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Dead and Successful

Novel By: Safemode

A criminal desperately trying to make it out of the streets joins his friends in the "screwed" up drug selling trade, but it turns into a devilish turn on by a rival gang, and ever since the gang find multiple ways to pay the rivals back; later on the criminal becomes the owner of huge, successful, though violent organization, and fights whether or not he should in the violence due to his company. View table of contents...



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Dead and Successful

The story of the rapper's evolution from a gangbanging, low-income hustler to a mature, law-abiding citizen and his cruel, aggressive tactics to promote controversial "TV."


Do you believe man has free will or is he just a spectator in the audience desperately waiting to get into the stages and wait until he has chances? Today, we find out because honestly if I felt I had a choice, I probably would not be in here. Here, what here do you mean; we have not even described a geographical space. I mean organized crime. Organized crime is my family, environment, and instincts. It's all will ever be. A thief, criminal, and a refugee is all I will ever be. That's my whole life, and that's why I ask is it possible to feel free if you are living in under restraint. If we think we wanted to, we could be free. Under extreme terror, we could be at least mentally free. And sometimes we have to pay a cost for are freedom to choose? We were slaves. We were flat out slaves--flat out slaves!! Before we were free!!! We never had any time from the Tijuana. I'll never forget when we under the most violent gang in Mexico. See what happen a cocaine deal that went wrong at the loading docks and this caused a fierce, already bad boy, Luis Arellano to seize hostage and threaten us to their work to pay back his money. Bad choice, hugely! We weighed and packaged drugs in the house and they packaged so we could smuggle them. At home we were held captive by the attractive pregnant Endean Felix who had her 6th child. By the way, the baby was in its first trimester. Anything we did to it now could hurt it for life, and cause miscarriage. Even if we wanted to hurt it, we couldn't kick it. They had our necks tied to a chain all diagonal from another so we could not move. She whipped us with the coating of pure raw satin all over our skin until we looked like eggs; and then again, isn't that what we are? If we needed a break, she'd stick us up and face us in battle with her thin ass. One time, they sent us in to move 5 packs of heroin to customers in Largo, MD to a bunch of college students. Immature All out G forgot to copy the frequencies into the building and that's when the most embarrassing they that could ever happen to us and children happened. The Damn DEA came found All out G guilty of moving 2 grams of heroin into a facility. He was put in for two years.

We Don't Like Burglaries

We didn't like burglaries, we generally don't like to be seen in public---don't like to get into altercations with people. Honestly, we don't have good judgment or know who we fucking with. However, we can't fuck with the wrong person if we're not in my house, naw mean. It was October 15, 2009, only a month after our escape from the villainous and pompous jackasses, the Tijuana cartel that we started to perform burglaries for some quick cash. Wolves' have natural detective skills. We pulled up to the driveway 13400 Upper Marlboro drive, a luckily deserted, unclose tight, more roaded area, so I could easily get away without multiple people following me. So I don't want to kill a man, I pull out my Knife as our car slowly drifts into the house. This one turns out to have a baby and a kid inside and it was timed just right that in 20 minutes they would be coming in. The little girl was combing her sister's hair. She looked barely older than 3 not able to respond or really interact with adults. So, knowing how children are easily to confuse or manipulate and might have played around, apparently a backdoor was open. This enters us into the basement. On criminal instinct, we never wanted to take anything that would make people want to kill you, just that you need for your money. Found nothing in the basement except old junk (basketballs, gym socks, and stuff that would take hours to move). At All out G's suggestion, we went to the bedroom of the master and mistress. She had seven boxes worth of timeless jewelry; she had some Harry Winston's, some Graff's, and Van Cleefs. I didn't want to go on the internet and do some research on the finest diamonds because I'd be tempted to take that ACER aspire, but anyone I took a guess. I think my mother said one time she hated the Van Cleefs, made her feel like a rag doll and we took the Van Cleefs and then I took this man's New York Suit and Pants, thinking I sell this on e-bay. This combined could make us anywhere between $500 and $700 which could pay us pay on the rent that is 1 week late, you know George only gives about 1500 a day and the rest we bag for food. So, you know what, Fines, gets into my head a bit and he says "look we just Started", we don't have enough money to open a drug raid". We might as well take as much as possible not have to keep on coming in. The little girl then (apparently now defensive), and points at him pointing down at his penis. Fines (naggily), why do you always play dice during burglaries. I said damn this country everyone can get a semi-auto in this country, luckily that's worst one. Ill Intent -where if she tries to hit Mrs. Nunex. Then I say that's it, give her a concussion!!!! Ill Intent whose mother was a defense expert before she was shot and killed says, "look you have to believe deep down in your weak girly heart that we are doing the right thing and not trying to kill or harm anybody." Just three little brothers from the dome and one drunkard marksman trying to make a little money, come on you go to help us down. Put down the weapon and you're not supposed to have 8mm raggers, could kill you anyway. Guy's yeah, can kill you anyway. So we're kinda doing the right thing. A gun then shoots at the guys blazing George's glazing the little girl in the face leaving a crater like hole in the glass and then the guys leave walking down the stairs and going through the backdoor. A random (tall skinny white guy), uses a key and then walks up into the house and says "hey", "hey", you weren't supposed to be in the house!!!!!!! He goes to master bedroom and looks at the blood on the bed which he is sitting on by mistake and says oh Jesus. Then the couple comes back to the hospital disappointed and frightened that there is radial cracks in the window. The woman comes in and shakes her head!!!!! I guess we should have left on the alarm.

