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Heart of the Golden Ghost

Novel By: Factxzrx

A host for hosts. View table of contents...


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Are you afraid of ghost? Have you ever been? Is it a ghost? I sat in, watched, and took note. I began to set wonder, it wasn't much, it wasn't even worth the time, but when they had asked me, I knew then it was not hoaxed. The man in the crisp suit and tie, a suit only a rich fellow could ware; he stared on from in his seat. At first, he had me. He made me wonder whether or not he was a writer or a scientist and along with the little lady by his side, I was beginning to think they were government officials, FBI, or some type. She stared at me, I caught her from time to time as I wondered around the room, looking the rest up and down and trying to figure out if they- we are all here for some kind of scheme or study. Out of the two women here, I'd say she would have to be the brightest. She seems to be some sort of model an actress of some type and in to me then she is the spiff looking gentleman beside her.
"Ghost." It had us all in a shock. For them a shock for panic, a look for it or a feel that they had already come to observe. Along with the suit there was I and I - well, I'm not one - none to set for impress. The other man seems to be a regular city type but when he stood and introduced himself, I then knew if he indeed is a city guy then he is not from in the same place I would have figured him to be. "Voodoo" He said, rubbing his hand along his thighs then looking around the room. I looked him over, watching him as he gazed on to the other woman that was here, sitting from in between him and me. She's seemed to hold a passion for what he had said, I take she too is from the islands or from in some kind of witch tribe from Africa. I knew the tow weren't here together, I seen him enter in after she was already here and sitting alone. She didn't seem to mind me sitting next to her and when he sat down they weren't socializing or shown any signs of a history together. Like me, he's in his regular clothes not like the suite or the mistress next to him. And her; she seems to be in a occasional attire but I cant say for sure because like the mistress she also has a figure that could stand along side any other who could be thought of a model or actress.
Not another word was said. The saying of Voodoo seemed to be set aside. I could see the looks from on their faces even his as cold and how suspicious it now is seemed to flash back on the attempted to discover or release their inquire from in the meaning of ghost's. "Let me begin" He said, the stiff in the suit who hasn't said a word or smiled at anybody since we've all laid eyes on him. He continued to look over the newspaper he had brought in with him and now holds it up in front of his chest. "This should explain a little about my self." He said looking away as if we was shy or had never introduced him self in to a group of people from in a private room where there is no one else around just the one's - like him, who have decided to take time away from in our civil lives to attend this get-together for the once claimed insane and now in it from a sane view that no one else could, can or will be able to judge.
(THE STUNT FROM WEALTH. A WHEALTH FROM DEATH. ) Was spilled on the front page of the paper as a headline. He remains looking down, away from in our eyes, holding up the paper as if he was ashamed or was needing to contribute his guilt. The women next to him huffed holding her eyes up then rolling them slowly away. It was as if she knew and what she knew she is not willing to let her thoughts of it interrupt. "What is it?" The island man asked, his accent leaked into the room - once again reminding us about his relations with voodoo. "Gold" He said, lowering the paper, looking around at all of us then turning his head on to the women next to him after he went for a good eye to eye with the island man; giving him a good stare. "I'm him yes." He said turning away from the women beside him. "I set this little getogether. I personally had each and every one of you posted with this invitation." He told us then sets the paper down by his feet as if he had been disgusted with it as if it was not as we would figure it to be; a cherished piece of evidence, proof of the paranormal and before he let us know he was behind this all; his ticket in. He continues saying. "I too have been freaked, out kasted and set along side of those."
