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This is something for my best friend in the whole world.
You know who you are, my inspiration and my light in the darkness. We will write this amazing story together. View table of contents...



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The needle slipped out of her vein with a small rip that seeped blood and the toxin held within the syringe down the soft tissue of the underside of her arm. "Fuck Johnny, watch what you're doing" she said slurred as the drugs started to take effect. "Do it yourself next time bitch" he replied with a thick and drawn out Geordie accent. She didn't even hear the last part of the abuse as the heroin started to course through her blood stream into her heart and then back out into the brain. Her eyes registered the blankness of nothingness as she lolled around like a rag doll on the cardboard shelter they had constructed inside the derelict building them always used to get high. The cold was clawing its way up through the cardboard and into her hip but she was so out of it her mind only registered the movie that was being played out in her mind.

"Come downstairs darling its tea time" her mother said with a slight twang of her Scottish heritage. She could feel the thick pile carpet between her toes as she strode in slow-motion down the stairs. "Hi mum? What was having for tea then" she said with her high pitched nine year old voice that now irritated her in her dream. She looked at the roast chicken on the table and could smell it with the roast potatoes and blood pudding, but the smell of fresh baked bread always made her salivate, and as the drool was running out of her mouth now in real life she lay prone in a puddle of her own urine and blood.

The front door burst open andfather strode in with his lunch box and coat and threw them down on the floor as he entered the kitchen. He grabbed my mother by the arm and spun her around forcing his mouth against hers, the smell of cheap whisky and tobacco, thick on his breath. "get away from me with that stink man, you've been drinkin' again, when you promised you'd stop!" she said to him and he turned and spat in her face, and as he slapped her and said "I'll do whatever I fucking please woman, don't be telling me what I can and can't be doing" as she hit the floor, blood spilling from her ruined lip. "leave my mother alone" came the whisper from the prone drugged up body laying in her own filth as she watched in her mind the tale play out yet again in again. Her father turned and headed for her and before she could run away his hand was upon her, "your nothing but a whore bitch like your mother" he said as his hand smashed across the little girls face sending a burst of stars into her eyes and then darkness. All she could hear was her mother who was holding her rocking back and forward calling her name, "sweetheart, are you ok?" she came out of the darkness with a boot to her hip, "Oi I saidare you in there you stupid bitch" the voice was cold and now male and her reality which was not much better than her dreams hit her like a sledge hammer. "What.........what time is it"She managed to slur out of her dribble encrusted lips. "It's near on half ten" Alex said as he cradled her head in his lap. "Oh baby we gotta get you cleaned up we can't be going outside with you looking like this". He said with comforting warmth to his voice. He reached into his bag and handed her a towel and helped her to a tap in the back of the building where she cleaned up and put on a tartan mini and a red tank with a cardigan to match. It was May so the night air although cold was not bitter as it was a month ago. "It's time for you to go to work love" he said and the warmth trailed off into a darker imminent tone. "Now get your sorry excuse for an arse out there and suck some cock for me".The abused woman stood up straight wiped the tears from her eyes and made her way out to the street where she would have to earn her next hit. She wasn't thinking or even acknowledging life just existing. The time always goes fast when you're out of it anyway and the pain is numbed so you don't feel it until later. She stood at the corner looked straight ahead and her natural beauty almost sadly ensured she would get enough money during the night. Her eyes dark and beautiful had always been her best asset, apart from her banging legs and arse, as her uncle used to say. But now they were mindless orbs of despair that could not wait to remove her brain from this reality.

Her first pick up was a drunk local man in his fifties, he gave her the twenty quid and pushed his placid penis in her mouth as she knelt in front of him down the lane way. He struggled to do his load so she used her hand to try and get it hard and then it exploded all over her top and her chin. He grunted like a pig and the effort he had to expel to reach climax was just too much for him and he passed out from no exercise and too much whiskey. Ji reached inside his trousers and stole his wallet careful not to take everything she removed another twenty and put it back in his pocket, got up and left. Alex was waiting for her as she rounded the corner and took twenty from her, the other tucked into her knickers. He gave her ten pound back and told her to get back to work, but she needed to pee and took off for the group of trees across the road and emptied her bladder, gave a wiggle and moved back into the street. A dark coloured Astra drove by and turned at the next street, the driver looked out and checked Ji all over in a split second and was about to embark on a dark ride that would change both of their lives forever, as he turned the car around and headed back her way.

As he pulled over he saw the beauty behind the drugged out shell of a woman who in her just nineteen years had seen and experienced more than most people his age. At thirty eight, twice her age Jeff Daniels was a man in need of self discovery and something told him this was the right thing to do. "Hey babe, blow job is twenty and full sex is thirty five, no anal though" she slurred as she righted her 'G' string from the back. "That's fine I think we'll go for the twenty ok!" he stated through nervous lips. "why don't you get in it looks cold out there" he said in a soft tone that made her look straight at him, his stubble and sad but loving eyes told her he could be trusted. "Ok we can drive around the corner to a car park, ok love" she said as she opened the car door and slumped into the passenger seat. "What's your name?" he asked almost in a whisper. She again turned looked at him, held out her hand, and as they shook hands she said "Ji, nice to meet you" then she passed out.


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