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I never meant to kill her

By: Lozzy G

Chapter 1, Here is just a little bit of my new story! Jaz never meant to kill Kinny And tries to forget about her, but she can\'t, not when a stranger threatens to tell the police. Who is this person? and how do they know she\'s dead?

I knew what i had done the moment the door closed. I mean, it's not like she's actually hurt, or is she? I don't know, i'm just going to get in my pyjamas on and go to sleep and pretend nothing happened. I just can'tget it out of my head, maybe i shouldgo back and check on her? No, i can't. My phone starts to ring, sweat starts to pour from my head.I walk over to it. Great, her parents, I answer the phone.

" H...hello?"I stutter.

"Hi Jaz, you haven't seen Kinny have you? she hasn't arrived home" Replied Mrs. Shroeder. She sounds like she's losing it, I start to freak out.

"" I sound so suspicious right now i'm surprised Mrs.Shroeder hasn't recognised.

"Well if you do, tell me, bye" She replied,then she hung up the phone.

I sat down on the couch and ran my fingers through my hair. Maybe Kinny's dead? No, she can't be, i only pushed her off the sidewalk into the pit and wasn't deep either. I look down at the floor, questions weaving in and out of my head. I get up and pour myself a glass of water and take a sip, trying to calm my nerves.

" Are you alright?" someone asks behind me. I jump and drop the glass on the floor. It smashes.

" Faye, you scared me" I tell her, as I stare at the fragments of glass on the floor. " Pass me the broom"

Faye gave me the broom, then stood silent watching me sweep up the glass.

"Are you alright Jaz?" Faye finally asked me

I looked up at her and nodded, i turned around and threw the glass into the bin.

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