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Clown's Smile

Novel By: Bluedragon

Sam Harper is an agent within the FBI and has been assigned to a new case. A young girl, named Chloe Harrison, has gone missing at Clown’s Smile the local toy store when with her mother. It doesn’t take long to find out that it’s a kidnapping case and, with the help of her partner Mike Figgins, Sam begins collecting all the clues. As she gets closer and closer to finding out who kidnapped little girl Chloe, Sam begins to question everyone around her and wander if it is just a normal kidnapping case when bodies start turning up, unaware that the whole time she has become an obsession to the kidnapper.
As Sam gets hurled into a vicious game of cat and mouse she still continues to search for Chloe, before she runs out of time.

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Submitted:May 7, 2012    Reads: 224    Comments: 10    Likes: 4   

Clown's Smile toy store is the biggest, brightest and most popular toy store you can find in a crowded overrun city. They care about the kids, they care about bringing out they're smiles and laughter with the new, shiny toys they get everyday within stock. Plenty of well dressed designer dolls for young girls to play with and dress up, and lots of newly toy cars, freshly painted with good strong wheels for the boys. There isn't another store like Clown Smile anywhere in the city of New York and that is a promise.

A young girl stood in the mist of the chaotic store around her. Children were running in every direction, screaming to their parents, ordering them which toys they wanted them to buy. Just pass the screaming a toy box song could be heard, as sweet as carnival music that filled the store up with a sense of happiness. The workers at the store were dressed in baggy coloured pants and t-shirts with bowties, almost identical to carnival clowns mind the face paint. The store was big and colourful, stacks of toys and fun around every corner and all the little girl could do was stand still, her hand clasped in her mothers, while her mother talked on the phone.

Her mother was always on the phone, always busy with work and the young girl respected that, kept quiet every time her mother was working with business. But not here, not now. This was a toy store, a magical land for kids with wonders and excitement, her mother couldn't do this to her now.

'Mum' the little girl whined, pulling on her mother's hand into the direction of the play pin. It all looked so fun and she longed to join the other children in the multi coloured toy box or sliding down the slide.

The mother hardly noticed her child pulling and whining, too busy with trying to listen over the screaming of the children. 'Yes, Cynthia, I took care of all of that before I left'

The little girl stamped her foot, throwing an annoyed look at her mother who was obliged not to notice.

'What do you mean? Why did he say that? What? That doesn't make any sense. Huh? I'm sorry, Cynthia, I can't hear you? What?'

It happened too fast when the mother let go of the child's hand to press her finger to her ear, trying desperately to listen to the other end of the call. The little girl smiled to finally be free and ran down one of the aisles. She ignored the clown dressed people as they tried to offer assistance to find a 'special toy'; she just wanted to browse by herself. The mother did not notice her child had run off, too busy.

The little girl dodged the way of incoming children, running around the store with parents on their tail. She looked curiously on the shelves to find something fun to play with; she was growing sick of her double story doll house that was breaking in half.

She found something that intrigued her when she came out of the aisle of toys. A doll was sitting on the ground, in the middle of all the people, everyone seemed oblivious to it. The little girl strolled along until she stood before it; it was all pretty dressed in pink.

'Come play with me' the doll said and the little girl smiled.

'I'll play with you'

'Ok I'll talk to you tomorrow.'

The mother finally hung up the phone, relieved to be free of work for a few minutes. She turned around to tend to her child only to find she wasn't there anymore. She looked around puzzled but all she could see where the masses of children running around wildly.

'Chloe?' She asked, turning in circles.

Before long the woman was storming the store, calling out the child's name. 'Chloe! Chloe! Chloe!'

She checked all the aisles, the play pen, ran around the corners, searching for her baby girl. Her heart was picking up spend, her feet growing tired in her high heels. She was sweating an awful lot, whining and it took some time before she stood in the middle of the store and screamed.



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