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The Black Waters

Novel By: Doniekels

In an isolated church-run village lies a lake. In this lake are creatures that emerge every night and claim the faces of anyone who dares stand nearby. Raven, a seventeen year old orphan, then finds herself in the eyes of the council, who states that she is the curse that has brought death upon many victims. Now, she must outrun the villagers who want her dead and face the creatures in order to prove her innocence. As they say in the council; when the waters turn black, run as fast as you can. View table of contents...


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I was dying. What was I supposed to do? How was I supposed to feel? I can assure you that I felt no sort of remorse. I felt indifferent, really. My own death never concerned me, all I ever cared about was the well being of Tommy and I was pretty sure the odds of me never seeing him again were well above one hundred percent. So did I care about my heart stopping? Of course not."I am so very sorry," Preston repeated."How long?" My voice was so monotoned, I even surprised myself."I'm not quite sure. I used to have many cases like this, time varies.""Blake said this has never happened before.""Gabrial prefers for those cases to be kept secret. Why? I don't know."I fell silent. I didn't mind dying, I didn't even mind the pain because it would eventually end in death."Preston sat on the edge of the bed, I stiffly sat up to see his expression; his eyes were full of knowing and his jaw was set in a way that told me he was holding back. I wished I could read minds, it would have been much more helpful than asking so many questions."Tell me what you're thinking," he pressed."Not much," I admitted."You're not afraid?""I've never been afraid of death."Unlike ninety-nine percent of the human race.""I think of the unknown as a surprise, something you're not supposed to know until you get there.""Do you believe in Heaven?"I shrugged, "even if there were no afterlife, there's painlessness in the end anyway. Yes, some beliefs are that you just disappear into a world of dark nothing, but why would you care about that? You're dead.""True.""Are you afraid?""I care about those who feel they need me. What will they do when I'm gone?""No one needs me at this point.""Ha, you have no idea.""I have no family. No close friends.""Your brother?""He's as good as dead now.""We, as in the cursed, need you.""How so? I'm not special.""Actually, you are.""What's that supposed to mean?""This is a conversation meant for Gabrial," he stood, "I'll go get him.""Can I have my clothes back, I'm self conscious.""Absolutely," he removed my IV, "this won't be needed."Sway left and, after I got dressed, returned with a man who had waist length golden brown hair tied back into a messy ponytail, amber eyes, tanned skin stretched over toned and firm muscles, and he only wore a pair of leather pants."Hello dear," his voice was smooth and charming, "I hear you are not well.""Who said that?" I snorted, "can't you see that I'm at my very best? Black veins and all."He laughed, "it is reassuring to know that you are capable of a good joke.""Not to rush into anything, but about my importance...""Ah, you wish to know, so you get straight to the point," he reached out and brushed the back of his hand against my cheek, "much like your mother.""You knew my mother?""A week before her fatal birth, she came here and begged for me to keep you safe. See, she was a prophetess and she knew that her two eldest children would not live long years. She knew that you and your older brother would play an important part within the fate of the cursed."I knew Mom was a prophetess, it was why the village prized her so much, "what does that mean?""It means you can prove that we can save the village.""Why is the village so important? It's nothing but a bunch of hypocrites.""True, but the people there create an energetic field that keeps the Thieves within boundaries.""So what do you mean by saving them?""Raven, there is a leader of the Thieves, a leader so powerful he or she has been able to disguise themself for years. They're trying to find a way out by killing each and every villager. Do you see the picture?""We have to find the leader and take them out before they take everyone else out. So you're saying that the Thieves are trying to, what, get to the rest of the human population?"He nodded, "even the ocean will be black.""How do we find the leader?""We use the AL's."I understood bits and pieces now, but the picture was too large to see the details. I had a long and painful death ahead of me.


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