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Cyber Stalker

Novel By: Leslie Loo

Sally Frost always wanted a boyfriend. Every time she sees a happy couple laughing and holding hands, she becomes jealous. So one day, she logged onto a dating on her laptop to find “the one”. When she met the handsome Morgan, she started falling for him. But then he asked her for her number. Sally wasn’t sure if she should trust him. But, when she finally decided to give him the number, things start to become dangerous. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 22, 2014    Reads: 69    Comments: 5    Likes: 3   

I sighed as I hopelessly stared at the couples flirting with each other at the park. I've always wanted a boyfriend ever since I was younger. But, since I'm a total nobody, it's probably never going to happen.

Every day, after school I would go to the park and read a book or watch the people in the park. I spotted Scarlette, my rival and her stupid boyfriend laughing and flirting with each other. Scarlette's like the most popular girl in school and she would always tease me just because I don't have a boyfriend.

Ugh! Why am I even watching this?

Before I start to get up from the bench and leave, I noticed Scarlette and her boyfriend walk over to my direction. Oh, great.

"Hi, Sally," Scarlette said in her fake voice. "Still looking for a boyfriend? Well, honey, if you want a boyfriend so badly, why don't you just change...well, everything about yourself?" Scarlette and her boyfriend burst out laughing.

I scowled and stormed away. As I reached my house, I dug into my pocket to find some keys to the house. I shoved the key into the hole and turned it, making the wooden door open.

"Hey, honey," my mom greeted me cheerfully as I entered the house. "How was your day at school?" Like always, she was at the kitchen, doing the dishes.

"Fantastic," I said sarcastically.

"Good," she said, not noticing my sarcasm.

Rolling my blue eyes, I walked up the stairs and got to my room. I opened my laptop and logged onto Google and typed "dating sites for teens". There were several results so I clicked on the first link. The site says that you could go on teenspot.com. I clicked on the link and a website with a sky blue background popped up. There were like seven tabs on the top. I clicked on a tap that says "Meet People". Another page popped up, asking me what gender I am, what state I live in and all that jazz. After I did all that I clicked "search" and several pictures of guys popped up. I spotted a super cute blonde an clicked on his picture. Below his picture was his name: Morgan West. He was carrying a basketball with his right hand. He looked really friendly. I typed him a message. "Hi! I'm Sally!"

I waited for a reply back, my heart beating nervously. A few seconds later, he replied back! "Hi. I'm Morgan."

I tapped on my desk, thinking about what I should say next. Before I could type a reply back, he typed, "Give me ur number."

I just stared at the screen, my heart beating harder. Did he just...ask for my number? I barely know this guy! I only said three words to him and he already wants my number?

He typed again, "Give me ur number."


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