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Spare My Blood

By: Lady Cataluna

Chapter 1,


Everyone dies.

   Sorry, what I meant to say is everyone deserves a death.

   No matter what we did, no matter who we are, we deserve a death. It’s something that we can all see coming but not know when it’s coming. The only thing we can truly rely on to come for us even if we don’t want it.

   And it is something I have wanted for two thousand years and could never have it.

   Earth’s twin planet my world Reath, is just one great big piece of land, earthlings would call a con-tin? I think that’s what it’s called. I’m not too good at Earth geography. It has three main species living there. Some, we know of, others most people don’t know of. Humans and Araxs are the ones that we know of. But no one in Reath should have heard of the vampires.

   And no one should have heard of the half-bloods. The creatures who are half vampire and half human. We are the legends to the vampires for our ability to heal with our blood to the injured and make the uninjured stronger.

   And we hate our lives.

   We hate the way we can’t die of something from Reath and only get as old as thirty-two before growing younger to the age of five and then the cycle keeps going on and on (except for mine but you’ll learn about my ageing process later on) until we somehow manage to die of something non-Reath.

   We also hate the way that our brothers and fathers and uncles and male cousins (that’s how earthlings call them isn’t it?) cannot have the same blood-line as us girls making them like our bone relatives than our blood relatives. I may or may not be responsible for that. We also hate the fact that we can only have children with other half-bloods because any other species in Reath doesn’t work on us.

   But the worst bit is that we aren’t recognised as vampires in the community. The Crow vampires are ranked highest and the Shadow vampires are ranked below before the eclipse. At the bottom are the Night Dwellers but even then they should be ranked second highest for being so powerful.

   We shouldn’t even be alive or even exist!

   So what do we have left to look forward to? The ones that deserve to have a proper death instead of cruelly punished for no reason. What do we have left to look forward to?

   Maybe, just maybe, if we still deserve another chance of a proper life or such a thing as mercy.  My family will go to the immortal dimension and find each other.

   Or my darling love Kira and I will find them…



Shade grabbed her cousin/little sister and Lerida’s hands. All she could feel was fear as they ran from Araxs.

   All three girls were running through the streets of their hometown. It was deathly silent where the only thing they could hear was the warning bell. This warning bell was used to warn people that there were Araxs in the area.

   ‘Shade-san,’ moaned Lerida. ‘You’re going to tear my arm.’ Lerida had a deep wound on her back. Shade and Misophie helped but even they’d barely escaped.

   ‘I’ll run for you.’ Shade let go of their hands and lifted her onto her shoulder. She held Misophie’s hand.

   ‘Shade,’ said Misophie. ‘You know we won’t make it.’

   Misophie was the spitting image of her Shade. The only difference was that Misophie had extremely large breasts.

   ‘Please don’t say that,’ Shade said. ‘We just need shelter.’

   ‘They’re already in their safe houses,’ murmured Lerida. ‘I want to die.’

   In Reath, safe houses were like bomb shelters but with padlocks on the door to keep Araxs out. The doors were made of steel to keep them out.

   ‘Don’t act worthless,’ said Misophie, she suddenly tripped on the curb causing Shade to fall.

   Shade accidently dropped Lerida onto the grass when she tripped. Lerida’s blood went all over the grass.

   ‘Lerida,’ gasped Shade. She went over to her and supported the top half of her body. ‘Are you okay?’

   Lerida suddenly grabbed Shade with unnatural force. ‘Come back to your old self!’ she said and got out a knife.

   Shade recognised the voice. ‘Tyranny?’ gasped Shade. ‘I know you from somewhere. When did the real Lerida died?’

   ‘A few seconds before you saved her,’ Lerida explained.

   Misophie ran towards her when a something wrapped in black cloth fell on top of her.

   Lerida drew the knife across her hand leaving a trail of black blood. She put the blood into her mouth and looked back up at Shade. A dribble of blood ran out of the corner of her mouth. She drew Shade closer to her.

   The bundle suddenly moved to reveal a small pale boy of eight with short, spiky white hair, dark blue eyes and moon like features. He saw Misophie and climbed off her.

   ‘Help me!’ Shade pleaded.

   The boy ran towards them and seized Shade’s waist. He pulled as hard as he could to make Lerida let go. Misophie went over and helped sending them sprawling on the ground away from Lerida.

