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Follow me! Follow me down!

Essay By: mcs

Now you see it, now you don't. Can you catch it? This short psychological thriller takes you into the mind of a person running through tunnels to catch someone or something he can no longer see. The person has to base the search on all existing senses and abilities, those it has and those it once had.

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"Follow me! Follow me down!" she said turning her head away from me and going down the stairs into a tunnel, dark and cold. I followed mesmerized by the bold, black eyes of a girl never seen before. As I climbed down the stairs no light could be seen. The cold was sinking in my bones and a shiver circled down my spine. Night time it was not, cold weather it was not, but the tunnel seemed made of ice and black.

A whisper in my ear, a gentle heat touching my face, a sweet perfume of rose and cherry; it was tempting and frightening at the same time, but my lust knew no limit. What was it there that pulled me in without even a touch? "Follow me, follow me!" she said again.

"I cannot see you", I yelled, trying to make sense of it all.

"Follow me, don't lose me!" she said, moving further and further.

I had to move faster to not lose that scent and heat. I moved faster and faster, I paced and ran. I ran faster and faster, I ran and I could begin to feel I was losing my spirit in the speed. My feet were burning from stomping the ground so hard. My lungs were taking in too little of the oxygen they needed so much. My hands were moving close to the body to give it a push, while the eyes and ears were trying to figure out a path. I was running completely oblivious of the road, of my next step, of whether I was going to hit a wall or if I was going to fall.

"Follow me! Follow me!" she said and then the voice made no sound at all. The heat was gone, the scent was lost. Nothing, there was nothing I could feel besides the cold, nothing I could see besides the thick black.

Cracks in the walls made the synapses of my neurons send a message to me: the walls are crumbling and you will die underneath the rocks if you don't get out! So I began to walk, I paced, I ran. Bits and pieces of the walls and ceiling were falling, some hit me in the head, some hit me in the back, and some hit me in the legs. The walls were cracking underneath their own pressure sending stones like daggers straight into my body. The ceiling was collapsing behind me. My only hope was to run so fast that I could find the exist, before the whole turned into a ruin on my corpse.

I ran, and I ran, and I fell. I fell deep into a hole. I landed on concrete. As I hit the floor I quickly rolled away as pieces of the ceiling from the upper tunnel came. I opened my eyes and, by that time, the hole that got me there was filled with rock and dust. "Ahhhh, the light is burning my sight!" I screamed as I put my hands to the bloody eyes that I had. I wanted to open them again but I could not, the blood was running down my face and there was nothing I could do than to continue walking with them closed. I got up and I felt the walls with the red colored hands of mine. The walls began to tremble. "No, not this again!" I paced and I ran, then I ran faster. The faster I ran, the more the pain in my heels would grow. The more pain I felt, the less oxygen intake would be allowed by my body. Faster and faster I ran as the tunnel was shaking harder and harder. It shook so hard that it threw me from one wall to the other, from the floor to the ceiling and then down to the floor again. I had to keep trying. I had to run, I had to get out of there.

"Follow me! Follow me down!" she said. Oh why did I follow her?

I ran and I ran all the while being thrown from one point to the other. I ran with my eyes closed in the light and I fell. The hole was deeper, the hole was colder, the hole was filled with her scent. I fell and I hit the ground so hard that it should have killed me and it did, it killed me, or so I thought. My hands felt grass. I fell on a patch of sweet, soft, warm grass, smelling of roses and cherry. That felt familiar, it felt like her.

I got up and I tried to open my eyes. They still hurt, but, this time, there was no black, no white, the light was normal. With eyes half open and filled with blood I began to walk. I walked and walked and then I felt the cold and heat coming straight at me from behind. I heard hisses and howls. I felt needles pierce the skin of my feet and I felt leaches stick to my skin and suck the blood out of me. I paced. The cold and heat were ever so close to me. I ran. I ran faster and faster. I screamed, I shirked, water dripped from my forehead, my neck and my torso. I was wet from head to toe and my eyes kept bleeding. Water kept coming out of my pores as every vein in my body was trying to smother the muscles on my bones.

I ran and I ran, faster, faster. I kept trying to go faster. Her scent was enveloping me and begging me to stop to give myself to her. She felt intoxicating. The more I ran the more I wanted her. The faster I went, the harder it became to not stop and let her take me.

"Follow me! Follow me down!" she said. She was not there. The more I wanted to feel her, the less real she became to me. She was not there. Oh God, what have I done? Why did I give myself to her? Why did she take me?

Faster, faster, I ran faster, faster and faster. I fell.

As I touched the ground, I heard her say: "Take me, take me out of here. It makes me feel so, feel so…"

No, don't speak, don't show yourself to me, don't ever let me see you. I am leaving you.


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