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A game of Starvation

Novel By: Celeste Poh

A psycho has been released after ten years of living in the mental hospital. However, he was on the verge of playing a new game with the five victims. And all of them were skinny girls. View table of contents...


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"Wake up girls. Hear this."

There was the sound of the microphone shifting to elsewhere and a woman's voice echoed throughout the room. She was the news reporter and I was astonished to the words she said.

There has been a recent report to the police station of similar cases where five couples claimed that their daughters are missing. Surprisingly, all the girls that gone missing have identical body sizes and they are all skinny. Here are the photos of the five ladies that are missing. No one knows their whereabout yet but the police are currently searching for more details. We hope the girls are safe and please call the police if any one sees them around the city.

"You are all on the news! You are all famous now! How do you feel?"

Mum...she must be worried sick! What is going to happen to me?

"Don't feel down...cheer up! The police are searching for details to find you soon. Oh right...it's already 10p.m. So have a good night sleep and we shall continue tomorrow. Goodnight girls!"

Day 5

Mrs Lee has been feeling weak these days and she could not sleep. The moment she thought about her daughter in danger makes her heart feels anxious. Dennis brought a cup of warm water and encouraged his mother to drink.

"How can I be drinking when Stephanie probably am dying of thirst?" She rejected the cup as she started crying again.

"Please Mum...don't be too negative. Aren't the police investigating over this right now? I am sure sis' would not want you to fall ill too." Despite preparing for the worst, Dennis still tried to stay optimistic for his mother's sake.

"It has been five days! I can't even reach her phone and you said her friends hadn't seen her around either! My poor Stephanie..."

Dennis sighed at the heart broken scene. He wondered where his sister had went? She shouldn't be the type of person who was careless enough to be kidnapped. Plus, if she was kidnapped, why didn't the kidnapper call to ask for money? Perhaps Stephanie's still outside lingering about the clubs. She did once complained that she wanted to leave the house because Mum was too controlling of her.

The atmosphere at home was too depressed and so he decided to got out to meet his friends to clear his mind. Dennis and his friends gathered at MacDonald's to grab some burgers for lunch.

"Still no news of your sister huh? Damn...how did this happen?" Joseph said.

"But usually, wouldn't the kidnapper already called to ask for cash?" Henry took a sip of his coke and ate fries.

"Guys, don't be stupid. The news are all over the world. If the kidnappers were to call, they wouldn't get the money and wouldn't they be captured to prison as well?" Joanna, the only girl in the group who thinks that she knows it all, decided to chop in to the conversation.

"I don't know...it's really weird. If only I knew where my sister was, I'd probably find her myself." Dennis sighed and laid back to the cushioned seat while folding his arms.

"Maybe we can accompany you to the bars or clubs that your sister usually hangs out?" Joanna suggested.

All three guys looked at her and pondered over her idea before making a decision.

"But all her friends already said they hadn't seen her anywhere in the bars or clubs." Dennis rejected the idea. It was too much of a trouble to be travelling about the city. And Mum probably would be worried if he were to disappear at this timing as well.

All they could do was to sit and wait while Stephanie was being drained and played with by the mastermind. The game now has stepped up to a whole new level because the process was too slow.


The men were back again to untie the ropes around the five poor girls. They demand the girls to stand up while they cuffed them all in a line. All of the girls were literally fatigued and thirsty but were still in the game. The girls slouched and dragged their feet as the mastermind ordered them to walk about the room in circles for ten times.

I am so hungry and thirsty...Someone...please help us...I don't think I can take this any longer...

I was moving really slow and I just felt like flopping back to my seat until help arrives. We were like prisoners doing a daily routine with empty stomachs and a lot of times, our knees felt jelly and we fell.

"Come on girls! Stand back up! You better move your legs or you are just wasting more of your energy! Give me more entertainment!" The man shouted in to the microphone and I thought I will faint at that moment.

I heard the girl behind me breathing heavily, as if she was having breathing difficulties. Of course, we were cooped in this room for who knows how long. We lack of oxygen, food and water. I'm quite surprised I can even stand at this stage of condition. I wonder what the psycho's thinking. Why would he even capture skinny girls like us to torture? Aren't we skinny enough?

I felt my entire body being pulled backwards as the last girl has fallen to her knees. That stopped us from going any further and we only managed to finish four rounds. She was moaning in pain and I heard whipping sounds. I assumed one of the man whipped her with a rope or something because her crying became louder. I heard her struggling to get back to her usual position and the rounds go on.

"That is what you get when you are slowpokes. It's either you finish this round or you can just die." He laughs and I trembled in fear.


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