   ‘Shade and Kira have been asleep too long,’ Lerida said. ‘I dread how Kira will react when she sees what you did with Wisper’s looks. She will also be angry that you stole Shade’s name.’ She vanished.

   ‘I need to find Wisper Nemec,’ the boy said, his voice was dry like leaves in the wind.

   Shade went back to her sister. ‘My real name is Wisper.’

   ‘Wisper Nemec,’ he murmured recognising the name.

   ‘Wisper-neechan,’ said Misophie. There was no fear in her voice. ‘We need to get out of here. They found us!’ she grabbed their hands and started to drag her and the boy off the road.

   Wisper got to her feet. ‘I’ll come back,’ she said. ‘I promise.’ She yanked out a rusty metal pole from the ground. Misophie grabbed the boy’s arm and led him into back to her house.

   ‘Shade,’ Misophie called. ‘I know that you stress out easily still so control it. Kira, don’t throw a spaz when you see it.’

   An Arax came up to her. Wisper held the metal pole with both hands like she was holding a sword. She surprisingly wasn’t afraid – instead she was terrified.

   Araxs were big black wolves with glowing blood red. They were the same length and height of two horses.

   The Arax ran at her. Wisper waited for it to jump before she took off running into a worksite of a house. She ran into it and forced the gate shut before going into the racing into the open garage and forcing it shut.

   She could hear it bang on the metal garage door. She went to open the door that allowed her into the house. The house was white with paint, brushes and wire all over the place. A sandwich was left behind in the corner by the workers.

   Wisper forced the open back door which was made of glass. The banging from the garage had stopped but Wisper didn’t hear it. All she saw was the door open and a way out.

   She stepped out to the back veranda. ‘Thank kamisama,’ she sighed before she saw the Arax coming up a set of dark green stairs and onto the concrete veranda.

   It ran towards her. She started to close the glass door when it stuck its foot in the door. Wisper stuck the pole into its foot making it howl until it took its foot back out allowing her to close and lock the door properly.

   ‘I’m so sorry,’ the words came out of Wisper’s mouth in the tone that was soft and kind. She covered her mouth and ran around a corner. The Arax rammed against the glass causing a crack in the glass. Wisper climbed up a ladder that led her into the dusty roof and pulled the metal ladder up with her.

   When she couldn’t see or hear the Arax searching for her. She thought about how she was going to get out of the roof. She still had the pole in her hand. She crawled over to the roof and started hacking away at it. She soon had a hole to escape from.

   ‘I always know that it’s easy to find you.

   Lerida crawled through the roof and seized Wisper. She drew Wisper close and forced her mouth open. She dripped the blood into Wisper’s mouth before closing her mouth and pinched her nose so she couldn’t breathe.

   Wisper’s eyes widened in horror as the blood ran down her throat. Her pupils diluted. She struggled and kicked but she wasn’t going to let go of her until all the blood was gone.


Two girls wearing long black dresses lay on the beach opened their eyes at the same time. One of them had glowing blue-grey eyes while the other had glowing blood red eyes.

   They sat up and stared at each other. Holding hands they smiled at each other before throwing their arms around the other and embraced.

   ‘Shade my love,’ said the girl with blood red eyes at the same time the girl with the blue-grey eyes said, ‘Kira dear.’


Lerida let go of her. ‘Do you remember what you’re supposed to do in these situations now instead of run away from it?’ she asked. ‘The memories will return.’ she turned to dust.

   Wisper felt five sharp claws run across her stomach. She looked down to see a hole in the roof with an Arax hand poking through and her stomach cut open.

   The roof caved in on her and she landed on the other side of the room of the Arax. She looked up to see her blood on the Araxs claws.

   Wisper suddenly saw flashes of fire in the snow. She heard screams of fear. There was blood. A girl just like her but with glowing red eyes and a look of joy as she laughed while covered in blood and her right eye was twitching from fear.

   The personality being Wisper was ripped out by Kira.

   ‘Serves you right cat-faced bitch,’ she snarled. ‘Only Shade my love and I can be Wisper ufu fufu <3!’

   The metal pole felt light in Wisper’s hands. She stood up gripping the pole with both hands and placed it by her right side. They ran at her. It growled and she cried out in reply.

   It leapt at her before she skidded under it and became an Arax-Lord. She got out one of her signature weapons and ran.

   An Arax-Lord is the only things capable of killing Araxs. They stay the same age they were when they turned into Arax-Lords and can only heal quickly from life threatening injuries. They can transform their hands into black ropes as well as jump long distances. They all had a separate special gift.

