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Less than two-hundred miles from an Air Force Base, the small town of Ellensburg is the picture of normal small town society getting ready for summer.
The small town may have remained that way forever, if not for the attack.
From the fallout of the mushroom cloud two-hundred miles away, unnatural snow begins to fall on the town. Soon, one once normal, happy family is struggling to stay alive trapped in their own home. View table of contents...


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Dwayne sat on the wood bench outside of the class room in the spring sunlight. He was working over his exam notes trying not to scowl. He'd forgotten to write about things, not written enough about other things and he'd mixed up two different concepts, making them both wrong.

Emily, a regular college sophomore student walked easily out of the class room, having just finished her own exam. She gave a satisfied grin, no doubt at her own excellent performance, and sat beside him, "How bad did you screw yourself?" she asked grinning as he tried to keep his face unexpressive looking from her to his notes and back again.

"Not sure." He muttered, "The essay question on the Cold War though, I mentioned everything here, but probably not detailed enough. I'll probably get docked a few points..."

"Yup. It's because you're a little kid," She said with a small laugh, trying to lighten his mood. That had been the slogan throughout the quarter whenever something went wrong for him.

Such was the price of being a high school student in college.

Rolling his eyes he tried to roll with it as best he could. Dwayne sometimes wondered why he found himself laughing at himself so often.

He looked back at her on the iron bench, "Thanks a lot, I appreciate that," even though he knew she was joking. Both grinned, hers a little more light than his, as they stood up, "Okay, well, that's my last class 'til one, so…" he nodded towards the parking lot, "think I'm going to go home and eat some real breakfast, or lunch or whatever," he finished, looking at his wrist watch.

"Alright, wish me luck on my next final," she said flippantly as she walked away towards the English building. "Not that I much need it." she called behind her without looking back at him.

"Cute girls always get good grades, but that doesn't make you better than the rest of us!" he called after her. He wanted to follow that last comment with a number of witty things, but nothing came to mind. Instead he stuck his thumbs in his pockets, bit his lower lip and turned on his heel for the car.


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