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a horror tale about the bal. of good vs evil not yet finshed please look for pt2 soon and fell free to commint on what you think

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Interlude In an all black room lit with candles, blood drawn pentagrams and upside down crosses on the walls and floor, Katie awakes cover in blood but not of her own, confused and sore she makes out a strange man in all red robe with dark purple trimming ,and what looked to be an all black knife with dark red jewels in the handle and chanting over her. But who was this man ,as she cleared the blood out of her eyes she saw Pastor Dave. His eyes as black as coal an a vacant look on his face, Katie screams" please god help me!!!" Pastor Dave looks down at her with a cold dark stare and as he raises his knife he boldly says " gods not here today" and thrust down at Katie as she screams …....................... chapter one In the small town of Oxford at the local church of god Pastor Dave is preaching a his Sunday service "God is listening to us all but we have to help ourselves ,we must watch after each other and and testify to the nonbelievers . We don't want the temptations of the devil or that evil city up the road to come to our small town . Let us pray, Father please watch after us ,watch after Leroy and his farm and livestock ,please watch after Larry's sick Mother she is in the hospital let your will be done. Lets congratulate Annabel on her new baby boy Gregg and please let us all remember the death of her poor husband Dustin ." What his congregation didn't know is that is was only a few weeks ago when Dustin had stopped by the beloved Pastor's house feeling like he was losing his faith. "Pastor I'm having trouble believing in God when the doctors are saying that my son is having trouble developing his lungs , I have always gave to the church and prayed every night what should I do ?" said Dustin " Dustin come inside my office so we can talk about your troubles .Now Dustin what if I told you I could give your son a healthy start." said Pastor Dave as he handed Dustin a glass of water . Dustin looked confused took a sip of the water and asked '' what do you mean Dave ?" The Pastor grinned and said ''Dustin I can show you the light, The Lord will giveth and I will taketh away!'' said Pastor Dave as his eyes turned black as coal, face pale with no expression . Dustin saw this transformation as his eyes started to blur as he slowly blacked out ,only to awake chained to a cold tile floor in the middle of a blood drawn pentagram with a cold pale Pastor Dave dressed in a robe with a black knife in his hands. Dustin with his mind racing screams " Father why have you forsaken me ?!" Pastor Dave starts chanting as he pours gasoline in a circle around the pentagram and starts a fire around Dustin. As Dustin feels the the heat from the flames growing around him the chains start to tighten around his feet ,arms,and chest and pulls him upside down crushing his lungs into powder and pouring out of his mouth. The pastor slices across the neck and mixes the blood with the powder and puts the mix in a small vile . Early the next morning Annabel is having coffee with Pastor Dave as her phone rings the Pastor slips the mix from the vile into her coffee and proudly says '' who was that Annabel?" Annabel replies " Dustin's mom and dad they haven't seen him either,where could he be ?" "I do not Know Annabel but I'll say a prayer for him and your growing family ." replied the Pastor thinking about the night before and feeling great about the whole thing . The next week Annabel got a phone call from the police telling her about Dustin it was at that exact moment her water broke and that day she had a healthy baby boy named Gregg . "That was a great service Dave and thank you for remembering Dustin. I can't believe they never got who ever done it " said Annabel as she walked out of the church " Annabel that's why we must stay out of the city it"s just not safe up there I don't know what Dustin was up there for but nothing good is up there if you two need anything just come to the church ."said Pastor Dave in the most caring of voices . The Pastor knew she was up there and that she would expose the whole thing and after all he was doing GODS work . See the Pastor knew in seven days a great storm was coming and she would come to try to ruin him . He had worked for years to get this close to god and god had gave him great power in return. Pastor Dave started this Church Of God in this town sixteen years ago and knows the bible back and forth, helps his community and started the first youth program in the town of Oxford. The Pastor was know all over Oxford for the kind things he did during the day , loved for bring god back to the community. But by night the Pastor rid the nonbelievers of his town, loved by many and feared by all... who got in Gods way . And after all that he did god was only giving him seven days to get ready for the storm. Monday The first day began right as dawn broke the loveable Pastor's window and slowly filled the room with light ,the Pastor had spent the whole night awake ,praying for the next step so he could get ready for Her arrival. " God please show me the way! Show me the light! IN TO YOUR HANDS I COMMAND THE SHOW ME YOUR LIGHT !" Screams Pastor Dave as his eyes turn black and his bedroom filled with a radiant red glow and the walls ignite ,melting into the floor leaving nothing but a wall of flame. The Pastor starts looking around the room with a devilish grin ,a demonic voice fills the room with a strong present. " MY son your work is not done. Do not worry about the woman stay the path, become god, then destroy the bitch and lead your congregation to me.'' yes my lord your will be done, what is my next step?" said the Pastor the demonic voice Reply's "TO KILL ALL THE RIGHTCHOS AND LOSE ALL YOUR RIGHTCHOS THAT YOU KEEP INSIDE, TO DO SO YOU NEED TO GIVE FIVE PEPOLE YOUR SERVICE AND KILL THE NEW BORN CHILD NAMED GREGG" The Pastor looks around as everything fades back to normal, he hits the ground filled with pain as he feels his power increasing. The Pastor never had to rid his town of good before but this did not stop the pastor, as he call his congregation in for a week long revival. The last person he called was Annabel '' Annabel the lord told me to hold a revival this week can I count on you and Gregg to be there?" asked the Pastor " Dave I don't think I will make it this time I have to take Gregg to the city to find a new doctor his old one passed away two days ago and his partner stays in the city and mite be able to fit Gregg in this week" said a hopeful Annabel " But the city is a dark place Annabel, it's no place for Gregg you mustn't go!" said a frighten Pastor Dave " I have to Dave Gregg is sick" "Annabel come to the revival And let your faith and god heal little Gregg!" a demanding Pastor Dave said , after one hour of convincing Annabel