   Arax-Lords dressed similar when they transformed. They all wear a long black robe that had leather straps which held grenades, guns, bullets, swords of different sizes and a scythe. The sleeves were skin tight at the top but were looser until the ends touched the ground. They fought barefoot.

   The room was soon red. Araxs lay dead on the ground. Wisper was tearing a scythe up and down into an Arax’s body. Wisper had blood all over her face and hair. Her eyes glowed red and she was laughing. She ran her tongue against her scythe and drank the blood that was on it. From a large amount of fear from Shade Wisper’s right eye twitched.

   ‘I’m back,’ she sang as she tore down and up. ‘What no – we’re back! We’re back! We’re back ufu fufu <3!’

   ‘Kira dear it’s already dead,’ Shade said softly.

   ‘I’m getting our body in shape Shade my love,’ Kira replied.

   ‘Shouldn’t we look in the mirror?’ she suggested.

   Wisper changed back and found a mirror in the bathroom. Kira was horrified to see Wisper. Shade shook her head.

   The Wisper that was looking at them in the mirror was a tall and acne-plagued from the forehead to her cheeks bones and chubby. She was very pretty with hair that was brown with black streaks and only reached her waist and clearly had dandruff. Her hands, ears, feet and breasts were smaller than the rest of her body. She had a small nose slightly pointed and normal sized lips. She wore a white shirt and a black jumper. Glasses that were falling apart hung on her nose.

   ‘I think whoever was Wisper lately was a goodie-good,’ Kira said. ‘I hate wearing pants and we’re fat. Is she dead?’

   ‘No, Kira dear,’ replied Shade. ‘And I refuse to kill her.’

   ‘I’m calling her Desmond,’ she announced.

   ‘It sounds very pretty,’ she said. ‘We’re still very pretty.’

   ‘I know,’ she said. ‘We just have to be smaller and get rid of these ugly zits, lose weight and stop wearing pants!’

   ‘Misophie is lucky,’ said Shade. ‘She’s almost the spitting image of us from the old days.’

   ‘Lucky,’ Kira grumbled. ‘We’ve got memories of the time Desmond has got in here which means we love Misophie.’

   The boy appeared next to Wisper. He hugged her left upper arm. ‘She looks pretty,’ he thought.

   Kira and Shade were surprised at this. ‘Shade my love,’ said Kira. ‘We’ve found our replacement for Hideki.’

   Shade was silent. Kira could tell Shade wasn’t too pleased with replacing Hideki.

   Shade remembered there was a full moon. ‘Tsuki,’ she said without thinking.

   ‘What,’ he said, staring at her. ‘What’d you say?

   ‘It means “the moon”. It matches your moon-like features.’

   ‘Why don’t I just be called Moon?’ he suggested. ‘It doesn’t sound like a girl’s name then.

   ‘Okay,’ she shrugged. ‘But I’ll call you Tsuki. Let’s leave.’

   ‘Kira dear,’ said Shade. ‘I’m so happy that we’re back.’

   ‘Same here, Shade my love,’ replied Kira. ‘Ufu fufu <3.’

   Sparrow Shio, Kujou and Marika Yakama were walking through the same street Wisper and Moon were on. They had just been at a café and were walking to the immortal dimension. Sparrow was a handsome boy of fifteen. He was a little above the average height with pale skin. His face was an oval shape with black hair with brown streaks that was short at the back and a long fringe at the front that ran across his eyebrows. His eyes were a dark blue with a kind expression in them. He had hands that were very big but with slim wrists. He wore a black suit and tie since it was the school uniform. Sparrow was unnaturally skinny.

   ‘Hey wait,’ Sparrow had a young man’s voice. ‘I left my bag at the café. Can you please wait here for me?’

   ‘We’ll wait here until you get back,’ said Marika.

   ‘Thanks.’ Sparrow raced back.

   ‘You were quick, Sparrow,’ said Kujou when he got back.

   Sparrow leaned forward gasping. ‘Yeah,’ he panted. ‘I want to get home soon.’

   They turned around the corner where Sparrow suddenly saw Wisper slowly walking with Moon close behind her in the opposite direction.

   ‘Make this turn,’ he gently pushed them into a new street.

   ‘What have you got against walking down streets where other people are?’ Kujou asked.