"What is it." The island man blurted out. He holds out his hand signaling him to hold that thought then turned his head after the women next to him mumbled "Oh brother." It leaves him isolated, beginning to show signs of betrayal and what ever it was he wanted us here altogether for has now left him with getting straight to it and to it before we followed in after the her lead but as his hand held out, she the women next to him sat back in her seat before she could grip a good hold on her chair and left her self up. "I'm the latest; the only and I know a deal about all of you. I need you, I'm asking as a friend, a fellow spirit. I'm inviting you all to come stay with me for a week, a weekend, or just a day. I need fellow spirits and I will pay you for your time. The mansion is worth billions. I'm willing to cut you each a ten percent of it and pay you a workings man salary fro each day you help me control, revile and dismember what or who ever it is that has been hosting my place. My family is dead and yes for those of you who are aware. I am the son of the golden-hearted man. The man who supposedly swallowed a pound of liquid gold that left him to his death as his heart turned to solid gold." He looks around, takes a quick glimpse on to the women next to him knowing she has been waiting for him to drop that line then looks at us all once again, and says. "I'm sorry if I have disrespected any of you or if this place; it seemed like the place to be. If you are willing to join me, I have a car waiting and like the paper, you or I will be mentioned. This is old news's; my family's lawyers had all set out. What they don't know is what has been haunting me since its day." His�head�dropped, he looks down onto the paper, and we watch. It was as if we have been sitting in on it the whole time with out realizing why we were here and now it hits us once again; the question of ghosts. Silence remains and I follow his eyes on to the islander mans. Him like I and us all have yet to be introduced and its now seeming like we are all about to be.
A silence continued - it lead us all in to the waiting car from out of that room. The room smelled the way it looked; a worn down main floor office building that if I'm right; is owned by him and is going to be torn down anytime soon. I thought it was too out from in a light to be any kind of meeting or a place where people could get together on a weekly or monthly basis. As the car rolled out he began to continue on, telling us what he had been holding back from in the room before he was so rudely interrupted by the mistress. She sits her self next to me, the islander to my right and the other mistress from in the dark next to him. He began by telling us he was in on the same route we had been on and with out question he seemed to be relating to us as if we too are coping with a hunt, a spirit, or something out of the ordinary. His mansion he said, telling us his family had no other siblings that he was the only child. They had died when he was just becoming old enough to leave home. It left him with no answer's there fore leaving him from out of its haunt. His father was a gold miner, owned land in every country and rich enough to own one of his own. The mother a homemaker but he; raised from in the care of the mansions caretaker's. It wasn't until he bran home his first love when Sophia the lead caretaker had decided to quit or retire as she had stated. She had warned him once before about gold digger's; the ones who at any time could break for a smile just for a glimpse or touch of a gold. She then later - before finally leaving him �she explained to him the facts of his father's death, the mystery and a reasoning for why she would have to leave and now let him be. "A witch." She said, calling his love a gold-digger. "It's a spirit only the gold it's self can posses and if possessed could cause a hunting danger. Death and from in it a taunting justified vengeance. This house is cursed. It has been since the day I stepped in. The walls reek of it, the floors; day in day out hold its diseasing breath. This house, its gold. This gold is not like others and this house is not how it was meant to be." He then began to notice changes coming from in Carla his love. She began to show her hostile ability, slacking in her appearance, not willing to except a new day or to look forward to one. It was just shortly after Sophia the caretaker had left. On the morning of the day, she had scheduled a visit, a gathering for her and her young man. Carly was in the main hall way, standing in under the suns light as it shined on in thru. She was then shocked and surprise to hear the front door being opened. That's how it seemed but from how he explains; it was the front pillars, the half-ton solid slabs of concrete that had decided to shake the earth. Carly admetetly step in to the entranceway, waiting for the door to fully swing open before calling out for him. It was Sophia and as old as she was, she was still able to care but from in the looks of Carly face and seeing it him self as he stepped in to the entryway. "It was her ugliness." He said, calling it a threat, as if she was ready for a war and fed up with what ever it was. The door swung wide open, the two pillars from each side continued to quake as if they had been pushed or crushed in from one side then fell. He tried, Sophia stepped back and watched, but before he could warn Carly, it was her who had stepped in to push her from out of its way. The pillar's crashed and it was as if they were intended for Sophia. The pillars crushed, sending a cloud of dust down on to Carly and sadly left Sophia in its cloud of death. "And no evidence" he said telling us Carly had walked out, off and in to the walk way from in the front yard, covered in dust and leaving him with Sophia dieing in his arms suffering an attack. The attack they all had witnessed but as it stands and to this day still does; the pillars remain in their stand. Carly had never showed her face since and after the dust had cleared, the dust that is yet to be explained; left Sophia to her death. Since then he had been digging deep, looking for any and all information he could find on the paranormal incidents that had and have been occurring. "Sophia." He said in a sob, looking down, calling her his little old creep keeper, and going on how she had kept the haunt away from him, keeping him from danger.
