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Abby is an eighteen year old girl in her senior year of high school. When she went to the park, she met a handsome stranger. When things start happening her brother Roy suspects Angel, the boy they met at the park. Abby wakes up in a hospital not knowing whats going on, only to find out that her best friend skipped town. She gradually falls in love with the handsome Angel, but along the line she uncovers the secrets Angel has been hiding from her. View table of contents...


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I sat in the front seat of my dad's truck next to my brother, for what seemed like hours. All I do is smoke cigarettes what's so wrong about that? I guess everything because he wont even talk to me and he yells at my brother for nothing. So here we are now, in my dad's truck on our way to the hospital to see my mom. The tension is horrible, I'm seriously getting annoyed by it! I think he hates me now, I just don't understand his way of thinking at all. We parked in the parking lot, my brother Roy and I got out of the truck and headed for the front door. Roy and I got on the elevators and hit the button for floor four.

"I need a cigarette" Roy said, leaning up against the boring gray elevator wall. I looked up and seen him grinning, I busted out laughing making an old lady in the elevator look at me and raise a brow. I glared at her "What?" I snapped. The woman jumped and hurried through the elevator doors when they opened, I looked at Roy and we both started to laugh. We laughed the whole way to our mom's room, I opened her door and walked in. "Hey" I said, with a huge smile on my face. My mom smiled back and took a drink of her black coffee.

"Talk to dad?" she asked


"Why not"

"He's being a dick" Roy and I said, all at once.

"Abby you have to understand, his kids are growing up, of course he's gonna act that way" my mom Adriann said.

"But mom he doesn't have to act that way just 'cuz we smoke" I mumbled. If they only knew just how grown up I am. In all honesty, i've had sex with my friend; the friend I call my friend with benifits since I was thirteen.

"When you have kids you'll understand" my mom said, of course she would say that it's what parents always say, how cliche is that?

"Yeah; yeah" I said sarcastically.

We stayed and visited for a couple hours, then we started to walk home. As Roy and I walked home we decided to stop by a park and smoke a cigarette. We sat down at the nearest pic-nic table and watched cars roll by. Sometimes I hate this town, for one thing you never see nice cars here accept for mine. I looked up when I heard the song "Blame it on me" by akon, I saw a whole lotta fine get out of a 1999 red and white mustang convertable.

"Are you okay?" Roy asked, I didn't answer so he looked at where I was looked. "Nevermind" he said, with a laugh. "What?" I asked, after snapping out of tall dark and handsome's face. His blonde hair, blue eyes, slim yet muscular body, It's like looking at him makes my heart skip and everything fade. It was like it was only me and him in the world. My heart wont stop it's screaming and making my mind become fuzzy, I'm fixcated. "Go talk to him" Roy said, nudging me with his elbow "Saying what? Hey your beauty is mesmorizing?" I asked, in a sarcastic tone making Roy roll his eyes. "Hey...your beauty is mesmorizing" I heard a voice say, I head snapped toward the voice. He heard? Oh no no no nooooo I-AM-SO-STUPIED! There he stood, my dream guy grinning at me causing me to blush. I tried to talk but my voice wont come out, I'm choked. Roy laughed "Hey I'm Roy and this 'Beauty' is Abby" Roy said, he shook the guys slim beautiful hand. "I'm Angel but my friends call me Saka" he said, blushing a beautiful red. "Naruto fan?" I looked at Roy with a raised brow, as much as I watch Anime around this guy he doesn't know? Geez "No Avatar: The last air bender" I said. "She's right you don't watch Anime?" Angel asked, looking at Roy. "Nah but she does" he said, with a chuckle. "That's cool, you two have any nicknames?" Angel asked, sitting down beside me, I would take any excuse to get away and make my heart stop beating so fast. I shifted nervously "Yeah mine is Sakura, his is bub 'cuz he's my brother" I said, laughing nervously. "Naruto?" he asked, "Uh yeah..." I answered nervously. My phone started ringing so I stood up, feeling some relief to my heart. I walked a little distance and answered my red Iphone.

