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Novel By: Factxzrx

A Man made game played to be played. View table of contents...



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"It's all there." Said Warden Gobs sitting in behind his desk, reaches out, and grabs the burning cigar from out of its trey with his left hand as his right holds the black phone on to his ear, resting his elbow off the edge of the desk. "Yes not to worry." Blows out the cloud of smoke he had seeped in, watches as it flows on up, in over the glass cased monitor from in the left corner of his desk. "I got to go. There here." He takes a good glimpse in around his office; making sure, the four seats set out in front of his desk are well put, the round table from in front of them set with what he had requested; nuts, sour mints, his fine European cigars placed right from in each of the fingers of his gorilla hand ashtray, the four glasses, ice trey and the vintage bottle of sipping whiskey he had been set with for the occasion from the chief of police.
He lets the buzzer ring, clicks the switch from in his phone; letting his secretary know he is aware then hits the security switch from on the panel on the left side of his desk after letting the second buzz from in the door buzz off.
"Yes." He said, standing to his feet as the four stepped in one at a time. He looks over on to the mirror from on the wall; right side of the door. He looks himself over, his black suit, its red tie then on to the shine from in his correctional officer's badge on his right breast.
"Mr. Gobs." Said the women in the pink black striped suit. He looks on to her gazing in to her brown eyes letting his vision tune in around her golden brown skin, glossed black hair as it falls just above her shoulders then sets his eyes on to her red juicing lips as the lipstick glosses from in one of her steps in towards the four dark red leather chairs set out in front of his desk.
"Yes." He said sitting back down in to his seat, eyeballs the three others then sits him self in. "You must be Cheri, Miss Lenore from Chicago."
"Ah, that's me." The women in the red dress, white blouse and her long locks of blond hair said as she swings them up over her left shoulder.
"Ahh." Gobs said looking on to her then watched as the women in the pink blacked stripped suit sat her self down next to the blond who he thought was her.
"Miss Uminia." Gobs said, winks his right on to the women in pink, smiles then looks over them both as they sit so well perfectly put from in front him; right side of his desk. Miss Lenore on the end seat and Uminia next to her; beside the man in the dark green suit, yellow tie, his graying hair as the spectacles bring a tint in over her bright blue eyes.
"Quite the establishment you have here." The man in the dark green suite said, his Irish accent, smiles then looks over his right shoulder on to the man next to him wearing a black Nike sport jacket, white-gold stripped Nike sport pants, white sneaker in match as each Nike symbol shines under a shimmering gold.
Warden Gobs looks on and takes note, going over what he was to expect from in his mind as he looks on to the two of them; watching how they have now seemed to have made them selves comfortable and representing them selves as they were. Johnny Jigs ;The Jamaican looking man, his long dreads, the casual yet luxurious Nike track suit, the older man next to him; Jim Tax; his Irish accent, pale white skin, and his means for complimenting him of his prison. "Yes." Gobs said, "This is it." He looks on to the table, up on to the four of them then sets out his right hand; fanning it up above his desk saying. "Help your selves." He sets his hand down on to his glass of whiskey and says. "I already have and am." Brings the glass up under his chin, waits then tilts it back as Miss Lenore and Miss Uminia leaned in over the table and help them selves to the refreshments.
"So is everything clear." Asked Johnny Jigs.
"As is." Gobs said bringing the glass back up to his lip smiling and tilting his head in for a drink in cheer.
Jigs lifts his left brow, smirks his face then reaches in to his jacket with his right hand, pulls out a silver disc from in and tosses it over his shoulder. Gobs stands to his feet, looks on to the square five inch disc as it settles in on his Green carpet then looks down in to the monitor on his desk after seeing the disc begin to light up. "What's going on?" He mumbled leaning over his desk as his fist grind in to its top.
"Just a minute now." Jigs said leaning in towards the table, grabs a glass, looks over on to Miss Lenore's legs, rolls his eyes on up, smiles as he meets her in her eye then looks on to Uminia and winks before turning to grab a hold of the whiskey bottle.
"Precaution." The Irish man said, waving out his right hand on to Gobs in order to get him to remain calm and back in to his seat.
"What? Bugs?" Gobs asked, sitting back in his seat.
"Nope." Said Jigs as he leaned him self-back in to his seat; catching a glimpse of the sweeper as he turned from grabbing hand full of nuts.
Gobs takes a good look around his office. In need of assurance, a self-security then sets his left hand onto the brown folder set out in front of him.