The car pulled us in thru the gates. It was no surprise rolling in along a roadway that lead us straight in to the enormous yard of this enormous mansion. The driver watched from in the rear view mirror as the gates closed in behind us. A quick glimpse on to the mistress, miss smart pants but it was hard to revile if it was an attraction from in her looks or if he had known about her, that she was ready to call this off as a hoax. I don't know and I can imagine that large sum of money in my hand and it is - was tempting. I guess for her also.
I stepped out in behind the Islander and the other dark mistress of character as our host held the other door for our mistress. "I have it all under control." He said waving his arm out and revealing his home to all of us as the car rolled away. "I have for each of you a key. Its not quite what you think. The key is a tracking device, with it I, you, and us all can track each other down. By setting it in to the monitor, I have set up in your rooms you can see where you or we are at any and all times. It's a away we can all be together." He told us as he turned and began walking in towards the entrance of this huge house. He continues telling us we all have a responsibility saying. "I am expecting you all to take notes, observe, a diary if you may. Each room is furnished alike. There is all and everything you would find in a hotel. The kitchen is free for all, living room is well equipped, and the hobby room and anywhere else you feel you need to be at any time and for as long as you wish. I have cut any and all media from in the house, so that means no television, radio, or well. The yard as you see is quite the space. Unfortunately I haven't set it on under the monitor so if you please to come out then do so under the suns light and here we are." He said, turning his back to the door, standing in under the shade of the two pillars he had told us about then turns, sets his hand on the door and pushed it open. I stand back, she follows in behind him with her look of wonder, not quite the same look she had on when he flashed us the paper. My island friend too stood back; letting our dark mistress follow in behind the other.
"I'm Login." He said, introducing himself to me, smiling, and knowing that the last thing he had said was a creeping speech from in the being of Voodoo. "I'm Lyle." I tell him, shake his hand and he grips on to mine as if we were now both - the both of us in under a ghouling haunting light and it seems as if he's enjoying it.
"That's fine gentlemen now let's go in and let these ladies feel like there at home." The host said, standing in the doorway and grinning a smile. A smile I have not yet seen come from on that face of his. The face I first thought belonged to a government official, a FBI, or some sort of scientist. Login pats me on shoulder, shrugging me in for the lead then follows in behind as I step up, thru and in passed the doorway. The girls, both of them giggling, blushing as if something had climbed up their leg and pinched a cheer of excitement in on their butts. The statue, it stands man high up against the living rooms sidewall. The girls sit themselves down on the couch and continue to blush like they were a set of schoolgirls staring on to a naked figure of a man. "Yes, yes. I see you've met our prince." He said our host and a mysterious one he remains. "He's been here for ages." He said as he walked it on by and steps in to the bar.
"It's gold?" Login asked, setting his hand on to its chest.
"It has gold, a good portion of that man is plated, some solid the rest granite and a multiple granite, mixtures of different types and grades of gold." The host said with explanation then asks, "So, who's who and who's who. I have all the top drinks. Call your drink and tell us a bit about your selves let me begin." He holds out a bottle of vodka, twist the cap off then turns and tells me and Login to sit down, to make our selves at home and continued on, pouring him self a drink then continuing his speech after washing back a mouth full of the vodka. "I'm Rich, Richard in full. Kind of like that Ritchie Rich character. I've been here in this house since the day I was born, educated, nourished, developed and here I am. Alone now going on two years. Like you I've been question about or have questioned ghosts, been here with them now for a wile. This house has been down listed from in the hospitality sector. They'll only come once a month to clean stock or cook a meal. In fact you're the first guest's we've, excuse me, I have had in years. I'm pleased to have you here, I thank you and I do, we will have our selves a wonderful stay. Now I have the drinks, the glass's are frosted then before we retire I'll give the tour and in detail of this place. Said or host, telling us a little about him self before he pointed on to who I figure he would have; our mistress in distress.
"I'm whisky." She said then turns and looks at the other mistress and laughed, they laugh together blushing then laughed some more looking onto the statue. "Ginger. I'm a student in my final year. I'm majoring in criminology, like a cop or a doctor cop like an investigator. I don't have any kids yet or a husband. I don't know exactly how I feel about this all, I'll see as we go." She said. Richard holds up the glass he had poured wile she introduced her self and she stands, walks over and excepts it with a smile, a smile from in the after effects of our other guest; the naked golden statue.