"Hey mom" I said, my mom's ringtone is 'Mama's song' so I knew it was her.

"Dad called, he told me to call you and tell you to tell Roy ya'll have to hurry home" mom said.

"Did he sound mad?" I asked.

"No" she lied, I can tell.

"Alright; I will call you later" I said, shortly after saying our goodbyes.

We hung up and I walked over to Roy, so I could tell him what dad said. "Hey, dad wants us home" I said, Roy rolled his eyes and then stood up. I mean I want to stay and stare at him but if I get to close my heart wont shut up. I looked at Angel and smiled "It was nice meeting you" I said, kinda shyly. Roy grabbed my hand and pulled, so I turned around and we started to run home without another word. I'm not sure but when I looked back at Angel; he was kind of glaring at me. He quickly stopped and started waving; I wonder why he glared. Roy and I arrived at our house about five minutes after leaving the park. We went inside and saw our dad on the couch, two cigarette packs in front of him. He looked at us "Those are yours" he said, mmhmm there is totally a catch to this. "What's the catch dad?" Roy said, taking the words from my mouth no wonder were mistaked as twins sometimes. "You have to eat half of them" he said, crossing his arms and leaning back on the white leather couch. Roy and I looked at eachother and picked up the cigarettes, we are eighteen why the fuck? UGH nevermind better do what he says or he'll kick us out for sure.

It's been an hour since dad made us eat those damn cigarettes. My stomach still hurts! I can hardly keep the puke down. I sat down on my black and hot pink bean bag, and got on my orange Mac Laptop. I typed in the shortcut to facebook being FB.com and signed in.

I looked up Angels name, I may not know his last name; but I do know what his sexy ass looks like. I found him on page five being out of one hundred. Damn how many Angels are in the world? His last name is ward? Hmm how cute! Abby Marie Ward? Mmmhmm I like it, shit what the hell am I thinking right now? Stop it Abs you may have known him what? An hour? STOPKIDDINYOURSELF! I clicked on add as friend, what the hell, worth a shot right? I giggled. He immeditatly accepted my friend request. About a minute later I recieved an IM.

Angel Ward: Hey look it's beauty girl

Abby Marcel: Lol hey

Angel Ward: Long time; no talk =)

Abby Marcel: It's totally only been like an hour Lol

Angel Ward: I know but not seeing your beautiful face for an hour can totally mess up a dudes brain, not seeing you for an hour feels like forever to me ;)

What is he talking about? This kind of scares me, I don't know why he would say that. Why did he have to say that! That's what I wanted to avoid now memories are pouring back. I grabbed myself trying to hold back tears.

Beep Beep; I heard my computer say, I looked back at the screen; Angel.

Angel Ward: Are you there? Did I say something wrong?

Abby Marcel: I'm srry I g2g...ttyl...

I signed off before he could say anything back, what he said reminded me to much of him; the man who raped me. When I was thirteen I had a myspace, I was talking to his guy just a what's up. He automatically thought I wanted to be with him so I told him to leave me alone. He must have hacked my computer because he found out my address. He kiddnapped me, he didn't keep me, he raped me and then let me go. I told, he got arrested when my best friend Britnee found out she wanted to kill him.

Coming back to reality, that's why it reminded me so much of that man. I layed down on my bed and hugged my pillow, after crying from the memories I fell asleep. The next day I got up and got ready for school, I always feel like a zombie in the morning. At least I get to drive, I swung by Britnee's and picked her and brother up. They have been dating for four months now, he stays the night with her but they don't have sex. "Hey mah" Brit said, as she sat in the front seat next to me. "Hey" I said, Roy got in the back seat, crossing his arms as he pouted. "What's wrong with you?" I asked, "She said yes about sex, got me up and then changed her mind" he whined. I couldn't help it, I busted out with a laugh, making Roy glare at me. "It's not funny!" he said, giving me the finger making me laugh harder. We pulled into the senior high parking lot, I parked in student parking. Roy, Brit and I all got out of my beautiful, amazing 1993 red dodge charger. I got it for my sixteenth birthday, highlight of my life, it's my baby. It's one of the nicest cars in this god forsaken town. I lit up a cigarette, as did Roy and Brit we smoke one cigarette before school, and as soon as we get out. I don't know what they see in eachother. Roy has blonde hair, a gotee, glasses, he's not to skinny nor to buff and he's a computer nerd. Britnee is a bit of a fantasy girl, she has long black hair, often wears red contacts and fangs she wishes she could of been born a vampire, she dances. They are exact oppisites but I guess they go together well. As for me? I have long brown hair, I have but don't wear glasses, I have average style in clothes, not very much to look at.