agreed. "see you to night Pastor" Annabel said as she got off the phone, the Pastor then knew he only had a few hours left to get things ready so he quickly grabbed a tent and headed to the field far back in the woods near Lake Henry. HE packed his car as quickly as he could and headed off,right as he crossed over on to Lake Henry Road a twenty mile road to the Lake he lost sight in his eyes as a vision of her came across his eyes and consumed his mind he hit the brakes and drove off the road! Flashes of light, visions of the city cross his eyes and come into his mind he sees black angel like wings, her perfect body but can not see her face. His congregation at her feet crying in pain, consumed by fear,flames and death as she raises her sword and points in his direction he now sees his self in the ruins of the big city. He begins to walk around the this awful city looking for where she went he sees the dead and the damned as they reach for him for help,crying his name "Dave Dave help us save us she's coming" they repetitively cry and scream at The Pastor the cry and screams pierce his ears like a knife. Dave begins to run for shelter from the damned but every street, corner, and building was over ran with the damned and dead, just then out of the corner of his eye he sees what looks like a burnt,old and broken down version of his church, he heads toward the church every step he takes the church seems to get worst by the time he reaches the door the church is in ruins and only the door remains standing perfect with no harm done to it at all. He looks at the door and slowly reaches for the handle,with the slightest touch the door slings wide open with a burst of white light and wind blinding and almost blowing the Pastor off his feet. As his eyes adjust to the light he sees his congregation all setting in pews in a perfect church as they all point him toward the front he begins walking and at the front he sees someone preaching ,he keeps going and it's her ,the room goes black with only lights on the congregation,her and him she points down at him and he starts to turn ,horns grow out of his head, huge wings out of his back, claws for hands the Pastor screams and wakes up pulled safely off the road in his car pouring with sweat . The pastor speed off doing ninety miles an hour, By the time he got to lake Henry he had saw Leroy fishing off the bank, Leroy was quick to offer help. As they was setting up the tent the loveable pastor began to talk to Leroy in such a manner that was not normal of him ,or at least Leroy thought . '' Leroy if I told you that our god could be seen and talk to right here what would say to him?'' Leroy answered " I don't know Dave but that would great wouldn't it ?" "Leroy I can take you to him I need help there is a very dark storm coming, and I need a good right hand man to help lead our congregation into his light and deliver them from the evil on it's way in the same way you lead your livestock , will you take this offer from him and me?'' the pastor said with his back to Leroy and his eyes once again becoming black as coal and skin pale and before Leroy could even respond the Pastor trust his hand deep into Leroy's chest, like a very sharp knife cutting its way through right to his heart ,Dave wrapped his hand around Leroy's heart and began to chant " Dear god I bring on to you my Sheppard give him your light and power. Give him a blacken heart and a opened mind so that he may see you my lord show him the way ,show yourself to him and me again , I COMMAND THE INTO THY LIGHT AND SHIGHT I COMMAND US TO GO!" Leroy frighten and and speech less fell to the ground closed his eyes and when he reopened them they where as black as coal and it was darker then night. The lake became fire and that demonic voice said to Dave " WELL DONE MY SON HE SHALL NOW BE FOR EVER YOURS TO COMMAND . DO YOU NOW UNDERSTAND LEROY MY SON?" Leroy said nothing just stood still and shook his head yes just like a drone, clone,robot or as a wolf in sheep's wool would do."GOOD NOW GO AND BRING ME BACK MORE AND THE CHILD NAME GREGG ." the voice faded away as did the fire and everything went back to normal .Leroy woke on the ground looked up at Dave with a blank stare and knew he was now no longer his self but looked happy and relived . By dusk the congregation had arrived and piled there self's into the tent in a single file line so that they could go and ask forgiveness from they sins. Once everyone had been seen and seated the beloved pastor began " Thank you all for coming but I'm afraid that I have terrible news it seems that I must start being honest with you all our way of life is in danger , god has gave me a vision " said Pastor Dave laying it on thicker thicker as he went . As he went into his closing Annabel and baby Gregg had just arrived . The pastor went to her and ask what had happen Annabel answered " Dave I'm sorry I had to take Gregg to see that doctor and I still made it back for the next six days so lets pray that everything goes okay." Dave lead her back to her tent said goodnight and went into his own tent where him and Leroy began to pray. An by daybreak Annabel was woke by Leroy at her tent " Annabel may I speak with you?" Sure Leroy let me just get Gregg and myself dressed." When she came outside her and Leroy talked for hours ate breakfast and lunch together "Annabel I know that with Dustin gone you have had it rough and I know it was just in high school when we had dated but I miss you and working with the pastor I have changed I don't drink anymore and I would really like if I could have just one more shot with you, what do you say ? Said a very convincing sober Leroy . "Leroy I don't know we don't do good together and I have a baby now and even when we was together in high school all you did was drink and try to get in my pants and you have said that you have changed before ?" Annabel stumbled out with her heart racing ,she ached for a new man in her life . " Annabel please just one more chance ?!!!?" " Leroy its time for Dave's service." said Annabel as she ran off toward the service tent . With failure in his mind Leroy made his way to the tent and all the way down to the front and sat right behind Dave as he preached he service ." Is there anyone with some they would like to say before we close and enjoy hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill? " said Pastor Dave . Leroy stood up and went down on one knee. " Annabel with all my friends family here among us will you marry me ? Everyone in the tent looked at Annabel an Annabel filled with pressured and confused started to cry and with a long deep breath said "YES!?!?!" "In that case let us congratulate the two and prepare for a wedding tomorrow night ." the whole congregation cheered and cried with tears of joy . Annabel confused sat in the pew and praied on what to do.............................................................. THE BIG CITY


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