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The Dead Of Winter-Book 2- Necrosis

Novel By: Cygne

Erickas journey continues, but this time with a different purpose. she seeks out answers, answers to save the human race, and her father with it. but how? and who can she trust? Erickas has a secret, a secret she too must discover, a secret she has never known. who is this mysterious "EntEx" and what connection do they have to the "Storm"? Ericka is about to face her most thrilling adventure yet, where she will have to put love and life on hold as she plunges deeper into the frosty new world and fights to free us from it in this chilly sequel to The Dead Of Winter Book 1 Decay!

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It was the familiar howl, the cry of the white wolf. She was crying again, as I slowly opened my eyes to see her grand stature standing gracefully before me. She turned slowly, howling sadly as she did, and I slowly got to my feet to fallow. She took me through empty meadows, of old crashed sighs and vehicles frozen to the point of implosion, where they would crumble from the inside out. we stepped over bundles, people frozen solid with the landscape around them. They're eyes shot and stiff like fine glass. We walked on. I had no idea where she was taking me, no sense of direction as we walked through old streets and neighbourhoods' haunted with the eerie frozen presence of a life long lost and left behind. until finally she stopped.

We were in an old park, a park that no doubted used to be beautiful, swings sat frozen in time, hard and unable to swing freely with the wind again, while fountains remained frozen they're spouts like spears sticking out of them frozen from the moment the world was plagued with this never-ending storm. She began digging, dirtying her pure white paws as she used her nose and paws to scrape away the frozen mud, brown substance that has not been seen for years and she motioned me forward with her eyes so I fallowed. There under the faint opening of ice and mud were a logo. "EntEx" with a symbol similar to the one in my dream. I knelt down pressing my palm against the ice cold glass preserved in the winters chilly air. And traced the interlocking circles.

"EntEx" I murmured and rubbed my hand to reveal more. The land I lay on appeared warmer, thinner like it was thawed. But my mind tossed it away, calling it preposterous and silly. There was no way the whole world could be frozen but this spot, no way. And as I continued rubbing a picture of a snowflake lay imprinted within the intertwining circles like a secret message within a message. A saying lay imprinted slightly below it.

"The Future Of Tomorrow"

The slogan seemed silly, as it was accompanied by Cryogenics, Biophysics, and Atom Theory along with other words to covered and thick to be read. The snow flake illuminated me, as the vial in my dream, the name suddenly began to add up.

"EntEx. The Storm. It was all them. This company caused it. But why."

I looked up to the wolf, the wolf that looked at me with an intense clarity, an intense familiarity. Like my mother would, or did when I was very young. And I nodded to her slowly as I suddenly had more answers then questions that now buzzed around in my brain.

I finally had some answers, I finally had some clue to how I was the way I was, and more importantly the person responsible.



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