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Boarding School of Nowhere

Book By: Zanzabaar

Erin hasn't been getting along with her parents lately. So what do they do? Send her off to a boarding school! Brothers Ein and Brian's parents have always been a bit different. But boarding school was never part of the picture. Until they decided to join a hippie caravan that didn't allow kids.

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Erin Giy punched at her pillow. She then shoved her face into it a screamed. She had never been so angry in her life: her parents just told her that she would be going to a boarding school that started next week. She would have to leave most of her things behind, including most of her memories. Mr. and Mrs. Giy told her that it was for her own good, a new experience for her. But she knew the real reason: they wanted to get rid of her. So, they send her off to a boarding school on an island in the middle of the atlantic ocean. At first, she thought she would be able to spend most of her time in a tropical paridise. That was until she saw an article that her parents had. It said that it was the perfect opportunity for parents to just forget their kids. Sure, Erin hadn't gotten along well with her parents lately, but she didn't think that it was that bad. She walked into her bathroom to get ready to go to bed. She looked into the mirror. Her dark brown hair was a mess and her blue eyes were teared up.

"Well," she said to herself, "might as well start thinking what I'm going to pack."

She then started to pack, not wanting this weekend to come.


It was Friday morning in the Deri household. But it wasn't the usual cheerful morning, but gloomy. At least it was for Ein and Brian Deri. For Mr. and Mrs. Deri, it was the start of a new life: their caravan would be arriving to pick the up. That would leave Ein and Brian alone in the house. At least until the next morning, when a taxi would come and pick the up to go to their new school.

It had was very tense after Mr. Deri had told his two sons that they would be going to a boarding school:

Mr. Deri looked quietly at his sons. First at the older, Ein, who had turned seventeen not two weeks ago. Ein's light blonde hair fell onto his face, and every once and a while he would push it out of the way, so Mr. Deri could fully see his calm violet eyes. Mr. Deri wished he could always be that calm. Then Mr. Deri looked at his younger son: Brian, who would be turning sixteen in a few weeks. It would be the first birthday that Mr. Deri had missed, though he wished it were for other reasons. He then looked at both of his sons together. How they looked alike. The same hair and eyes, same bodies: well muscled but still with a bit of weight in places. They were close, and Mr. Deri was happy for that.

"I might as well get on with this," he said. "Your mother and I have been talking. There have always been things we wanted to do for a while now, and we've decided to to one of those things. This concerns you in a large way. I'll just tell youas calmly as I can: we've decided to join a caravan."

Both Ein and Brian looked at him with stunned faces.

"Whats that got to do with us?" Brian asked, trying to stay calm.

"It means that you will be going to a boarding school," Mr. Deri replied.

After he said that, neither of them had said much, even to each other. So, Mr. Deri was the first one up on this friday morning, as usually. Shortly after he made some coffee, his wife walked in with the stuff that she was going to be taking along with her. Neither of them said a word until they heard a horn sound out front.

"Shoud we wake them up?" Mrs. Deri asked.

"No," Mr. Deri responded. "This will be easier without them watching."

They both grabed their bags and headed out the front door. When Mr. Deri was about to close the door to the car, he noticed Ein and Brian standing shoulder to shoulder on the front porch, both looking grim. Mr. Deri looked away and closed the door. The car pulled off, and he never looked back.


It was a misty Saturday morning, just before dawn. Erin woke up and walked into the kitchen. She was surprised to see that her parents were already awake.

"What do you want?" she asked, still angry.

"Just making sure you don't take anything that you don't need," her father replied.

Erin rolled her eyes at him and went to het her bags. A taxi pulled up and she put her bags in the trunk. She ignored her parents as she got into the passenger seat, still hating them for getting rid of her. The taxi pulled off, and it was one of the wierdest feelings she had felt in her eighteen year life.


Ein and Brian watched as their parents rode away, leaning on each other for support. It's what they have always done. Their parents wern't the parenting type, so they always turned to each other for help. They both thought that they would be ready when their parents left, but it was still hard. They both went back inside, wanting some breakfast. When they both sat at the table, they looked at each other, wondering who would say something first.

It was Ein that said: "I wonder if they have co-ed dorms there."

"Lets hope so," Brian said, "it would be fun."

"Ha, yea, we do."

The rest of the day was quite, but they both liked the quiet.

The next morning was tense, with both boys nervous. The taxi pulled up as expected. What neither of them expected was the young woman in the passenger seat. They put their bags in the trunck, and got back in the back seat, both staring and the woman.

She turned around and said: "hey, I'm Erin."

"Ein managed to squeak uo ta quiet hello before the taxi pulled off.


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