   ‘That’s sort of stupid Sparrow-kun,’ said Marika.

   Sparrow looked over his shoulder to see Wisper and Moon again. ‘That the girl over there hates me,’ he said.

   ‘She’d look really pretty without the glasses,’ Marika said. ‘I wouldn’t be seen dead in them.’

   ‘She got into fights when she was a kid,’ he said. ‘One time when she was about eight, she came off a bus, messed up hair and what looked like a bleeding nose. Then when I looked in a window I saw a boy much older than her with worse injuries on his face. Never thought girls her age were meant to get into fights until then.’ he shuddered.

   ‘I’m guessing you don’t like fighting?’ Kujou wondered.

    ‘I don’t like fights,’ he confessed before hearing a scream.

   Marika and Sparrow turned to see Kujou turn into an Arax. His skin and clothes exploded everywhere as he transformed. Some of it splattered onto them. Sparrow wiped away some of his flesh that had a couple of freckles and hair on it.

   Kujou ran at them ready to infect them.

   Black ropes came and wrapped themselves around Marika pushing her to the other side of the street. An Arax-Lord put Sparrow into her arms and jumped back when Kujou landed. Sparrow and the Arax-Lord landed beside Marika and Moon. Sparrow climbed down relived he had just been saved when he realised who it was.

   ‘Holy hell,’ he cried. ‘Wisper-chan – y…you’re all grown up!’

   ‘You could have said hello,’ Wisper sniped. ‘I’m not really.’

   ‘That was rude, Kira dear,’ said Shade.

   ‘Well at least now I’m able to kill Araxs,’ Wisper announced.

   ‘Kill Araxs?’ Marika asked. ‘Are you an Arax-Lord?’

   ‘This girl is pissing me off,’ Kira announced.

   Wisper shook her head. ‘I’m an Arax queen <3.’

   ‘Well can you help Kujou?’ Marika asked. ‘Can you turn him back into a human again?’

   ‘Marika,’ said Wisper. ‘You should know that I’m the only one – Marika’s eyes shone – that can kill them.’ She started to giggle. Her giggle sounded like a little girls despite having the voice of a mature woman.

   Her shining eyes became dark. ‘You mean to tell me that Arax-Lords don’t bring back Araxs to their old forms,’ she said. ‘Why’re you called Arax-Lords if you can only kill them?’

   Wisper started laughing. ‘You’re so stupid,’ she said. ‘I’m an Arax queen <3. You’re a dumbass. If you change your name it should be Richard then you’re nickname’s Dick ufu fufu <3.’

   Marika grew angry at her rants and swung a fist at Wisper. Wisper stepped back as Marika swung at her again and again. Every time, Wisper simply took another step back.

   ‘You really aren’t that good at fighting are you?’ Wisper asked. ‘You are so much dumber than I thought.’

   Marika swung another fist at Wisper. Wisper grabbed her wrist and sent it over her shoulder and to the ground. Marika cringed making Wisper laugh.

   ‘I guess your head is full of dust isn’t it?’ Wisper asked her before releasing her grip on Marika. Marika fell onto the ground. Wisper planted a foot on her head to keep her down.

   Kujou paced back and forth preparing to attack. He then started to slowly come towards them.

   Wisper held her hands up, fingers closed. They went into a black like brown. The bones connected together and became flat. Wisper had turned both hands into swords. The swords tips touched the ground if Wisper stood up straight.

   ‘That’s so gross,’ Moon thought.

   Sparrow turned to Moon. ‘I think it’s a good idea if we take a step back,’ he said.

   Moon’s stomach made a large growling noise. ‘Have you got any food?’ he asked.

   Sparrow opened his bag and passed him a sandwich he was saving for later and a bottle of water with tablets attached to the bottle. Beside it was a capsule labelled Anti-depressants.

   ‘Here,’ he said. ‘But this is the only food I’ve got. Sorry.’

   Kujou lingered close. Wisper had her hands by her sides.

   ‘Shade my love says that she’s sorry,’ said Wisper before she smirked. ‘But I’m Kira so I don’t give a fuck <3!’

   ‘You’re insane,’ Marika commented.

   ‘I know,’ she cried. ‘And I love it <3!’ Wisper stared into the Arax’s eyes. She felt her tail grow back in its old place.

   Wisper ran at Kujou screaming at the top of her lungs. She sliced Kujou in half before she chopped off his head.

