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Come Back To Life

Miscellaneous By: MyaLang02

Nicole's best friend,Oliver,just died.She swears she see's him.But,their friend Hailey thinks she's lying.

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Ch 1 "Oh my gosh mom.He's really gone,huh?"Nicole cried."Yeah,sweetie.Yeah..."Ms.Daylong said.Nicole cried in her mother arms.Her dad left them 2 months ago,her mom miscarried her little brother 1 month ago,and now her best friend died in a car accident.Ms.Daylong cries too.A whole family was being buried.4 people.Susan and Michael Charming.Their 2 kids,Dianna and Nicole's best friend,Oliver.After the funeral,they went home where her twin big brothers were."C'mere,Nikki."Her older brother Aden said.She went to him and hugged him,and then her brother Jason came.Then her mom.They all cried.Dianna was Jason's girlfriend,and Oliver was in football with Aden.Susan was in Ms.Daylongs club for struggling moms.At night,when Nicole went to bed,she heard something.She heard...Oliver."Come be with me!Bring our children!"He would say."Oliver,we are not married!I dont have kids!"She would say.Oliver always dreamed if marrying Nicole and raising a family.But,Nicole always like Max Seasons.The whispering continued for the next year.One day,she thought she saw Oliver.He was sitting on a bench across from her,but when the bus went by,he was gone,and a young man was there.The same young man.When Nicole turned 20,6 years later,she lived with her boyfriend,Rodger."Rodger,do you see that boy outside?"She asked him."What boy?"He asked."I'm calling Hailey."She said.She grabbed the phone and dialed the last 8 before Hailey answered.?Hailey!I saw Oliver!"She said frantically."Niki,I know you miss him,but he's gone."Hailey said."No,Hail!I saw Oliver!I've seen and heard him for the last 6 years since the accident!"She yelled.Rodger walked in."Nikki,what's wrong?"He asked.She hung up and walked out the door,slamming it.She walked to the boy that was sitting outside."Go,get out."She said."Ma'am,I have nowhere to go,I-"He stuttered."NO!GO ON!"She yelled.The young boy,probably about 15,ran off."Nikki,what in the world was that!?!?"Rodger yelled."That was Oliver."She admitted."Babe,Oliver died a long time ago."He comforted."No!No!Its Oliver Charming!Its Oliver!I cant-I-I see him everywhere!"she screamed.Rodgers eyes almost popped out."So,you love him more than me?"He asked."No,Rodger,and you can't be like my dad and leave your pregnant girlfriend alone!You just cant!"She yelled.Rodger went to bed,and so did Nicole.But,Nicole's water broke.She and Rodger scrambled to the Hospital.The doctor was Rodgers Ex-girlfriend,and the nurse was Oliver's cousin.But,she knew Oliver was with her when she was in labor for 18 hours.She gave birth to Bailey Chloe-Veronica Mills.Oliver was with Bailey,too.Because Bailey has a birthmark right where Oliver had his.A small dark spot on his left wrist.


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