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Book By: Marmite

During a camping holiday, Eve met a guy. His name was Jonathon...and... he wasn't exactly human.
He was actually a being of dark matter and him and his 'family' need Eve to help break the curse thats stopping them manipulating mankind with their dark magic...and theres just one last thing they need... Eve... and her love.
Eve will never ever feel that way about Jonathon... but unwillingness isn't going to stop him... with the help of his dark magic and his family, he'll track her down... and enslave her with unconditional love... and doom all mankind.
Everything Eve knew is about to be changed... fiction comes to life and reality is turned on its head... but she has to focus on whats real...or she'll let him win.

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He didn't think about where he had to go. He brought no map, nor compass, or even a folded napkin with basic directions hastily scribbled upon. He stomped the long grass as he trudged through it, hitting away sticks that dare to reach out too far, and cursing under his breath when grass or a small plant caught itself on his jeans. He hated those jeans, he hated having to blend in with other people…but as mother had said, he must not draw attention to himself. If he stood out people may get suspicious, and try to follow him. And he always hated watching father slaughter the helpless follower…the pitiful screaming and begging was as irritating as a mosquito's wings. He was faced with a path that led two ways, one way towards the lake, the other towards the nearby village. He didn't think about his choices, instead he simply walked in a straight line between the two paths. And…sure enough…his faith in the gods of fate and destiny had proven a worthy choice. His family looked up to see their son arrive, the slightest traces of smiles crept on their dark faces. The fire which lit up the small wooded area somehow failed to have the same effect on his family members. No orange glow left their clothes, their hair or their skin. Their dark clothes, dark hair, and deep yellow complexion did not reflect the light, they were mere shadows against the fire's glow. A woman with a short, jet black bob was the first to step forward and greet him, her dark eyes bore no emotion that a mother should have for her only son. "Jonathon… you are back…we were beginning to think you had…left us." She spoke with as little emotion as her eyes had given. "Mother," Jonathon's emotionless drawl bore the slightest hint of amusement, "If I was to leave, who would bring home news to his eagerly awaiting family?" "You…have news?" her slim eyebrow Eve with curiosity. "No…she is not here today. The girl has not yet approached us… the gods of fate did not intend that we meet the girl today." "…Oh…" her almost robot voice did not even show a fraction of the disappointment she felt every time her son came home, to tell them that the girl they seek had not yet come their way. Plenty of worthy girls will pass them over the years…but only Jonathon could tell when it was the right one…the girl of destiny. "So… what did fate call you out for? If not the girl…" "It is never the girl." Jonathon's sister cried out. Jonathon rolled his eyes, his sister was young, and her emotions were always at the surface. "When will she come, mother, when?" With impatience eyes, and a voice that dripped with irritation, Jonathon's sister once again questioned her family's ways. "Hush, Millie, the God's will bless us soon enough." "It was their wish that tonight… we decrease natures population… and leave no traces of its existence." He held out a dead hare, gripping by its ears to show its snapped neck, its lifeless eyes staring up at the sky. The family grinned, the killing, feeding, and sadistic nature they were born with finally free to live as its instincts tell them to… and feast upon it's pray like the beings of the night they were. A family meal…between dark beings…searching for the one to free them…forever.


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