   Her hands changed back. ‘Itadakimasu,’ Wisper said before drinking his blood. Arax ears came out of her head as she drank. The ears were pointed and the same colour as her hair.

   Marika ran off screaming at the top of her lungs.

   Sparrow turned to Wisper. ‘Thank you for saving me.’

   Wisper glared at him. ‘You’re a stupid, naïve rich boy,’ she snarled. ‘You couldn’t even tell he was going to turn. Why do you think so many Araxs were here when they rarely do?’

   Shade took over. ‘You need to smarten up better,’ she said. ‘I’m not always going to be there to act as your bodyguard. It would be beneficial if you looked after yourself better.’

   Sparrow could tell Shade was stressing. He could also tell all though they hardly knew each other Kira and Shade already cared a lot about Sparrow and his safety even if Shade would not and could not openly show it.

   ‘I’ll be going now,’ he said. ‘Bye.’ He smiled at her and then he walked away.

   Wisper stood shocked. ‘Did he just flirt with us?’ Kira asked.

   ‘Yes he did Kira dear,’ Shade replied.

   Moon went over and slowly held Wisper’s arm. ‘What’s going to happen to me now?’ he asked.

   ‘I don’t know,’ she replied. ‘Ask someone that cares.’

   Four vampires slowly walked towards them. One was a girl who had purple hair in a reverse mullet. The other girl had curly pink hair tied back in a bun. One was a boy with brown hair tied back in a ponytail and a scar across his left eyebrow. The last male had blonde hair which covered one eye. They all had features similar to Wisper’s.

   ‘Hey,’ said Moon. ‘My siblings. Want to know their names?

   ‘What I’d like to know is why the hell they’re Arax-Lords when I’ve never turned anyone into Arax-Lords before,’ she replied rudely. ‘And Matron, imoutosan doesn’t do that shit.’

   ‘You can take over Shade my love,’ Kira said. ‘You haven’t done this for so long so you should be allowed to.’

   ‘Dlihc S’nogard,’ said the purple haired girl as she started towards them. She kissed Moon’s cheek. ‘Oniisan,’ she said.

   Wisper stared at the age difference.

   ‘I’m the third eldest out of our family aside from Cresti who’s second eldest and Abissus, who’s eldest,’ explained Moon. ‘Cresti is the one with the brown hair. The girl with the purple hair is Spiritus. The yellow haired one is Salva and the purple haired one is Misericaudia.

   ‘Hello,’ said Misericaudia, holding out her hand to Wisper. ‘It’s so nice to meet you.

   Wisper still didn’t say anything as she shook her hand.


   ‘I still hate these,’ Shade said.

And at that moment

Time stood still

   The whole universe stopped. All objects went dark or light blue showing that time had stopped. The only things that stayed the same were Wisper, Moon and his siblings.

   ‘Dragon’s Child,’ said Misericaudia. ‘We need you to follow us somewhere. Are you willing to follow us into Le-Shang?

   Kira took over. ‘What the fuck is Le-Shang?’ she demanded.

   ‘Le Shang is where we come from,’ she explained. ‘We’ve grown to call ourselves Le-Shang guardians and…

   Wisper quickly forced Moon into her arms. She turned one hand into a sword and pointed it at his throat.

   ‘I’m going to kill him if you don’t piss off,’ she warned.

   ‘Half-bloods,’ she sighed. ‘Look after Moon. This’ll be first mission as a Bounty Huntress. We’ll eventually pay you.

   And with that, time started up again and they were gone.

   However, Wisper caught a glimpse of an old man wearing a battered old hat over his weather beaten skin watching them at a distance. He caught her watching and nodded before he walked away.

   Wisper changed back to her old self and put Moon down. ‘Did they just assign me as I’m a Bounty huntress?’ she asked.

   ‘Looks like I’m stuck with you.

   ‘And me with you,’ she held his hand.

   ‘So what’s a Bounty huntress?

    ‘A female version of a Bounty hunter,’ explained Wisper. ‘I’m a pure blooded Bounty huntress so I get jobs around the age of fifteen. But I’m turning two thousand this year.’

   ‘You’re two thousand years old?’ Moon asked.

   Wisper nodded. ‘And still in my prime,’ she said.

   They walked over to a river close to her house. Wisper pointed to a black and white house that looked finished on the other side of the river. ‘That’s where you’re going to live for the time being,’ she said.

   Moon teleported them over to the house. ‘Oh,’ she said. ‘You can teleport.’