After school I couldn't find Roy nor Brit any where. I heard my Iphone go off so I looked at the text.

From: Brit

To: Abby

Message: Hey sorry we left early talk to you later! =)

Of course they would ditch me, I hate when they do this I decided not to text back. I went to my car and drove home.

When I arrived home, Angel was standing there looking at my house. "Why are you here?" I asked, why is he here? Is it happening again? I'm scared. "Roy invited me over, we exchanged numbers" Angel said, I sighed in relief. "You guys going somewhere?" I asked, smiling at him "Yeah him me and Britnee are going to the movies to see 'Hanna' you didn't know?" he asked.

Why didn't Roy invite me? It's all about him and Brit anymore, it's annoying. "Roy's paying but if you come I could pay your way" Angel said, I smiled. "That's sweet; but if Roy wanted me there he would have invited me there himself" I said, before he could say anything I continued "I'll let them know your here" with that I said, I went inside. I walked into the living room Brit and Roy looking all dressed up, that's a bit much for the movies. "Angel's out there" I said, throwing my backpack to the floor next to the red front door, walking upstairs to my room. I love antiques so my room is practically all antiques. I put on an old record and listened to it over and over again.


Roy's POV

When Brit, Angel and I pulled up at 'Cinemark 10', we parked close to the doors. I feel bad for not inviting Abby, I know she was hurt but Angel asked me not to I thought he would ask her but I guess I was wrong. We went into house 9 to watch 'Hanna', after the movie we decided to eat at 'Denny's'. As we sat in Dennys in a booth next to the window, I decided to make conversation. "So what was your childhood like?" Angel asked, before I could talk. "It was a good childhood I guess" I said, shrugging my shoulders. "How are your parents?" Angel seemed surprised by my question. "Uh my mom died when I was thirteen, my dad got life in prison; due to that my mom killed herself" Angel said, "What did he do?" I asked, making Angel glare at me. "Some slut said he raped her he was innocent, but the judge and jury thought different" Angel hissed. "Who was the person who blamed him?" I asked, maybe asking to much. "None of your fucking business!" Angel yelled, making people around us stare. What the hell I only asked him a question, my gut tells me he's hiding something; I don't trust him. "We should go" I said, we called the waiter over and I payed the bill. It was complete silence on our way to drop Angel off at his place. I dropped Angel of at his house and headed to my house. I need to get home and tell Abby about this, before she falls for him. If I don't trust him she most likly wont trust him either.

Brit and I arrived home after ten minutes of driving. We went inside and seen Abby laying on the couch watching 'GLEE'. "Hey Abs" I said, I sat by her feet and Brit sat on my lap. "I need to talk to you about Angel" I said, she looked at me "What?" she asked. "He's hiding something; I don't trust him" I stated. "We haven't known him that long Roy, you cant tell something like that on the first third wheel date"Abby said, in a sarcastic tone. "Bu-" she cut me off before I could continue speaking. "Just leave it alone Roy, I know you wanna make everything a case because your a detective in training, but this is not a case so don't make it one!" Abby snapped, she stood up and walked upstairs slamming her bedroom door behind her. "I believe you" Brit said, kissing my cheek "I know baby" I said, kissing her softly on her lips. If Abby doesn't want to believe it, i'll prove it to her. I won't let someone harm my sister ever again! If he thinks he can hurt her he's wrong I will not let danger into my sisters life ever again; NEVER!


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