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A game of Starvation

Novel By: Celeste Poh

A psycho has been released after ten years of living in the mental hospital. However, he was on the verge of playing a new game with the five victims. And all of them were skinny girls. View table of contents...


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I felt the chills when I woke up in the darkness. My stomach growled a little and I started to think about Mum's homemade breakfast. I tried to get up but I couldn't. Suddenly, I remembered I was kidnapped by a psycho with a robotic voice who wants to play a game. And the rules of the game? No eating until the cops find us.

The sound of the man speaks and I suggested we were all awake. I listened carefully to what he was saying.

"Good morning girls. How are you feeling? Would you like some breakfast?"


"In front of you is a plate of plain bread and a glass of water. If you are hungry, you can get it. If you can." And the haunting laughter was heard again.

I knew it! This guy is insane! He knew we were tied up but yet he wants to play with us!

I heard the others shifting their bodies to feel for the breakfast while I just sat there in silence. I mean, there's no point reaching out for something you could not get. And you will only get even more tired and hungry if you force yourself. I need to save my energy. There was a large thump and I assumed someone has fallen because she was crying for help. However, there was no help.

"Well well, good girl. Go and eat your breakfast." The man laughed. "Stephanie Lee?"

I stood still as I heard my name being called. Who is this guy? How did he know my name? Did he specially researched before capturing us?

"Aren't you hungry? Why don't you eat your breakfast? Perhaps...you want to be the first loser?"

His words made me scared and nervous. First loser...does he mean I will faint of starvation first? How long is he going to torture our mind?

"Still not moving? Aren't you stubborn? Well well...suit yourself girl."

I did not know how long has passed but I do know I'm feeling hungry. Plus, I need to pee. I was feeling devastated and unsure of what to do. I thought of making a sound because the room was sort of quiet now. Maybe I can get the attention of the man. I tried muffling.

"Yes Stephanie? Do you need the toilet?"

I gave a slight nod.

"Right. I shall send one of the man to bring you to the toilet."

Man? No way.

I shook my head violently and waited for his response.

"You are so stubborn. I am offering help to you but you rejected me? Suit yourself then." He ended the conversation and no matter how hard I muffled the next time, there was no attention given.

I was getting really urgent and I could feel myself on the verge. I should have accepted his help! So what if it's a man? I don't have a choice in this situation. My body felt weak and I was trembling. It was a horrible feeling and my stomach started to hurt from the long bearing of my urine. I tried to squeeze my legs together but they were tied to the sides of each of the legs of the chair.

Just then, there was a horrible cry from beside me. She sounded desperate and was losing her control.


I sort of make out the words she was saying through the cloth.

"Ah...Jessica. What do you need?" The man finally answered to her desperate cries.

I feel Jessica struggling and muffling pathetically but her mind was being played once again.

"I can't seem to get what you were saying. Could you perhaps, give me a signal?" His voice was playful and teasing.

I wonder what Jessica need? I mean, I know it's not time to be worrying about others but she sounded desperate. I could see that she was shaking really hard because I felt the vibration a little from my side. Damn it, I really need to toilet urgently!

The voice speaks again and he let out a sigh of acknowledgement. "So you need to pee...why don't you say so earlier?"


Just then, I felt a wind of chills blowing in from in front and I could hear heavy footsteps stomping in to the place. I heard the dragging of Jessica's chair and her cries of relief. I instantly turned towards the direction and muffled for help too.

"So are you a good girl now Stephanie?"

I nodded exasperatedly.

"If you dare to disobey me once again, you should know the consequences."

I felt myself being dragged violently and the pee was on my panty. It was really cold outside which I assumed and a rough hairy hand allowed himself to my waist to unbutton my pants. I couldn't care less and allowed him to do so. I was so scared and urgent that I cry once again. He pulled my pants up again and did not bother to button it up as he drags me to the room again.

All the while he did not make any sound and I could smell a stench of sweat from his body as he drew close to me. He pushed me back to the same position harshly and my chair knocked to the one behind and the impact was crazy. I got a few minutes of headache and I think my breakfast was destroyed by the man when he helped me with my business.

Once again, the room was quiet for a long time and the hunger starts to drain my body.


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