"Gabriela." She said slurring it out, and breaking a smile as it slurred on out. Our dark mistress. "Whiskey" she requested after seeping in its fume from in the glass Ginger walked back to the couch with. "Like Ginger I have no children, no husband. I own a restaurant. My parents both have vanished disappeared. A trip they took to Africa and since they have never been back. I was left alone here in this country when I was just a teen. I managed to work, work hard, school and now own a restaurant." She said now setting up as Richard walks in, hands her drink and gives her a wink and smile. She continues to tell us she too had no idea about this set up then says. "I'll be here as long as it takes, as long as we stand together I guess."
"Thank you." Richard said then smiled and says. "Me and you in the kitchen." Gabriela smiles back then sits back in her place and waits for the next one of us to represent our selves.
"Let me guess" Said Richard, looking on to me then says. "Scotch." I look down to floor, "Rum." I feel the moaning growl come front out of Logan's throat. I guess the rums his.
"Scotch." I said, watched him smile then say. "Well like you, us I too have had an interest in to the super natural. Some call it an illness, some say it's crazy. I gave up on it a wile back. I don't know what exactly got me in to this but it seems to suit my need. I'm Lyle. I'm widowed, no children, I live off stocks/investments. I don't know what else to say. I guess we can get together some night and share some of our experiences."
"And that we will" Said Richard then walks in towards me, hands me my drink then looks on to Logan and says. "Rum."
"Yes m." Logan said growling that accent out then breaking a smile.
"I chose you my self." Richard said, leaning over the bar and watching the rum pour down in to the glass. "I chose you all, hand picked you." He said the says. "You can maybe share a little of what you do." He steps in, hand Login his drink then says. "Break the ice. To say." Login accepts the drink, lets it sit on his lap and waits for Richard to get in to the chair he had pulled out from in the bar then starts by saying. "I'm Login. I have many names, been many places, practiced many religions. I don't father any child. Have not a wife. My uncle was once a farmer here in the country then left it to me. I have been to many hosts many times. I tried to stay away, the dark influences, I've been clear. The society, today's they cannot hear or come to imagine the being that has us in its place. A rest is how it was for me, letting the society of today tire from in the hoaxes of ghosting, evil, the paranormal beings." A silence struck the silence from in the sense of motion that no longer rumbles from in Logins mouth. Richard stares on, it's as if Login reached out and punched him in his face, not knowing that indeed the man he had requested is indeed in his home, drinking his drinks, and sitting in on his couch.
"I said keys." Richards said, standing to his feet then says. "Each key will and does show on the monitors. A room number is on. I set the you ladies at the end of the hall with the front view. You guys are set with the back, its quite the view, the water goes for as far as the eye can see. I went ahead and added a wardrobe for each of you. A home welcoming gift. I get designer's calling me all the time to ware their stuff when ever I planed for a out and about. I promised you all a tour. The upstairs is upstairs. The hall goes from the front to the back then runs a hall in over here, above us. The room are numbered. I ask that we refrain from going out during the dark hours, like I said the keys are not monitored from the out doors. The kitchen is in the back, it has the best view in the house. The dinning room, hobby social room, living room and bar and then the cellar. I ask you to also stay away from down their for now. Therefore, I'll let you all get comfortable, have your self a tour. The rooms a big and the stuff in them well, I have no idea about most of it and not big on the arts. The hobby room can be fun. See for your selves, take the night to have a look around, get comfortable, and before you do, Ill tell ya that you all have earned sixty five thousand dollars. I'm asking for a weeks worth of your time. Eighty thousand dollars per day. As we get in and are being hosted from in its host, then we can get to the bottom of it all and like I said ten percent of the mansions commission. It's set to go on the market in a few weeks. In the rooms on the desk, there's a time sheet. That's were you all sing your name. For now, take your time, the fridge is full, kitchen is ready when you are and I'll see you all in the morning."
We watch as he turns his back on us, leaving us to our selves and rudely not expecting a goodnight - turning in to the hall.


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