   ‘What do telephones have to do with my powers?’ he asked.

   ‘Shade my love,’ said Kira. ‘We’ve replaced Hideki with a dumbass.’


   Wisper turned to see a seven year old boy suddenly come flying through the air and land on top of her.

   ‘Kai, you just made me want to punch a vampire.’

   Kai was a seven year old boy who knew Wisper in the old days. He looked like Sparrow but with shorter hair the colour of caramel and green eyes.

   ‘Hell no, Wisper-chan,’ said Kai, happily hugging her neck.

   Kira could tell that Shade was feeling a little stresses.

   ‘Wisper,’ Moon placed his hand on her. ‘Who’s Kai?

   ‘Hello!’ Kai said cheerfully. ‘It’s so nice to meet you! Oh, who am I? I’m Kai. I’m an old friend of Wisper’s in the old days that she saved me from Matron-neechan.’

   ‘You’re an old friend…’ started Moon.

   ‘I was born thirty-three years ago inside my parent’s old mansion. I grew to be a companion of Matron. Blood type Crow vampire and I have a fear of Earth’s crocodiles. Single with no girlfriend though I fancy someone. I have the gift to travel through time and space and I often go to Earth to learn about them. But I also see things I usually don’t want to. ‘

   ‘That is my story,’ said Kai. ‘And I’m everyone’s otoutosan. I actually am related to someone you just met.’

   Shade took over. ‘Kai…’ Wisper started.

   ‘Wisper!’ Kai hugged her shoulder. ‘Wow, you’ve changed and you can talk.’ he started slapping her back.

   ‘You two are old friends?’ Moon asked.

   ‘Well it has been a while since we’ve spoken,’ said Wisper. ‘Sorry for not staying in touch, Kai.’

   ‘Always so serious, I see,’ said Kai. ‘Guess you can’t help it, can the Shade side?’ he leapt onto her again making her fall.

   Wisper’s right eye began to twitch as Shade grew stressed so much more.

   ‘Wisper, you really are becoming very ladylike now,’ he said. ‘I’ll never ask you out. So Wisper, let us become closer friends than we already are!’

   ‘I’d be happy to if you want,’ she said, surprising Moon.

   ‘You actually just said that Shade my love?’ Kira asked.

   The sun started to set. ‘I better run,’ said Kai. ‘Bye-bye all!’


That night, a young man, in his early twenties who had the same features as Wisper but with black hair with red swirls in it and green eyes, lay in a giant cobweb as his huge pet spider searched for flies. Cinncinnarta was the spider’s name.

   He lifted his head when the door to his bedroom opened. A sneaky looking Sparrow came in and silently closed the door.

   ‘Hey Atori,’ he said. ‘Could you…’

   Sparrow passed out.

   ‘I hate it when he does that,’ Atori sighed.

   When Sparrow awoke, he was still on the ground where he passed out. His white shirt with blood all over the sleeves had been removed and a bucket of water was next to him. There were soap suds in it.

   Atori was at his desk with his paperwork. Cinncinnarta was on his shoulder. ‘If other kids needed to go in there I’d make sure it’s locked when I’m not in there,’ he said to him.

   Sparrow dipped his shirt into the bucket. ‘I took all the anti-depressant pills you gave me,’ he said.

   He flinched when Atori slammed his fists on the desk. ‘That is a lie,’ he cried. ‘You don’t take them and you didn’t eat any breakfast or lunch and very little dinner again! And you went in my medicine cabinet again. And you’ve been cutting your wrists again. How will Fang feel? Does she even know?’

   ‘Don’t tell her,’ he begged. ‘I don’t want her knowing since I know how much pain she went through as a kid. At least I’m unlikely to do cut my wrists when I wear your spare shirts.’

   ‘I wonder why you wear my spares,’ he snapped. ‘I swear to kamisama Sparrow, if you don’t stop with your private, hide-it-behind-a-smile depression and being anorexic I’ll tell Fang. And – as an added bonus – you’ll go to counselling for so it’s easier for your only ojisan Azul to know what’s wrong.’

   Sparrow clenched his teeth. ‘You would have depression as well if you didn’t remember anything from sixteen years ago to thirty-two years ago,’ he cried. ‘That’s half my life! And I’m not even able to find out who my family is. Why would I have depression, Atori-kun? At least you know where to find all of your family like your itoko Wisper and Sara and Misophie

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