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Cameron Ross is new to Arbor Valley High, but all it takes is one day there for him to fall head over heels for gorgeous cheerleader, Mackenzie Wilde. The only problem is that Mackenzie has a boyfriend, Justin. This makes Cameron angry. Mackenzie is supposed to be his. And he will do anything to get her all to himself, no matter what it takes. Explore the minds of both Mackenzie and Cameron in this modern novel about obsession, anger and passion. View table of contents...


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Chapter 10
(Author's Note: Cameron's point of view)
I sat on my bed, staring blankly at the wall. The volume on my iPod was turned all the way up, and Silverstein's "Smile In Your Sleep" was blasting through the ear buds. I closed my eyes for a moment, picturing Mackenzie in my mind. Everything about her was beautiful.
Her dark brown, almond shaped eyes. The way her long, russet brown hair fell perfectly down her back. The smoothness of her clear, tan skin. Her full, glossy lips. Her amazing body. She had all the right curves in all the right places. I got hot just thinking about it.
I wanted her so bad it hurt. But she loved Justin. Just the thought of him made me angry. I felt my teeth clenching together as the image of them holding hands at lunch filled my head. I opened up my eyes, blinking a few times to clear my vision. I looked down to see my fist clenched tightly around my tiny little iPod shuffle. Letting out a deep breath, I released my grip before I crushed the thing to death.
I didn't care that I'd only known Mackenzie for a day. Time wasn't a factor to me. I knew that I loved her already. I knew that I couldn't just let Justin have her. I was determined to take her away from him. He didn't deserve someone as perfect as her.
I just hoped that she could forget about what had happened today at Starbucks. It wasn't my fault though. All I'd wanted to do was buy her a drink to show her how happy I was that I'd met her. I just wanted to try and do something nice for her to get her to like me. But she wouldn't let me. I knew she was just doing this because she knew about my money issues, but I wasn't thinking about that at the time. I lost control and I yelled at Mackenzie.
Thinking back on it now, I felt completely ashamed of myself. I knew I had a problem with my temper. And yes, I was angry, but I shouldn't have taken it out on Mackenzie. She didn't deserve to be yelled at like that. She deserved to be treated like a princess. She deserved to have everything, and I wanted to be the one to give that to her.
Yelling at her like that wasn't a very good start though. I hated myself for doing that to her. I pressed my lips together and looked over to my bedside table, where my candle was placed. Sighing, I ripped the ear buds out of my ears and reached over to grab the candle. I took the lighter that was lying next to it and lit the wick. I bit my lip as I stared into the bright orange flame, watching as the wax began to melt.
I let it burn for about ten minutes, watching it the entire time, and then I blew out the flame. A small pool of melted wax had formed at the top of the candle. Taking a deep breath, I rolled up the sleeve of my black hoody and turned my arm over so that the palm of my hand was facing up.
I knew that I needed to do this. I'd done something awful today by shouting at Mackenzie like that. I remembered the frightened look of shock that had filled her eyes when I'd gone off on her. I knew I needed to be punished for doing that. So I picked the candle up and slowly poured the wax onto my bare arm.
I winced in pain as the hot liquid spread across my skin. The burning sensation in which my arm was going through caused me to grit my teeth together. I squinted my eyes, hating how much this stung. I knew I deserved it though. This was what I got for going off on Mackenzie today.
I let out a deep breath as the wax began to thicken. After a few moments passed by, it had grown hard, and dried onto my skin. I bit down on my lip as I peeled it off, making sure to do it quickly, like ripping off a band aid. Once I'd removed it, I looked down at my arm. The part of my skin where the wax had been was now a light shade of red. It looked slightly raw and shiny, but nothing too bad. It hadn't even reached the point of a first degree burn. But it hurt like hell.
I didn't care how much it hurt though. It was a good kind of pain, because I knew it was all for Mackenzie. I closed my eyes once again to picture her, but a deafening sound interrupted my thoughts.
My eyes shot open and I instantly rose to my feet. My mom was waitressing tonight so I was home alone, but I wasn't afraid. The sound seemed to have come from outside. So I walked over to the front door and slipped on my shoes before heading out to the front yard.
When I stepped outside, I immediately saw what had caused the sound. Our mailbox had been blown up. Completely exploded. Gasping at the sight, I ran over to it to get a better look. That was when I saw a burnt out firecracker lying next to it.
I glanced up, noticing an expensive-looking black Audi rolling off down the street at high speed. I saw a kid about my age with his head sticking out the back window, looking back at me, laughing. I felt the rage beginning to boil under my skin as I realized what this was. Some stupid, immature kids had decided it would be funny to come set off a firecracker inside my mailbox. Well it wasn't funny. It actually pissed me off.
How the hell was I supposed to send a letter back to my dad now? I'd have to walk down to the post office just to send it. It wasn't like we had the money to go out and buy a new mailbox. Not that whoever did this seemed to care about any of that.
I turned on my heel and angrily marched back inside. I slammed the door shut behind me, causing the small house to shake. If I ever figured out who the hell had done this, I would kill them. I didn't care if they just did for fun, as a joke. It wasn't at all funny. It made me so angry that people could be so ignorant, going around destroying other peoples property like it was no big deal.
Well they just better hope I never found them. Because if I did, I would make them pay.


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