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I experienced this dream, this terror one cold night in November 2008. Its still fresh. I had to write it down the moment I escaped it. I don't know how it works for every other author, but with every book I've written or am about to write, has been inspired by my dreams. This dream, due to its power of fear, I left in its original skin; no stripping away details, just the actual feel and flow of it. The disorienting element dreams can and will have. I hope you enjoy.

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I guess all I could say was that it was a dream. But the way it felt was if it was a spell wrapped so tight about me that I was rendered immobile and all was left to do was watch and be unseen. The way it began has already slipped into the shadows of my mind where some dreams, some nightly visions have decided to go until some recurrence that had first trigger it does so again. What I do remember…was pure horror. A horror that I have never experience physically or emotionally in my awakened state. Though the beginning seems a darkened smudge, perhaps this was truly it. I didn't know the time of year or even which era we lived, but it was truly one that I have never inhaled one life filled breath in. Only the nature of my garments told me what the time was. I wore a wonderful Victorian dress of brown pink and green that fit my bodice snuggly, but it was comfortable. It trailed the varnished wooden floors of my living quarters with a sigh. Weightless and I felt beautiful. My hair that has never been such a length, sat atop my head in endless curls that spiraled and spilled where they pleased. I truly felt beautiful in my dream but it was later that I would realize that that beauty would be the reason to my fate. I had picked my phone, a very antique thing it was, and decided to place a call to one who was a distant friend. Some how I felt as if I was doing something wrong as if I was sneaking. It was something beside my nature. I waited for the phone to ring and as it did I was aware that I was making a call to London. Someone picked up: "Lord Rarzorbid's residence how may I help." Even in my dream, it was a name considered odd to me. "Good evening sir, I was wondering if I may speak to" here I stumbled over his name and the butler was much happy to oblige with a correction. "The master can not come to your call at this moment mi'lady." I proceeded to ask of his health. If he was well. "Indeed he is. I will tell him of your call and concern as soon as he is available." I'd hung up from the call feeling a bit happy and more sad that I did not hear his voice. The dream me hadn't noticed that there was a man sitting just outside her door listening unhappily to her conversation. But I saw it and wanted to ask…again, I couldn't. The scene fogged over and I saw my self walking beside a lady friend, telling her of my call and how I would try again later. She was happy to know I had for I had been silly in not doing so. Apparently I feared my fiancee's wrath if he figured out what I had done. Suddenly, the dream me seemed to be more confident after the talk with my friend and I boasted that I can do as I please. Vague enough…I was holding a cell phone in this next scene with text messages from my friend who's name is hard on my mental and tongue to pronounce. He was simply saying he was well. Innocent text, but once again, it seemed sneaky. Did I truly fear this man I was betrothed to so much? Strange enough, the man whom had sat outside the door, came through the door with a cell phone in his hand as well and he was looking startled to see her in the room. She watched him hide it and a savage look took the place of the other. The dream me looked as if she knew he knew of the texts and the hows are trully beyond me. They exchanged words and he didn't seem happy. She stormed out and said she would be at her friend's and if he wished to, he could come and walk her home before twilight. He did come, and this was when things turned for the worst I suppose. He had a knife in his hands that he normally played with. He was holding it at the blade looking oh to happy about the day. I was slightly alarmed…so was the dream me. She looked up at him and away as he at her. I could see the yard in which our home was built now. Strange thing it was. There was a still pond with two bridges opposite each other. They arched from one muddy bank to the next. It wasn't a big pond, but it was oddly placed. He had gone on before me, and decided to take the mud and water filled way to the side door of our home. I didn't want to soil my clothing so he suggested I take one of the bridges around. I started to, got to one side and realized that the pond must of swollen. There was water and mud in my path. I moved to take the next bridge back over to call to him. He now stood in the door way with an oh to pleased smile. Much like the cat who stole the milk. I stepped onto the next bridge and it began to crumble where I stepped, placing my booted feet in mud filled water. I tried to step again and the same occurred. I panicked. I felt my heart racing and some how, the me that watched in silent fear, knew something was terribly wrong. I remembered thinking 'Try to go back the way you came' and the dream me acted to my command. However, water had swollen to where I had once came and the bridges were crumbling slowly. I called out to him, the name deaf to my ear. But he simply smiled and shut the glass door and…watched. I began to cry and shake. I was trapped. I would have to wade through the dark waters to get back to the other side. But just as I placed a foot back into the water, I saw the something that made my heart climb up my throat. Walking towards me in the water were two white dogs, one a Dalmatian,the other just pure white and a white and black stripped Tiger. They were all watching me with eyes that held intelligence. I saw my death in their eyes. I looked up to my fiancée and he was seated at the glass door playing with his knife. Suddenly, one of the white dogs stepped forward. I screamed and it stopped in mid step. A growl poured from behind his sharp incisors the turned my skin pale and cold. I stepped back, he stepped forward, I screamed he stopped… It was a dance. A dance that had continued far longer than I could've stomached. I yelled for her to run I yelled so hard but she was stuck between the beasts and her fear. I remembered- and perhaps this was the moment that changed it all- thinking so hard, that if I were her I would flee before they could catch up to me. Not wise, because in that moment, I felt myself, my body my breaths, my fear become one with hers. We were the same person. We both were simply me, and I was simply petrified. The dogs had stopped but the tiger began to step forward. It was tired of waiting and it was hungry for my flesh. It was as if I could sense its thoughts and its hunger; so strong and startling. "No! No please!" With one final roar, it stomped its way through the waters in pursuit of my flesh. My throat was raw from screaming, my legs in pain from pulling them free from mud that was anchoring me to my swiftly coming death. I fell face first into the mud and water and felt the vibration of many pounds of hot hungry meat making its way to me. What could I do? I was prey and now I was fallen prey. Easy to catch, full of mouth watering fear. Just enough for teeth and claws to rip and maim. And turned over just in time to see my fiancée's grin. He was happy. In that moment when time had slowed down before it grinded to a halt for the sake of my death, I saw that he was happy. My heart was shattered, perhaps my blood would run slowly from my body when the pain began. Either way…I was about to die. I would die in the body of my dream me… I looked up. Inhaled. Pushed the air with a force from my lungs and screamed as the tiger pounced for the final step to its meal. Then…I woke up. I woke up still shaking, still choking on my fear in the arms of my lover. I was still in a daze when I pulled myself away from him, cold and unstable, and stumbled my way to the computer. And here I am now. Still in a daze and still half asleep though the adrenaline should've had me more alert. I do not know what to make of it, and though it would same as if my dream was not so bad…well…consider being placed in that predicament outside a dream. How helpless would you feel? No really, think about it; betrayal by a lover to only die by savage beasts as he joyfully sat by and watched. Well?


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