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What have you done?

Novel By: Ireen Ames

Tags: Horror, Romance

Cathy is running from something but she was caught in a tragic love triangle that resulted in her forgetting who is... will she be able to figure out who she is in time to save her life? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 24, 2013    Reads: 2    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

"Cathy…. Cathy…." A faint voice called. A girl occupied the bed, the interior was painted white as where the sheets. The girl on the bed started to open her eyes, the light shining above her painfully blinding. "Cathy…. Cathy…." She heard the voice again. The girl could not place her name but after the voice called her "Cathy" for the third time, she knew.

The serendipity of that morning was all Cathy could remember. Though, they weren't all clear. They came to her in her dreams, in blacks and whites accompanied by a blinding flash of light. Cathy squeezed her eyes shut. The morning was particular darker than usual, the sun blocked. The wind indicated by her swaying hair, blew a soft breeze on her bare skin, cool and consoling urging her not to look back. The tree whispered her luck, the clouds encouraging her to move forward. The day was filled with all sorts of possibilities. Cathy have had enough, the loud thumps in her head was near unbearable, her efforts to remember was cut short by tender words, "Take it easy," he said. Cathy opened her eyes and saw a aged man, in his mid thirties wearing a white trench coat with a nametag that read "Dr. Nicholas Miles". Cathy stared at the man, he had wrinkles around his smiling blue eyes and freckles on his cheeks. He had a kind smile, she thought, assuring her she was safe. She tried to speak but was tongue tied. Her throat was dry as the Sahara wasteland. Even her lips disobeyed her commands. Dr. Nicholas noticed her uneasiness and spoke again with a warm smile, "It's okay. You'll be fine," as he checked her vital signs.

Cathy felt so weak, she tried to get up but her arms failed her. Will I really? Cathy still wasn't able to figure out what happened to her but she knew she was probably in some sort of accident. How long had she been out? She had expected to have her loved ones by her bedside. Did she even have any? Cathy realized she had no idea who she was. Will I really? She repeated the question in her mind boring a worried and confused expression. Dr. Nicholas looked at her puzzled, as if he knew what she was thinking, "Just give it time," he patted her shoulder.

After making sure she was in proper shape, the doctor left, closing the door behind him. Cathy looked around the plain white room, she cringed. Her eyes then landed on a book on the nightstand. It seemed brand new, she wondered who had left it there. "Be Careful What You Wish For," Cathy read the title, the book looked like good read but she was not up for it at the moment. So staring onto the white ceiling, her eyes slowly shut and she drifted off to a welcoming slumber.

The darkness was consuming her, no matter how far she ran, no matter how far her eyes could reach, there was no hint of light. She ran and ran and ran, too scared to stop. Though, she had no idea why she ran in the first place. The tight sting in her legs caught up to her eventually, she experienced shorts of breath by the time she decided to stop, and her throat was thirsty. She bent down, resting her hands on her knees, panting for air. Cathy looked around her dark surrounding for help. When all seemed lost, she saw a hint of white light up ahead, not far from her. She jogged towards it. Suddenly, a chilling breeze washed through her body, the wind whispering her to be cautious. As she got nearer, the wind blew even stronger, as if danger was ahead. Cathy was now close enough to see that it was nothing more than a mirror. She got closer and saw herself in it. She was wearing a flowery sundress. Blue was definitely her colour, she smiled looking down at her dress. But the moment she looked up, the beautiful blue sundress was drenched in red. It was blood! Cathy panicked. The girl in the mirror was not longer her, she was bitter, angry and depressed. The left part of her dark brown hair looked wet and blood was falling down her forehead to her rosy cheek. "Look what you've done to me…" the girl spoke softly, her hand trembling as she brushes off the blood trickling down her arm.

"Look what you've done to me!!" the girl in the mirror screamed in agony to the frightened Cathy. Cathy couldn't bear to look at the frightening girl. "Look what you've done to me!!" she repeated with more volume and anger, her eyes turned dark, the dark circles under her eyes grew and traced her veins. Cathy eyes widen, she could feel the adrenaline in her veins kicking in. Her heart was thumping so hard, it was almost audible. But before Cathy could react, the girl launched at her with both hands grabbing onto Cathy's neck, screaming, "Look what you've done to me!!"

Cathy jolted up screaming at the top of her lungs, her eyes were kept shut. She was too afraid to use her visions. Nurses barged into the room. They tried to calm her down but Cathy was so scared, she struggle against the nurses' attempts. At last, they gave her an anti anxiety shot to calm her down.


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