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Grade A Murder

Novel By: Bringeroflife

When Murder is struck to Shillington High School three students now solve something that puts their lives at stake View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 30, 2012    Reads: 131    Comments: 9    Likes: 2   

Know The Characters

Blake Walker

Blake Walker is a 15 year old student at Shillington High School, he studies in BTEC Forensics along with Law studies. His father, Jason Walker. Is a police officer at the Shillington Police Department and ranks as Lieutenant of the building. His mother, Janet Walker. Is a Lawyer within Shillington and has cracked over a 100 cases within 5 years. Blake has no siblings but comes from an upper class working family and due to the working hours, he tends to spend his time home alone. His house is a 5 bedroom house but 3 of the bedrooms are used as spare rooms whether it be for a study, forensics lab for Blake's experiments or Blake's father's filing from the Police Department. Blake is intelligent, a straight A student who has time to a social life along with getting top grades in his classes. He has medium length dark brown messy hair, his skin is quite tanned along with a few little blemishes here and there. He is only 5ft4 and weighs around 8 stone, he is still quite muscular and has an athletic body. He wears a variety of clothing from Skinny Jeans to well fit trousers, shirts to tank tops and sneakers to converse. His voice is of a somewhat calming yet bubbly nature but when he gets angry it becomes dark and cold with a little croak to it. He is generally a happy, bubbly, energetic boy but tends to lose track of his emotions and doesn't generally know what to feel at difficult situations. He has many skills. He is trained in mixed martial arts, he is also very acrobatic to be able to dodge incoming objects being thrown at him or punches and kicks headed towards him. Blake is unsure of his sexuality as he has never had a relationship with a boy or girl, he has never really had any attraction towards anyone just yet but in the future it could change. He likes to watch murder tv shows along with horror films, serial killers tend to interest him in the way they kill and why they do it.

Bonnie Crystal

Bonnie Crystal is a 15 year old student at Shillington High School, she studies Graphic Design, Drama and Mathematics. Her father, Tony Crystal. Is a handyman at Shillington Manic Mechanic and earns quite a lot of money due to the generous customers and the excellent work. Her mother, Carrie Crystal nicknamed C.C and is a Nurse for Shillington Medical Hospital and earns a lot more than Tony does. Bonnie has no siblings and also comes from an upper class working family and due to working hours, she tends to spend time home with her father because of the late nights that Carrie works. Her house is a 3 bedroom house but the third bedroom is used for any guests who wish to stay the night. Bonnie is a very sarcastic girl who doesn't take things too seriously, she is still good in school due to her intelligence and has grades ranging from B's to A's. She has a generally good social life which can sometimes impact her education hence the B grades. She has wild black hair, piercing green eyes and pale skin which matches a porcelain colour. She has a few freckles on her cheeks and is also underweight, guys tend to bow to her feet but she is not looking for a relationship at the moment despite the many boyfriends and girlfriends she has had. She is 5ft6 and weighs around 6 stone, she is slim and quite fragile but can put up a fight when needed. She normally wears skinny jeans to skirts, vests to jackets and converse to vans. Her voice is somewhat innocent but has a lot of sarcasm to it, sometimes it is hard to tell whether she is being serious or just joking around. She sometimes can't control her emotions and when she gets angry, she tends to blow and inflict pain on others whether it be emotionally or physically and always gets away with it. She has some skills, she can sense danger when it is coming towards her or her friends and has some training in hand to hand combat. Bonnie is bisexual, meaning she likes females and males romantically and sexually. She has had many past relationships but feels that she needs a break now. She likes to inflict pain on others who annoy her and generally likes listening to band music.

