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Novel By: auerrotts

WARNING: The prologue is graphic and some scenes may be disturbing to some readers. View table of contents...


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���� He watched patiently from across the street.� It was a rather easy ploy considering a large community park was adjacent to the house.� He could easily sit on one of the many wooden park benches-without being noticed-and enjoy a simple lunch of ham and Swiss on rye, or pretend to read a good book while he waited.

���� He was tall, just over six-feet.� His previous dark brown hair was now clean shaven and his formerly matching eyes were now adorned with contact lenses a dark shade of green.� His muscles were contoured and chiseled to perfection from two years of strenuous workouts and weight lifting.� His only flaw he knew was a scar on his abdomen from a bullet wound he had inflicted on himself just over three years ago.

���� He'd killed, he'd died, and thanks to his baby sister, he was once again alive.� It was a perfect plan and the outcome was even better than he'd expected.� Although he sometimes missed his wife and three kids, there was no turning back the clock, which meant there was no time to fret over past events.� Besides, the whole family was dead including him.� It was called a simple case of murder/suicide and the case was closed.� He had easily gotten away with murder.�

���� He was no longer Richard Henderson.� He was now thirty-seven year old Nick Thomas, a dangerously attractive, single man.� And until the time came, he would continue to stay that way.

���� It was nearly three o'clock and the park was beginning to fill up with kids getting out of school as well as mothers and small children.�

���� The park was as characteristic as any other; complete with basketball courts, swings, slides, merry-go-rounds and tennis courts.� There were two separate play areas; one for older kids and one for the much younger ones.� Picnic areas were plentiful, equipped with trash bins, charcoal grills for cooking out, and impeccable manicured lawns.� Single park benches were also scattered about the property.� A sprinkler system had been added this year for people of all ages to run through to ward off the stifling heat and humidity that was infamous for the state.�

���� Nick removed a can of soda from his lunch box along with his daily brown pill.� He casually placed the round tablet in his mouth and took a swallow of soda to wash it down.

���� It was a simple routine that he had followed for more years than he cared to remember.� He took the tablet habitually; everyday at precisely the same time and as long as he didn't miss a dosage he would continue to be as normal as any other person happened to be.�

���� The ice-cold drink was refreshing in the blazing heat.� Seeing that everyone was attending to their own business and paying no attention to him, he removed a ham sandwich from his bag along with a book on restoring old homes.� Taking a bite of the sandwich, he opened the hard bound book and began to read.� Instead of pretending like he usually did he actually enjoyed this book.� He knew it would benefit him in the long run, so he continued to read and study.

��� Every so often he would look up nonchalantly and steal a quick look at the house across the street, unable to stop his self from wondering what exactly, was taking place inside.

���� It wasn't long before the afternoon heat was starting to have an effect on him and he decided to call it a day.� He called a taxi from his cell phone then packed his book back in his bag.

���� Within fifteen minutes he saw the yellow cab pull up to the curb and park.� Somewhat disappointed, he climbed into the back seat and attached his seatbelt.

���� "Where to sir?"� The cabbie asked.

�� ��"The Sunset Inn, on Main Street please."


���� "How much longer?"� Kaycee asked.

���� "It shouldn't be too much longer."� After a slight hesitation she added, "They said they were running a little behind."

���� "I'll have another drink then while I'm waiting."

���� "Kaycee please, don't do this."

���� "Don't do what?"

���� "Don't leave," Brenda begged, "stay here tonight…please."�

���� "If it's all the same I'd rather not."

���� "Kaycee, you're my best friend dammit, and I want you to stay here."

���� "Best friend?" Kaycee laughed, "You sold my house out from under me and you call me your best friend.� At this point Brenda, I wouldn't even call you an acquaintance."

���� The sound of the horn interrupted the conversation and Kaycee immediately got up from the table.

���� "Good-bye Brenda."

���� "Kaycee wait," she took a manila folder from the counter and walked towards the front door.� "Take this with you."

���� "What is it?"

���� "It's some house listings I thought you might be interested in."� Kaycee grabbed the envelope, walked out the front door and got into the waiting taxi.�

���� "Take me to the closest Hotel."� She ordered.

���� "That would be the Sunset Inn."




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