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Ethan's Revenge (Completed)

Novel By: Ah Zee

Erin was surprised when the man who had come to save her three days ago arrived near her house gravely injured. Out of gratitude, Erin decides to help him to overcome his short-term memory loss while waiting for his family members to come claim this missing man. However, no one came. Erin became helpless and decided to take matters to her own hands. What would she do if she discovered Ethan Patricks, the man she took in, was a serial murderer? Would she turn him in or would she help him?
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Submitted:Apr 5, 2010    Reads: 241    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

A/N: This idea came to me right after I've watched a Hindi film Ghajini. It kept drifting in and out of my mind as I tried to finish Complications of Complete, so that explains why there were times that I published some chapters a little too late. :] Anyway, this novel is a little short and there are about ten chapters. I've changed the story abit, and I hope this can occupy your minds while I think of more other novels to write.

Ethan's Revenge

Chapter 1

The night was wet and windy, two small children dressed as pumpkins were waddling across the paths as one of them reached the group stretching a bag full of sweets to them.

"Happy Halloween!" said the boy in pumpkin suit cheerfully.

One of the men from the group threw his arms wide and aggressively in front of their missy. "Go away, boy!" he said roughly.

The boy's smile faltered. However, their missy smiled and pushed the hands down.

"But, Miss Erin, the boy could…" the man said.

"Tad, don't be so mean to these little children," Erin said. Tad did not say anything and moved back to his position. Erin opened her sling bag and pulled out a handful of sweets and dropped them into the little boy's bag.

"Happy Halloween," she said. The little boy smiled brightly and thanked her before walking away with his friend.

The group resumed walking and after a while, they entered a cold and deserted path that will lead to their missy's home next to the forest. The night was pitched dark. As they walked, the sounds of their footsteps and the wind rustled against leaves were heard. Erin did not say a word to her bodyguards who were employed by her father to walk her home. She felt it was annoying that her father still treats her like a baby who doesn't know how to make her way home and was tired of trying to understand his intentions to make sure she was safe at all times. Maybe if he was on a good mood tonight, she could try to persuade him despite the strong objection…

The sound of the grass crunching beside Erin made her jumped at once. It was not normal to hear sounds coming from the forest for the path leading to her home had always been quiet and deserted. Tad grabbed Erin's arm at once. He was staring sharply at the nearby bush. Erin stared hard at it too.

A slimy bloody human hand had gripped the grass and was pulling it; Erin screamed: a man was crawling weakly on the ground. His head and face were covered with blood. His eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily. His mouth was agape as he dragged himself forwards, appearing just beside the bush.

"H-help… me… help… me…" the man slurred.

Tad and the bodyguards behind Erin leapt forward at once. They began kicking the poor human who was bleeding heavily and choking, coughing and gasping agonisingly. Erin's brain whirling with panic; the man's breath was fading. Instinctively, Erin flung herself over the group.

"Stop it!" she cried, pulling the back of Tad's jacket with all her might. "STOP IT! STOP IT!"

Tad and the others stopped reluctantly. "Missy, don't you see that he could be preten-" Tad began fiercely but Erin glared at him.

"That's blood, for goodness sake! Not tomato sauce!" Erin shouted angrily pointing down at the man. Without any further protest from Tad, Erin bent down over the man. His head was still bleeding and he was panting heavily. Although his face was covered with blood, Erin found the face rather familiar.

"Mr Ethan?" she said aloud but Ethan did not appear to hear her so. He was still murmuring under his breath weakly.

"Help… me… help… Diana… murder… help… help…"

With another great rattling breath, he moved no more. Erin stared at the whitened face that was covered with blood.

"Call the ambulance NOW!" she shouted to Tad.


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