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Trouble In Arcadia.

Novel By: JohnCenaFan316

Brandon Jennings is a handsome 18-year-old Boy, He's Tall, Athletic, He attends Arcadia High School, He has brown hair, blue eyes, He's Captain of the Basketball, Football, and Volleyball Teams, He Lives in a House in a shaded Tree-Line neighborhood with his mother, Delia Jennings, whom He loves so much, He doesn't even care about Incests, His Father was killed in a car crash, when Brandon was just 5-years-old, Until Something happened. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1- Brandon and his mother, Delia.

On a clear cold fall day in Arcadia, at a house in a shaded-tree line neighborhood, Brandon Jennings woke-up in his bed in his bedroom, he got up out of bed, made his bed, went out of the bedroom, walked down the hallway, into the bathroom, came out of the bathroom, the toilet flushed behind him, walked down the hallway, down the stairs, He looked into the kitchen, He saw his mother, Delia Jennings cooking breakfast, and humming to herself, He Sneaked-up Behind her, he slowly moved his hands on her arms, he put his chin on her shoulder.

"Your arms are so smooth", Brandon whispered into his Delia's ear.

"Oh, Brandon, stop it", Delia said.

"Ok, Mom", Brandon replied.

"So, are you going to the halloween party with your friends?", Delia asked.

"Yeah, Mom", Brandon answered.

"Ok, But No Hot-Rodding, No Drinking, and No Drugs", Delia said.

"Ok, Ok, Mom", Brandon replied.

Brandon and Delia ate breakfast, Brandon went off to High School, while He was at High School, He saw his two best friends, Kevin and Gary.

"Hey, Brandon, This Halloween Party Is Going To Be Cool", Kevin said.

"It sure is", Brandon replied.

"Hey. Brandon, what's wrong?", Gary asked.

"Oh, Nothing", Brandon answered.

"Hey, Come On, you can tell us", Kevin said.

"Ok, I think i'm falling in love with my own mother, and I don't care if it's incests, Everytime I see her, I just can't stop these feelings I have for her", Brandon replied.

"Did you ever tell her that you love her?", Gary asked.

"No, But I'm going to tell her tonight, Before I go to the halloween Party", Brandon answered.

"Good, and Don't Worry Brandon, We won't tell anyone about it", Kevin said.

"Thanks, We better be going to class", Brandon replied.

The three friends went off to their first class, Until Far from the town in the woods, a mysterious phantom that lived in the woods, was looking at the town, and planning his next move, Until he started looking through his telescope, and saw Brandon's Mother, Delia doing housework at her and Brandon's house, the mysterious phantom started to fall in love with Delia, Meanwhile Delia Jennings was outside of the house in the front yard, Raking the leaves, when a gentle breeze started blowing, and a voice was coming from the gentle breeze.

"Delia", The Vouce in the gentle breeze said.

Until Delia looked around to see who it was, But there was no-one there, She went back to work, The Mysterious Phantom that lived in the woods, started planning his next move.


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