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A 100 Moral Lessons

Miscellaneous By: Unwell2Cure

Think of this as more of a survial guide.

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CAUTION: Not for the weak of stomach, Or people whoget scaredreally easy. Some of these arescary stories that could happen.

Okay, I have given you all a fair warning. Keep this in mind that not all of these stories will be scary some will be just plain outragous! Without any objections, continue:

Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn On The Light?

At a college in New Hampshire two best friend's are sitting taking class together- both of them very opposite in personality- Courtney the more outgoing one rip's a piece of paper out of her notebook and passes it to her roomate and best friend Dana. Grabbing the piece of ripped paper she read;

Are U going to Leo's birthday tonight?

She gave it back with a response: No, studying tonight for final's.

After class Courtney started a persuasive arguement on why she should come with her to the the party but, still sturbbon as ever Dana wouldn't go. Instead she encouraged Courtney to go on without her. Back at the dorm's with the debate done with Courtney get's ready and say's a short see you later before leaving.

It's now two something in the morning, Courtney get's back to the Dorms and enter's the room. All the lights are out, she doesn't spend a second thought when she guesses that Dana already asleep. So, as quietly and noiselessly as she could she moved about the room getting ready for bed all without turning to the light's so she wouldn't disturb Dana. Not meaning to she did the opposite she created quite a few sounds while getting ready to go to sleep but, all the while she still did not turn on the light. It surprised her that the sound's she was creating did not at all wake Dana.

Finally, she crawls into bed and falls asleep.

Morning, waking up she investigates the scene before her:

On the floor Dana lays dead, her books are bloodied and her sheets are a deep crimson.

The wall was covered in blood that spelled out nine very distinct word's that made her give a blood curdlingscream.


Moral Lesson: Never leave your roomate in a room alone. If your alone andyou can't do anything about it have a fully charged phone and a weapon at hand.

I wonder what would've happened if she turned on the light?


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