"We don't need to go line by line." Said Lenore then leaned back in her seat, sets her arms up on to its rest, and lightly shakes her head as her falls back behind her shoulders.
Gobs look over on to Jigs and Tax, they look back and remain their stare in question. "Alright." He said pushing the folder aside. "I guess were all here for the same. Here in my prison." He leans back after seeing the four nod, loosing up and sit back in their seats; giving him their full attention. "Our sponsor's." He said then brings both hands up in front of his chest, sets out two fingers from each then points them up and down saying, "The investors." He grabs his glass up of his desk, sips back the whiskey, and then takes his time setting it back on. "It seemed to have caused quite the review from in its operation in Jamaica." He said, looks on to Jigs then raises his left brow. "Hu." He asked looking around on to the four of them. "This is not quite. I haven't seen the clips or looked over its rating's from in the display I heard you had put together out there in your Ireland Mr. Tax." He looks on to the Irish man, studies him then looks away after seeing the Irish men hold him self back from in the deep breaths he had running from under his dark green suit.
"Are you trying to say something Warden?" Asked Miss Uminia, leans in over the table and brings her glass up and leans back taking a light slurping sip; showing she as a women can handle a mans drink and sit her self next to the rumbles from in their breaths as he goes on teasing and playing each one of their cards.
"Not yet." Said Gobs lifting his glass up, tilts it her way then takes his drink.
"So." Said Miss Lenore tilting her head to the left, getting catching him in the eye from in his view on Uminia.
"Well." Gobs said calmly, slanting his lower lip to the right as he sets down the glass. He looks on then leaned over as Tax reached in to the table and grabbed the bottle of whiskey. Tax looks up, catches Gobs as he brings out the glass in left hand, and then smiles a wink on to him as he tilts the bottle over his glass. Gobs watches as the Irish man takes his time, watches as the whiskey stirs slowly in to his glass. Tax sets the bottle back down, looks at it as it shines a crystalline on to the table, smiles then grabs it, brings it up over the desk then pauses as it shines in over Gobs desk from under his glass. Gobs shakes the glass from in his hand, dancing the shine from in it in to the shine from off the bottle as Tax holds it. Uminia leans over, holds up her empty glass, looks thru it, matching the shine from in hers with theirs then sets it on the desk. Lenore then leans in, Jigs stands to his feet, steps in, and sets his down.
"Let me." Said Gobs after setting down his glass, holds up his hand; motioning for them to all sit back then grabs the bottle up from off his desk and runs it back and forth from over the five glasses as they fill from in his serve. "Vaula." He said then pushes them out on to the edge one at a time in to each of their hands.
"Its more of a game then it leads me to think." Said Gobs letting out a wind of relief and looking on to the four as they set for a wonder. "This prison is, was a structure of mad men. It's not a survival of the fittest. Its madness."
"I'll drink to that." Said Lenore then matched her glass with Uminia as she held it out for her cheer.
"From what I've seen; it's a game for rats." Gobs said, leaning over his glass then lifts up his right hand looking on to Jigs and Tax; breathing out a wind for patience as they stared on to him as if he was a rat himself. "Hey." He then said leaning back in his chair. "I've been in the game for, well some time now." He said, convincing them as he waved out his left hand; showing off all his plaques of achievements from in the correctional services on his wall. He brings down his hand, sets it around the glass of whiskey, and asks. "The guards, your guard, the cops, the players. Do they know exactly what their getting them selves into?"
"Why is that?" Asked Tax, showing a sign of discuss on his face, grabs a hold of his spectacles with his right hand then folds them in to his chest and sets them in to the breast pocket of his suit.
"I've read the stats." Gobs said looking down on to the brown folder. "Smart men turned it down, hell it gave them a creep just thinking of it as a suggesting." He looks on to Tax, Jigs then on to Lenore and Uminia.
The four look back; watch as he looks down on to the folder.
"Have you looked over the players; the game. I have the toughest, craziest, cop killers, insane two hundred and fifty pound raw flesh willing and ready to take on the means of this game."
"They know?" Asked Lenore.
"Owuhuo." Breathed Uminia over her glass before taking back a sip.
"Do they know?" Gob asked in surprise, looked on to Jigs then down on to the glass as his hand quenched a grip.
"This is like joining the army to them, its what there life concise of." Said Gob then breaks for a smile; wiping the straight sense form off his face then brings his hands up in front of his chest and turns them out in front of his shoulders.
