as she punched the brick wall. When she pulled her hand away from the wall she saw that her hand was bleeding immensely.
" You need to go to the nurses office to get that check Claire and you need to calm down too."
I calmly said to Claire with a concerned look on my face. As I walked Claire to the nurses office I realized that someone was following us and that person was unknown.
I don't know how Mason survived sense he callapsed, but I will make sure he dies next time by my own hands and not by my power.
"I have a bad feeling about this school Claire." I whispered to Claire when she was close.
Just then I felt a huge wave of anger.
" Max why did you go off on your own." yelled Andrew with anger that i think it actually push me back a few feet.
"Sorry it was either go, and help rob and Dillon or leave them for dead." I screamed back at Andrew.
I started to say something else when Andrew hit me.
"Never run off on your own again okay Max?" Yelled Andrew with anger in his eyes still.
"I'm sorry I cant promise that Mr. Andrew I have to stop Mason at all costs." I calmly said to him as I walked passed.
I got in to my van when my sister and all my friends get in.
"Why don't we look at the lake first sounds like a place Mason would go hide, and heal from his wounds."
Suggested Molly with a lot of faith in the idea that you could actually feel the truth behind it.
As we started the drive to the lake we saw a ball of fire coming straight toward us aiming straight at the driver seat which was me.
" Oh shit!! what the fuck!" I yelled as i swerved away from the ball of fire that came from the lake.
We were started to drive for our lives as we started dodging balls of fire all the way to the lake.
Every one is screaming in the back of the car with so much force I almost got it by the last three fire balls that came at my car.
"shut the fuck up people I'm trying to drive here!!" I screamed as I finally made it to the lake shore.
When we got out of the car I told everyone to run for I would stand and fight who ever comes my way.
"Come out and fight me you fucking weakling!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs that the trees started to tip over to show me my enemy.
I was just standing there waiting when a explosive blast of energy hit the ground in front of me.
"What the fuck just happened, where did that come from?"
I yelled as I started pouring water over my body so that I can't get burnt as I was running to dodge the balls of fire coming at me still.
Just when I thought it was over I froze dead in my tracks as I saw Aubrie walking out of the still flaming woods that I came running out of.
"Well I though you would found out sooner or later, but I didn't think that you would find out so quickly!?" Laughed Aubrie evilly as I stared at my best friends mother.
I thought my life was over until I felt a familiar presence. "Get the fuck away from my friend mother other wise I will kill you myself?!"
Screamed Bryce with so much rage that the wind started to blow out the fire in the woods.
"How dare you get involved with your mothers ordeals Bryce, so why don't you be a good boy and go home!"
Aubrie smiled as she pushed back with more energy then I've ever felt before.
"I wont do such a thing where you kill my best friend for finding out that my sisters escaped!"
Bryce Laughed with such spectacular feeling of fun that he almost melted the ground underneath him.
"Damn right i won't just sit here and let you kill me!"
I screamed with such power that I felt my sister give me her strength sense she sensed me as my energy grow greater with each scream at Aubrie.
" Will kill you if its the last thing i do!" I laughed as i charge at her with such speed she couldn't see me until i hit her square in the jaw.
"What the fuck was that?!" Aubrie yelled at her son for an answer, but she realized right after i hit her again with even more force then before.
"wait is he versed in material arts?" Aubrie asked her son.
"No, much worse rage, fear, and will power all in one my dear mother this is the reason why my sisters couldn't hurt him back then,
and why they had those scars on their body after you wash them that night before you sent them to the asylum." laughed Bryce with great peace in his mind and body.
"No, there's no way a son of humans can have or even comprehend those powers let alone control them?!" screamed Aubrie with rage in her eyes.
"Didn't you wonder why dad left right after your first time giving and took the kids with him?!" laughed Bryce with pride filled eyes.
"Wait! are you telling me that Max and Molly are my first born's?!"
I screamed with horror as she starred at me with those eye's that told me that she couldn't believe that her first born was so strong and with out any help from witch craft.
Then she realized she didn't use the craft back when her husband was with her.
"No! there's no way!?" yelled Aubrie with rage in her eyes as she ran away with tears flying like bullets in the air.
At the same time I was trying to dodge them while running and that's a bitch to do.
"What the fuck just Happened to us?" Bryce asked excited about the situation that just occurred.


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