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The sooted streets of Blunderville: Characters

Miscellaneous By: Lucius D Knox

Just a short profile on the characters of my up and coming novel. Thank you for taking the time to take a look, do comment your thoughts.

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Age: 32

Social class:Enforcer


About:Marlin Maverick Curly was actually a child within the neighbouringtown before he began his life in Blunderville at the age of 15. His mother was dying of Cholera at the time, and it was slim picking's for jobs in the town so he decided to venture out to find work. The money earned from his chimney sweeping would have been sent back to his mother if she had not died a week or so after his leaving. Most believe that he blames himself for it, making him more so a dangerous member of Lord Hall's enforcers, also known as the B.M.U. He is ruthless in the line of duty and a cold blooded killer on the field.


Name: Lord Jeptha Hall

Age: 54

Social class: Aristocracy

Occupation: Overseer of Blunderville and child laborer

About: Hall was born into the world of finery and higher calling, his parents owning half of Blunderville. As a child he was spoilt yet disciplined in the ways of a Lord; cold and selfish, in his upbringing. After the 'accidental' deaths of his family at the age of 18, Hall was inherited with all that belonged to them, including the industries of Blunderville. He became a tyrant, filling the already full pockets of the rich and tearing bigger holes in the already torn pockets of the poor. Curly is the right hand man of the wicked Lord.


Name: Elijah Mu Lee

Age: Unknown

Social class: Commoner

Occupation: Slaver, overseer of child labour

About: There is not a lot to know about Elijah, no one really wants to be associated with a man of his, how to say, 'talents'? He is the pied piper of Blunderville, so to speak, attracting children of the streets with promises of candy and a warm home with toys. But once they clamber into his brightly painted caravan, they find it is nothing more than a lie, false hope and what not. And it is always too late as horses of gears and stressed metal clank heavy across stone paved roads to Mu Lee's factories. He, of course, works under the words of Lord Hall, as most do.


Name: M. R. Deering

Age: 19

Social class: Aristocracy

Occupation: Duchess

About: Mary Rose is a young duchess with every man of the higher class asking for her hand, always being declined for her naive view of the world, believing that there is only true love. Her beauty often gets her into trouble because of her teasing ways and wild urges. More often than not she can be found attached to a mechanical womb, a visual hint of her odd obsession; childbirth. The tragic irony to such a case of fixation being her inability to produce a babe. She lives with Lord Hall and has been since childhood.


Name: Chester Maxwell

Age: 22

Social class: Commoner

Occupation: Wanderer, thief

About: Chester was an orphan and worker at Mu Lee's weaponry factory ever since he was old enough. 4 being the age, sadly. The orphanage found no difficulty in handing him over, such a poverty corrupted country and place would find it a blessing, freeing some space for new children. Chester escaped the life of a worker at the age of 12 with a knowledge of weaponry that could even challenge that of Curly. He became a free roam worker, doing odd jobs for money or stealing to survive. He carries around home made knives and daggers and little bombs with everything he would need in them; tear gas, smoke etc.

Creatures of Blunderville


Name: Slasher

Age: Unknown

Social class: N/A

Occupation: Mercenary

About: Slasher is a werecombre, a brute of a beast with an appetite to match. He is a monstrous creature of greed and a never wavering hate towards humans. This said, Slasheractually has a bizarre friendship with Chester. They were both about to perish in a home they were both coincidentally both going to steal from. Slasherwas found by Chester beneath a burning beam and was saved by him, owing him his life quite unwillingly. Now he is the brawn to the human male.


Name: Diego

Age: 592

Social class: N/A

Occupation: Aztec God, hunter

About: All that is known about Diego is that he has no reason, no mercy in the face of mankind. It is as if he has a fixed program to do what he does but no one can argue against it for what he does is mandatory; he is death incarnate. Or, a business man, considering on how you see it. Because he is as the devil is. A being of chance and indulgence. He can find your weaknesses, your pleasures, your fears and works on them, forcing them to surface or to worsen. No one but Lord Hall works with him but even he tries to keep distance between them and spends as little time in his company as possible.


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