Nizhoni Kelic

Nizhoni Kelic (Meaning "Beautiful One" in Native American) is a 16 year old student at Shillington High School, she studies History, Religious Studies and Geography. Her father, Aputsiaq Kelic (Meaning "Snowflake" In Greenlandic) is a teacher at Shillington High School and teaches History and earns a moderate amount of money to provide for the family. Her mother, Aylen Kelic (Meaning "Happiness" or "Clear" in Mapuche) is a unemployed and stays home to keep the place tidy and take care of Nizhoni. Nizhoni has no siblings and comes from a middle class family and both parents are home when Nizhoni is home so she doesn't tend to get much freedom in the house. Her house is a 2 bedroom house which is just perfect for the family, they believe that they should not waste money on wordly values but keep it in control and only spend when you have to. Nizhoni is a very innocent and honest girl who can be a very trustworthy friend, she is very good in school and is a straight A student. She doesn't have a very good social life due to people thinking she uses witchcraft. She has light brown wavy hair, calm ocean blue eyes and an olive skin colour. She has patterns drawn onto her face which vary depending on what day of the month it is. She is 5ft7 and weighs around 9 stone, she is slim and athletic but her movement can be somewhat too fast and she would bump into things. She wears the same outfit everday which her mother made her to show that they are a Native American family. Her voice does have a slight foreign accent to it but is completely understandable and you can barely notice it. She is one to show her emotions whether people like it or not but rarely ever cries unless someone hurts her friends or family. She has a very unique skill which was passed down through her family and tribes, she is known as a healer and mixes herbs and plants to make unique medicines to highten and speed the healing process. Nizhoni is heterosexual, meaning she likes boys and only boys. She hasn't had any relationships in the past and doesn't plan to, she believes her relationship with her family and what they believe come first. She likes to listen to nature and loves to explore the forests of Shillington.

Madison Tobias

Madison Tobias is a 16 year old student at Shillington High School, she studies BTEC Forensics, Law and Psychology. Her father, Colbert Tobias is a Technical Support Manager at WebTec in Shillington which he earns a fair amount of money. Her mother, Rosaline Tobias is Journalist for the S.G.A Magazine and earns a lot of money if she can get the stories. Madison has a new born baby brother called Clint Tobias who has just turned 3 months. Her family are an upper class family and only her mother is home when Madison is home from school so she only gets a little freedom in the house. Her house is a 3 bedroom house and the third bedroom is used for Rosaline to work from home for the Magazine. Madison is a bubbly, hyperactive, chatty girl who is can be easily scared when faced with danger. She has a very good social life due to her chatty nature and has friends that are all around the school, her grades are ranging from C's to A's depending on what mood she is in as her moods can switch a lot. She has long blonde curly hair, hazel eyes and a tanned skin colour. She is 5ft3 and weighs around 10 stone, she is curvy and has a somewhat athletic body but her movement can be slow when it comes to running. Her emotions can switch within a click of a finger due to her being bipolar, she cares too much for people and can occasionally get hurt easily but quick enough Blake tries to harden her shell. She has one skill, due to her father being a Technical Support Manager. She can hack into most sites which have an apprentice security level. Madison is Pansexual, meaning she doesn't care about your gender but only what is on the inside. She had a previous relationship with a girl which ended badly due to lack of communication and distance. She likes to write stories along with doing her makeup and going shopping at Shillington Mall.


Shillington is a small town based in South America, it's population is 5000 and growing. It has various shops ranging from Clothing, Weaponary, Music, Entertainment to many more things. The people in Shillington tend to keep to themselves and very rare you get someone who will help out an innocent civilian. It has been know for many crimes from Murder to Robbery, it's crime rate is at a moderate level but at some cases there have been serial killers within the town who try to copy other killers such as "Charles Manson" and "Jeffrey Dahmer". Legend has it that the town is cursed by an ancient tribe called Pliskonises, they cursed the village that every year there will be someone who will run the school with blood. Most people think it is a story to keep the children up to date with their school work and get on with their lives. It is a beautiful town with a lot of forestry, ranging from normal plants and trees to exotic plants due to the weather that it gets. In the normal day, temperature can rise to 23*c but within the night it lowers to 5*c which is why scientists are confused how the temperature can change significantly. The town's water supply is one of the cleanest within South America due to the economy rate and most people are happy to live in Shillington despite of the people who lack manners and understanding. Shillington Beach is what brings most tourists to the town. The blue shimmery water flowing from the soft warm sand making the most beautiful sounds along with the famous "Divers cliff" where divers can bolt deep through the ocean and discover many exotic creatures which have not been recorded by the world. Infact not many tourists come to Shillington as it is not marked down on the World Map. So whatever tourists do come are normally a family friend or relative which lives across sea.


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