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Secrets and Lies1

Novel By: DarkPrincess94

Ayame is a mix-blood, She moves to a new town she meets two mysterious brothers with a deadly secret, One hates her and the other is her soulmate,A war is starting Ayame will protect her loved ones...but at what cost? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 29, 2011    Reads: 70    Comments: 4    Likes: 5   

Chapter 1

The town is small, quiet and peacefull its just what Ayame was hoping for. A fresh new life, mew start, new self.

There was one problem... Ayame Lockhill is a 200 year old vampire with a small silm frame standing about 5ft6 with long black hair and electric blue eyes, she looks like she is 21, people believed that until they noticed she didn't aged..thats when the rumours started, thats when she ran never looking back. So here she is in a small town called GreenBank, she pulled her silver Miata up the drive of her new home she sighed gently to herself she was tierd and it had been a long drive the only thing she wanted now was her bed and sleep.

She pulled her tierd body out of the car shutting the door slowly walking to her new door, she opened the door seeing all her stuff had been unpacked, she reminded herself to thank the movers next time she saw them, she pulled her self up the stairs into her bedroom, she was asleep before her head hit the pillow.

There was a lot of shouting outside Ayame tried to ignore it but she couldn't she looked over to her clock it showed her it was 3:45am with a sigh she pulled herself out of the warm bed and walked downstairs to her portch, she saw two very angry looking men shouting at each other, she walked quickly to them.

" Excuse me? Could you go argue somewhere else please? Some of us are trying to sleep" she said when she reached the men.

Both men turned to her, her breath stopped as she saw them, she took in their beauty, One man was about 6ft2 with short spikey brown hair with deep chocoate eyes his muscles strained against his top, she looked at the other man, he was more beautiful than the first man, he had short,glossy black hair with emerald green eyes he was about 6ft5 his muscles to strained against his shirt. Ayame wondered if they were related somehow they both looked smiliar the only thing that stopped her from talking was the black aura's around them.

Suddenly she didn't feel safe because she knew she wasn't the only creature of the night around here...

" Hello my name is Ash" said the emerald eyed one

" Im James" The other man said in a cold tone.

"I'm sorry we caused you a problem but my brother, is very short tempered and i was trying to calm him down" Ash the emerald eyed man said softly.

Ayame nodded unable to trust her voice or herself, James kept glancing over to Ayame then to Ash, after a few minutes of silence James spoke.

"Let me take you back to your door, make sure you get home safe" James said with a smile that made Ayame's stomach drop.

"I'm able to walk myself back thank you..er...James. Good night gentlemen" Ayame replied as she hurried off.

When she reached her door, she opened it quickly then locked it, she knew she couldn't sleep not after seeing the brothers.


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