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The Dead Of Winter- Book 1 - Decay

Novel By: Cygne

A Post Apocalyptic world set in never ending snow where all your worst fears are reality. monster both dead and alive stalk the night, while colonies of humans fight for survival. What will happen when a new hope is born? Ericka Everhart is plunged into a challenge of survival as she is tossed into this world of harsh temperature's and enemies' both living and dead all to find her missing father stolen from they're colony by the Vampires and they're mindless pets, Zombies. View table of contents...


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He woke with a gentle shrug, a shrug that I latterly forced to be gentle as I swung my pack over my should and gathered my arrows and quivers, he looked to me, scratching his red hair as he stood to his feet, looking over to Boon, who was still on the floor.

"Is he?"

"Hes asleep."

And I tapped my leg, whistling slightly as I did, and he popped up, his ears like an eager bat overwhelmed with curiosity.

"lets go."


We walked for hours, feeling the cold slightly warm as we entered an old trashed colony, metal scraps flown everywhere from the harsh storms of this new world. I looked back to Reids struggling posture, watching Boon run ahead and come back with a stick which I bent down and threw.

"If you cant keep up, ill leave you behind!" I said as I started walking again and he ran up next to me. Walking steadily by my side.

"no you wont you need me."

I laughed silently, and looked away hiding my blush.

'Is that so?"

"Where are we heading anyway.?"

"To my uncle, hes in Colony 1."

"You mean Canada?"

I shook my head as we walked over an old door and a beat up car. Half covered in snow.

"No you idiot, Alaska."

"Even worse." he muttered and stopped as we crossed over the fallen walls of the abandoned colony.

"Ericka we need to talk."

"We can talk when we reach a safer place, its to dangerous out in the open."

"about your Grandmother."

"What about her."

I pushed away the ache in my gut, the knotting twist in my stomach as the sound of her last breathe echoed through my ear as I pulled the trigger. And began scavenging the snowy earth.

"you cant just run away from this."

"Help me."

My body jolted up and a littler girl stood only two feet in front of me, covered in blood and ash, she showed her neck, removing her long blood matted hair as she did so. And a bite similar to grans appeared, more swollen and covered in ice blue veins. I drew my knife, as she slowly approached me and laid her hand gently on mine.

"help me." she cried. And I watched her in amazement as her eyes slowly began to dilute white.

"There's nothing you can do." Reid approached me, lowering the hand that held the knife.

" we cant just do nothing." I looked to the girl, watching her innocence and life fade from her as saliva dripped from her open mouth.

"Ericka, we should go." and I lunged forward, sliding the knife into her petite chest, drawing it back and slicing her throat with a steady thrust and she tumbled back, staining the pure snow with her blood. And I looked to Reid.

"We cant live like this. There has to be a way to stop this."

"Ericka, people have tried. Threes no way to-."

"Maybe they haven't been trying hard enough."

I look to the forest beyond as I sheath my knife and begin walking forward, whistling for Boon to fallow as we set out on a new road, a new road to hope.


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