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Black Fangs

Novel By: Deathstix

'Black fangs'-a cult of rebellious males who sacrificed young girls to a beast out in the Deadwood forezt...

Lynx Academia and his little sister move into a home where they later learn has been used by the 'Black Fangs' for meetings. The cult eventually perished in a fire upstairs in the attic and no longer are alive, but Lynx feels that even in death- the cult might just still be roaming around the house...and seem to want to make his sister their next victim. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 5, 2012    Reads: 28    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Chapter 1: 'The Arrival'

"I want to open my eyes now. Can I? Please, please?"

"Quit whining, Lily." Something small hits my shoulder and I laugh, trying hard not to uncover my eyes. "All right, mother. Can this shrimp and I see the house now?"

"Hold on, Lynx. We're almost there and I don't want your curiosity to ruin the surprise." A woman's voice declares and I sigh, pouting with a frown and running my tongue over my bottom lip piercing. After a few more bumps in the road and getting car sick throughout the whole 2 hour ride from our old home to our new one, I finally opened my eyes.

"Lynx is cheating!!" I growl at a 15 year old girl sitting next to me and spit out my tongue at her, "Grow a lollipop and suck it."

Mother screeches the car to a stop and turns at me from the driver's seat with angry, blue eyes, "Apologize to your sister for saying such an inappropriate remark, Lynx." Lily nods and grins with an evil look to her brown eyes, "Yeah, brother. Apologize." I glare at her with a tight jaw and mutter a low 'Sorry, freak' while turning the other way sluggishly. She merely smiles with satisfaction and stares out her own window, watching the trees and houses pass by quickly as we speed down a neighborhood.

"Hey, mom?" I finally ask after the little scenario between me and my sister, "Do you think that maybe dad will like to come over some time?" Mother is quiet as she makes a right turn on a street and eventually parks next to an empty sidewalk behind a black Chevron.

She still doesn't answer me even as she opens the driver's door of the Suburban we are in and slams it shut. I sigh and tell lily to get out, angry for reminding mom of dad. See, they both divorced a while ago because dad found someone 'better' and 'less crazy' than my mother. Dad promised to call us every now and then, but he never did nor do I think he ever will...

"Yuck! It's soooo ugly!"I glance at Lily as she stares with disgust at our new house, then I examine it as well and bite my lip in pure awe.

Our new home is two stories high and possesses a freaky look to it (shattered windows, ripped white paint, and a devastated brown garden.

"Mom?" I glance at a woman who smiles at me with a concerned look and at my sister with a sigh. "Mom..." I begin, "This is…GREAT!"

Lily gasps at my words and starts to whine about how terrible and scary the house looks. "It's like you want to be haunted by ghosts!"

"Lily," Mother breathes deeply and rubs her tired eyes with a shaky hand, "There are no such things as 'ghosts'. Ask Lynx, he'll tell you." I nod with a sly smile at mother's words and when she turns the other way, I mouth at Lily 'Yes- There- Is'. She hollers and starts to run back at the car, but it's locked so the shrimp is out of luck.

"Come on, Lily," I laugh in a mocking tone and walk towards the entrance of our new domain with curious glances everywhere. Mother follows while Lily stays outside of the car, trying to rip the door off.

Once mother and I are alone and she fumbles her dirty pants' pocket for the keys, I say in a low voice, "Mom, this is a great house and all ('cuz it's creepy), but why did you have to get one that's so crappy?"

"Listen, Lynx. We don't have lots of money and this was the cheapest I could find in this area, so... try to make your sister comfortable around here."

"But why did we even have to leave our old house in the first place? Just because of dad? Mom... you made us leave without saying goodbye to anyone...I couldn't even say goodbye to my friends." Mother shakes her head and finally takes out some keys, opening the door with a light shove.

Inside, the smell of dust and dirt fills my nostrils and I cover my nose with my checkered long sleeved shirt, "Crap. It stinks."

"Well, just a few scrubs here and there and it'd be as good as new. Now, Lynx. Can you get your sister? I want to start unpacking." With a nod, I obey mother and head outside, trying to peer from behind my dark bangs at my sister who stands with wide eyes, looking at one of the windows of the house. Confused at her stiff face, I call, "Hey! Shrimp! Get your ass in here."

She turns to look at me fast and with a worried swallow, runs towards me- surprisingly squeezing my shirt tight with her pale hand. "What's wrong?" I ask with a concerned look as we both walk together into our unfamiliar environment.

"Umm... it's nothing. I just thought I saw..." She stops and doesn't finish her sentence.

I thought she was joking so I didn't bother her anymore about it- but I would see her face every now and then when I'd watch her unpack her things from a cardboard box.

It'd look as if though she was watching something (or someone) from upstairs and pause what she was doing just to stare at it with that same stiff look.

She's just trying to scare me, I would say and turn the other way, That's it... she's just wants to scare me...



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