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Secrets and Lies1

Novel By: DarkPrincess94

Ayame is a mix-blood, She moves to a new town she meets two mysterious brothers with a deadly secret, One hates her and the other is her soulmate,A war is starting Ayame will protect her loved ones...but at what cost? View table of contents...


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( Sorry its a short Chapter!!!)

Chapter 8

James appeared outside of the hospital, he held onto Ayame tightly, his shirt soaked with her blood, he bursts through the door, breathing hard, his hair messy, Ayame was growing colder her hair looked more black than the night.


Everyone paused and looked to the body then 5 doctors ran to James taking Ayame out of his arms quickly, placing her on a bed and ran off to the OR with her, a nurse saw the blood on James then saw Ayame and screamed in horror, James rolled his eyes.

"Sir, can you tell us what happened?" A doctor said as she walked James to the waiting room, James stayed quiet refusing to talk.

James looked into a surgon's mind then regretted it, he saw doctors putting IV's and blood into Ayame's body he watched them putting an oxygen mask on her face and starting to sitch her wounds, James shut his mind after refusing to see more.

He stood up, pacing around the room, waiting for her to come back, time was passing to quickly...He waited for his brother.

Ash shoved the hospital doors open and glass broke off the door, Ash didnt stop to care, He was calmer now he left Marcus and Elizabeth he made it clear to them he would seek revenge if Ayame died.

Ash sensed James and flittered to him, James jumped as Ash appeared.

" Fucking hell brother!! Could you like....not try make me jump!!" James shouted. Ash hit his arm

" Shut up brother!! I knew who did it...Who attacked Ayame..." Ash whispered pulling James away from the waiting room James looked to Ash.



James looked at Ash again in shock, his heart beating fast, his memories began to come back in a huge flash to the first time he ever saw her.

"But how? She left years ago! She said she was DYING ASH!!!"

"She also brought Marcus...THE first Mix-blood...he's come back for Ayame..."

James shook his head he didnt care about Ayame, only Elizabeth...

Ash grabbed James, slamming him into a wall he hissed.

" YOU might not care about Ayame but i do! That bitch left you brother! So much for the Soul-mate principle!!"

The wall crumbled James he shook his head.

"Get off me now brother or you'll join her!"

Ash laughed. " You think you could fight your older brother? Really James? Shut the hell up" Ash snapped .

Ash let go of James and walked off. James followed his brother.

"Where you going?" James grabbed Ash, Ash pulled his arm away.

"To see Ayame, the surgon's have brought her out"


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