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Two years after over 98% of the world's population is killed, an ex-member of an agency and the criminal he was supposed to pursue, team up with a group of misfits to bring down an evil, murderous government that the group's leader once worked for.
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Security Breach (Prologue)

"This is easier than I thought." thought Malcolm as he broke into his father's office.

He came looking for one thing and one thing only. He really wanted that file that his father never wanted anyone to see, not even his own son. As he got into the room he started looking around for a safe.

What he was looking for was something way too valuable to keep in a file cabinet. He began looking everywhere in the closet and all around the entire room. His fathers office room wasn't very big but it had a lot of places where it could've been hidden.

"Unbelievable, where the hell is it?" he thought. Malcolm went back in the closet to search again and noticed something very peculiar. The carpet that was laid in the closet had lines in it as if someone played a game of tic tac toe.

Malcolm took out his knife and began cutting up the carpet until he came across a black hard steel box. He took out a small container from his jacket pocket poured it on the safe. The container had a rare chemicalized formula inside of it that quickly ate away at any type of steel or medal.

Once the process was finally finished, Malcolm grabbed the file, put it in his pocket and ran. He got inside of the building by climbing up to the window which was only four stories high.

He knew he couldn't go down the same way because security guards were swarming outside which was the total opposite of how it was when he entered.

He took the stairs and went up on the roof top. At this point he could hear the guards chasing him up. With rash thinking he jumped to another building which was nearly eight feet across. He got a good running start and barely made it.

While holding onto the edge of the rooftop he jumped to, the file slipped out of his jacket pocket. "NO!" Malcolm yelled as he caught the file with his dangling feet. He pulled himself up onto the rooftop, put the file back in is pocket and walked to the door as he took out a card from his wallet and pushed it into the latch to open it.

He went downstairs into the nearest bathroom he could find, pulled out some clothes from his backpack and changed. The guards would tell the police that he was running with a grey backpack on him and was wearing jeans with a black long jacket and a white T-shirt. At least that's what they saw him wear before he changed.

Now he walked out of the building he crossed over to while wearing dark shorts with a grey T-shirt while wearing a navy blue backpack. He escaped successfully and no one ever suspected him.




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