Jigs leans in, reaches in to the gorilla's hand holding the cigars Gob had set for them and grabs one then looks up on to Gobs and lifts his brows. Gobs nods his head then sets out his right hand and tilts up his fingers. Jigs grabs another cigar, sets his in to his mouth, hand Gob a cigar then leans over his desk as Gob grabs the lighter from in its hold on the ashtray from on his desk.
"Ya." Said gob as he fired a flame in to Jig's cigar. "Hey." He said looking on to Tax as Jig's leaned back into his chair. Tax brings up his left hand and waves Gob away. Gob fires another flame, looks on to Lenore and Uminia then looks down on to the folder as he brings the cigar in to a smoke.
"Are we clear?" Asked Gob setting his question in thru a cloud of smoke as it fills in over his desk.
Tax brings up his right hand, lets it sit up on his shoulder and waits as Gob looks around the four, setting a frame as they sat there in front of his desk.
"Yes." Said Gob looking on to the Irish man then set a wink on to Jigs as he blows out a cloud of smoke.
"What's the deal?" Asked Tax. "These rats as their put. Is there a prize, they volunteers?"
"That's not my department." Gob said. "I believe its for freedom. They will be well catered here."
"Weapons?" Uminia asked.
"No." Gob answered sitting up from in his chair and setting his elbows on to his desk. "None. The player's get the pleasure of using a mace, cuffs to assist them in the game and a club. That's it. If they starve, choke on the mace end up cuffed to a chair." Gob said, shakes his head, looks down on to the desk top then says. "It's them against the bars from in this prison. They should be well aware of what goes on from in behind them and its stench."
"I smell it." Said Tax bringing his glasses up on to his face then says, "A play from in its domain; A habitat."
"Well," Said Gob then brings his glass up to his lip, sets his left hand on to the cigar from in its trey,
"When are going to get the player's in profile?" Asked Lenore.
"We have a special little presentation to air before we start the clock." Said Gob after swallowing down the whiskey he had sipped in to his mouth then sets the cigar on to his lower lip and smiles.
"Insurance is all their asking for?" asked Uminia.
"They seem to be confident and yes if they happen to fall to their death; we have them covered." Answered Gob looking down in to the ashtray, twirling the burning cigar in to it then looks on to Jig as Jig's breaths out a wind of laughter.
"You're going to sit back and watch these mad men beat them to a death?" Jig asked, watched as Gob sets for a thought.
"Six on six" Gob said looking on to Jig then rolls his eyes around the four of them. "Last man standing or team. The gates stay secure until then. If it happens to be the inmates? Well they know the routine."
"What's that?" Lenore asked.
"For the ones in their final years, paid their debts to society before stepping in; realest and rewarded. The others; they will be well suited from in their hold and will be featured in another." Answered Gob, looked around then down on the folder and opened it. He sets out the pages then sets four out and places the pen on top saying. "This is all I need from the four of you. I need you to read and sign, place your thumb in to the top right hand corner; the sticky one."
"We expect to be taking full coverage of the ordeal." Jig said then leaned in, set his thumb on to the paper in front of him then grabbed the pen and signed.
"For now it's in my hand. My people will handle the rest." Said Gob as he leaned back in his seat and watches as they follow in after Jig and sign away.
The four sit back in their seats, look on to Gob, he looks them back; letting them seek from in a silence for what he is about to say before saying. "Well that's a wrap." And slaps his hands together then looks on to Uminia.
"So this is retirement feels." She said then smiles and joins in on a giggle with Lenore.
"Gentlemen it been a pleasure." Gob said as Jig and Tax stood to their feet, and leaned in towards the door.
"Yes." Said Jigs then looks down on to his cigar from in the ashtray on the corner of Gob's desk.
"Very well." Tax said, held his right hand upon front of his chest, and then turned for the door.
"Ladies." Gob said, smiled as they both turned from in their stand in behind their chairs.
Lenore breaks for a wide smile; showing off her teeth than ran her right hand up in to her hair saying. "I'll see you then."
"Yes." Said Gob then looks on to Uminia. "And you?" He asked.
"I'll be around." She said smiling standing her self in front of him. He triggers the security release from on the door, brings his hand up over his desk and watched as the three walked on out.
"Come." He says, turning out from in his desk, wheeling him self out from in his seat. Uminia looks on to the door then turns and looks on to Gob and begins walking in to him as he sits out behind his desk from in his chair.
"Is this a proposal for dinner?" She asked, stepping in, letting him get a good long look of her as she steps in slowly then turns her back to him and leans her self on to his lap.


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