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no more bad dreams

Book By: puppyluver0012

this is a story about a little girl named lea she is a freshman in highschool and is exsperiencing paranormal dreams which cause her to become crazy

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The door slowly opened lea thought that her mom was checking on her. Lea stood up and stretched and rubbed her eyes from tiredness. Lea went back to continue her homework. Trying to figure out how to do this problem. "Okay x goes here minus the two" lea paused. She thought she heard a noise down stairs. "Equals three plus x" lea mumbled.

She figured that her mom was up getting a late night snack. "Lea concentrate" lea said and started to work out the problem. Lea started biting her pencil and glanced at the clock it read four o clocks. "Crap" lea said and closed her book and headed to bed and slowly drifted to sleep.

Then the dreams started to occur. A little girl appeared like thin air. Lea felt hopeless and stood there like she couldn't move and stood there watching. The shadow figure creep closer to her. It walked very staggerish and unbalanced. The little girl's arms drooped down next to her sides and had no energy.

The girl stopped she was an inch away from lea.and stood there and raised one arm up towards leas face. Then the figure slowly denigrated into the air lea tried to grab the little girl and help her but lea was too late. She stood their cautiously waiting for something to happen. Waiting to see if the little girl comes back.

Then the loud beeping sound of her alarm clock snapped her back to reality. Lea groaned at the alarm and steadily rose up from the pillow. Then swung upward and out of the bed. Lea still trembled from her nightmare scared out of her mind. Lea looked into the mirror She had dark circles under her eyes from late night studying getting ready for her second day as a freshman at "Anderson high school". First day and her math teacher Mrs.kuntz gives her homework considering the fact that she is in a higher level math class. Lea grabbed her brush and ran it through her strand thick black hair. Her mom knocked on the door and barged in. "you up" she snapped at lea.

Lea shooked her head nervously yes her mom scanned lea over and walked out of her room. Lea sighed and put the brush down and picked out her favorite khaki pants and a black shirt that was part of the new school clothes that she had gotten from her mom. Luckily she had enough time to pull back her hair so it wouldn't be in her face all day. Lea skipped breakfast that day and sat down at the table and started to pour a glass of orange juice.

And watched her mom babbling on the phone to one of her clients. Lea started to shake her leg waiting patiently to leave for school. Leas mom was the editor of the New York's national newspaper. She had maintained a big reputation upon the whole" business looks". She is required every day to look nice because news reporters would have cameras surrounded her.Her mom was too busy to spend time with lea. But her dad was a stay at home dad. Someone had to watch after lea. Lea didn't like her dad very much. Because she was he was abusive towards lea. He had calmed down after mom had gotten the newspaper jon.

Lea glanced at the clock and it read" seven thirty". Leas eyes grew wide. As she took one last sip of her orange juice. Her mom was still babbling on the phone lea tried hard not to interrupt her. She didn't want to be barked at by her mom. Lea knew that if she interrupted her mom she would talk longer and lea would be late. Lea fidgeted with her empty orange juice glass. And glanced back at the clock again. It was seven forty five she could tell she was already going to be late on her second day of school.

"Mom" lea screeched, her voice cracked a little her mom covered up the phone with her hand. And apologized to her client and gave lea a rude look so lea just pointed at the clock. She swallowed nervously "crap I got to get you to school" she finished her call and hung up the phone. "Come on "and motioned lea out the door with her keys in one hand and a coffee cup in the other. Lea glanced at her mom as she walked out the door with her backpack in one hand and steadily walked out the door.


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