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Trusting Love

Novel By: Chocaholic

Gemma is a normal 16 year old girl from England... until she gets kidnapped by a creepy old man, and a young confused 19 year old. As the fear and confusion grow, so does the bond between them. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 7, 2012    Reads: 446    Comments: 6    Likes: 2   


It was March, and the seasons were changing from winter to spring at last. Yet the trees on Gemma's street were still frosty and cold, the windows of each house still fogged up, and the coats were still at hand. But the door to Gemmas house was locked, the curtains drawn, and silence held the house in a grip as icy as the weather. However Gemma was not at home, and she hadnt been for almost a month; this is because she was kidnapped. But we arent here to learn about her parents grieving as the longest winter of their lives dragged on, we don't need to know about the abandoned Valentines cards at her home. Nor her friends, who out of fear never left their homes, afraid that they would be next. No, this is Gemma's story, and we should start at the beginning on a snowwy night in the month of February.

Chapter One.

The doorbell rang and I was pulled sharply from my daydream back to my work resting on my knee. I hadn't realised I had been chewing the end of the pen gazing into space but now I felt stupid and embarrased, I looked around to make sure no one had seen. Sighing I re-read my last sentence of the essay and began scrawling the next sentence onto the pad, speaking aloud as I wrote.

"Shakespeare presents Macbeth as this tragic hero by..."

The doorbell rang again, much longer this time and I pushed away my books onto the bed, stood up and ran lightly down the stairs.

"Do you want me to get the door mum?" I asked, already reaching for the handle.

"Oh, yes! I'm up to my ears in here!" she said stressfully. Her voice was slightly muted, and I knew she characteristically had pins in her mouth as she pinned up the costume for my little brother Max's school play outfit.

I opened the door, and a cold breeze rushed in and hit me hard. I shivvered lightly and looked up at the visitor smiling.

"Can I help you?" I asked politely. The man was tall and muscular wearing a huge black trench coat. He looked to be in his fifties and his large blonde moustache sat like a large slug over his lips. His blonde hair was pushed down by a red and green beanie hat which looked out of place on this old mans head. He bent down into my face, his dark eyes looking menacing.

"I have a delivery for Mrs. Lirret girly" he said, his breath reaking strongly of garlic.

"Err, mum? It's for you" I said frightened of this man, as my mother walked in he straightened up and pulled on a friendly face he hadn't been wearing before and beamed, his gold teeth glistening as he pulled a parcel from his bag and handed it to her. I took the oppurtunity to run up the stairs to my bedroom. I watched from my window as the two idliy chit chatted about vague topics, and he seemed perfectly nice. Maybe he just didnt like kids? Although I'm not really a kid any more at sixteen.

I looked at his white van, and saw that someone was sat in the passenger seat, a young man of maybe nineteen not much older than me. If he was working with him whats wrong with me? It's a strange partnership him and this young man, but maybe it's a father and son buisness, although the younger man had dark hair and didn't look anything like him. I was still staring at the mans profile when he turned and looked at me suddenly. We held eye contact for a heartbeat before he hastily looked away. I couldn't help thinking how good looking he was, I still watched him until I heard the door shut and the older man walked over to the window and began to talk quietly with the nineteen year old. I watched as he turned and waved at me darkly. I gasped and ran over to my bed. I listened to the engine start and was relieved now they were both gone.

The next day I got up early for school, got changed into my ghastly uniform, chosing to put the tie on today as I forgot to take it out of my pocket the day before and getting pulled infront of the headmistress wasn't the best start to a morning. I slung my bag over my shoulder, gave a kiss to mum and dad, a wave to Max, and left the house. I walked down the streets cheerfully, as the sun shined on the fresh snow. I loved leaving footprints in the snow, so I walked off the path in the snow drift instead. I pulled my iPod out of my pocket and began whistling along with the tune. I didn't notice the parked van. I crossed the road, and turned down the next street passing my friend Sammy's house, I looked and saw she had already left, the door locked, the lights off. I didn't notice the van driving slowly behind me. Left down past the park, empty of course, I checked my watch and realised that I was cutting it fine not to be late, no wonder there werent many people around. I began to jog... the van sped up, thinking I'd seen it and levelled with me. I noticed as the hand came out and cut off my air. I noticed the sickly sweet odour on the hankerchief in their hand. I noticed as I was pulled into the van and the door slammed shut. I noticed the bang as my head hit the floor. I saw a stranger, a large bald muscly man, but as I turned my head ever so slightly I recognised the other two people there, the man with the walrus moustache driving and laughing, and the young nineteen year old holding my gaze looking as shocked as I felt at what he was doing. And then... and then...

All the police found was a trail of footprints, a smashed iPod, and a litter of books and a half completed Macbeth essay.

A.N- Hi, if you've enjoyed the story tell me in the comments below and I will upload the next chapter, if not tell me what I can do to make it better! Thank you for reading :)


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