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My U N N A T U R A L attraction

Miscellaneous By: PinkNotes

I wanted to try writing from the perspective of a stalker, tell me how I did, I would love some feedback.

Submitted:Dec 7, 2012    Reads: 38    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

I smiled. You are so perfect. To the average person you're just like everyone else but I know better. I can spot a diamond even when it's not polished. Everyone else just doesn't understand you. I'm going to be your best friend. I breathed in with a heavy sigh. I just can't wait to see that smile. I tapped my foot repeatedly and looked around nervous, knowing he should be around any second now. It was cold out because winter had just come along but to me it was a meager chill considering I had just moved from Michigan not to long ago. A few girls from class tried to catch my eye and waved with big smiles. "Hey Amber." Monica, one of the girls, said brightly. I waved back and smiled brightly as they continued to walk along. I had to compose a nice expression so that my class mates won't see me as cold hearted but I hate girls. It's not like I purposely befriended them though, they came to me. It's because I'm pretty, I have long chestnut colored hair, my skin is nearly flawless, and I have a thin body like a model. It's always been like that since I was little, I had beauty that made me stick out and a decent personality so naturally people favored me in class. It's something I've really never had a choice in. I froze as he passed by. I quickly knocked myself out of my small trance before he walked so far into the crowd that I would lose him. I kept my distance somewhat but continued following none the less. There he is just walking alone again, it makes me despise my classmates. How could they just let him be alone like that? I'm happy to be there for him. I reach the dreadful intersection that takes us separate ways, to different classrooms, and question if I should skip to linger around his class but I quickly dismissed the idea because I've already skipped that class too many times.
Normal. I smiled and laughed a little to myself. There's no such thing. No matter how much everyone wants to believe there is a normal there isn't. I guess people want it so badly because that way everyone can believe they'll be accepted if they reach a level of similar attitudes or otherwise 'normal'. People's social standings are effected so much by how they feel about the word normal. If you are successful at fitting the stereotypical role of that word, more often than not, you're social standing is pretty high, there are those who try to fit this role but just can't and this typically results in bad social standing, then there are those who try to run away from normal and feel pride in being 'different' but really they're just people who are 'different' with other people that are 'different', which makes them their own normal. Normal is just a word that sets standards and expectations that can be morphed for different groups of people, it's just there to make people feel better, make them feel like they fit in and have a place. None of those things fit anyone and that includes me. I've given up on being things like 'normal' and 'different' I don't want to be apart of it. The only thing it's brought me is loss. I was honestly starting to lose hope. I thought I'd be alone forever after moving but then I met Noah. He was in my homeroom at the beginning of school. I still remember sitting in class on the first day, everyone was talking, getting to know each other, establishing normals, but Noah just sat there not talking to anyone. I felt a connection with him and couldn't help but wonder if he wanted to escape all this normal, and different, and just all these labels. Ever since then I've just felt so close to him and I feel a need to watch over him and make sure no one tries to hurt him. Yeah, hurt. Just another consequence of 'normal'. People can be so ignorant.
I know giving up on all these labels and just sitting back and not trying is just running away from it all but that's why me and Noah are in love. At least I have someone to run away with and we'll keep running until we die. I'll keep him from suffering like I have. With me he'll never have to worry about a thing again. Now all I have to do is introduce my self to him. "Hello," I rehearsed in my head for the millionth time, "my name is Amber and I'm in love with you."


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