The Meaning of Dead and Successful

What is the meaning of "Dead and Successful"? A lot of people do not know what that means. Even if I am explain hypoethico-deductively, scenically, philosophically, ethically, metaphysically, or statistically, people will never get it. They never get it because it is actually primarily achievable. It's a figment of "imagination" people to themselves do not belief. Is it possible to get away with crime? If anyone doesn't believe they are negative existence. What if I said you could have "free will" in mind? What if you could feel non-disrespected in your mind? What if you could appear non-labeled in your mind? What if you feel non-threatened in your soul? You could if tried what "Dead and Successful" means. Dead and Successful is "yes" when you are likely to be killed, judged, or decreed, yet you find ways (mentally) to escape the sense of "imprisonment, suspense abuse, or guilty feelings. Basically, you get away in your mind and eternally in your soul. Let's illustrate. Frank Lucas controlled heroin trade in the 1960s and the 1970s by using an East Coast connection by cutting off the Italian mafia who controlled the trade in Harlem. Although he isn't "dead" his success in the way he lived showed he never feared his criminality; he provided evidence that led to more than 100 further drug-related convictions and 5 years after his arrest, his sentence was dropped to "life in prison without parole". Another great example of a person "jokingly" I'd like to convict-is one of the greatest of all time. Amado was the head of Mexican Juarez who flew 22 private 727 jet of cocaine from Columbia to Mexico and then smuggled them back to the United States. How did you know he felt guiltless? He died trying drastically to change his appearance in the heat of the United States and Mexican authorities trying to capture him for all his cocaine shipments from Colombia to Mexico. Obviously, his soul and body could change, but he was "hey, come get me, you'll just have to arrest me." Then, one of my favorites and personal heroes was "Lucky Luciano", a big-time man, who when convicted of massive prostitution ring known as "the Combination." Although, charged with 62 accounts of compulsory prostitution, the man must have really believed in himself because created layers of insulation between him and criminal acts. It would have been significantly out of character for him to be directly involved in any criminal enterprise, let alone a prostitution ring. And like many criminals, he had an epiphany-"change of heart", and wanted to do good after its evil. Luciano used his influence to help get the materials to build a church at the prison. Yeah, really guilty to me? And yes one of the ways you can be dead and successful or "less guilty" in mind, is by replacing wrongdoing with good things. Yes, you can replace wrong things with very good things. You can replace stolen something from an "armed robbery with giving it back to charity." If you stole money from a "liquor store", you can return it back to the original owner; and just let him imprison you for five years. Cause after all, all us criminals are trying to do is have fun? We have our fun, we have our freedom, and nobody has to get hurt. If you have fun, you feel as you "mentally escaped" the fear of doing wrong, unable to escape social controls, and make rationally free choices. And what are rationally free choices. According to Rational Choice theory, people act generally with self-interest and motivated by consequences and rewards. So if I "lip synch" I am fairly responsible for being thinking I am "bad artist and not honest." It's my choice of how I want to be perceived not other people's and not other people's consequences. DB cooper, my favorite, hijacked a 727 aircraft in Portland Oregon, stole money, and left, and still many do not know his identity. The funny thing is who ever this man was in history; his soul was free. Newspapers theorized he never spent the money. He didn't have to. In his mind, he did no wrong. And even if he's dead, he's successful.

Why the WWE sucks!!!! And NO NO NO!!! More Daniel Bryan

The WWE sucks because it lacks (with strong emphasis) creativity, provokingness, divisions, and top-tier wrestlers. It is everything but a company, more a business. Does anybody know what a company is? Does anyone have a judicial, legal operating definition for what a company is? Well, a company is pretty much that a business that runs with effective leaders at each hierarchal level per participants. Basically what this means is that a group or "division" does not "chief operating executives" to run itself but a clear and consistent vision to run its clients in that level. This is primarily what WWE is lacking. It is lacking leaders and interpersonal creators. This is precisely why it sucks. While it will always have leaders such as Triple H, Undertaker, Miz, Randy Orton, John Cena, and the Rock, what happens when those superstars die?, will the company live on, will the company be as creative and movable? The answer is fuck no, because those are the last superstars who were in or appeal to the Attitude Era. The attitude era was a time of pro-creation where experimental wrestlers shined on tv with bad, defiant, and mature images, and ran from about 1998-2001, and how do I know this, I saw it with my own eyes. For once, wrestlers were conducting themselves with funky-fresh, ghetto, and provocative images not friendly nature. And oddly, archaically, it is kind of back in that position, growing out but in many ways still there. A problem with WWE is that it has no competition. When WCW closed in 2001, and when ECW closed because of financial troubles on March 11, 2001. I saw WWE since then. Kill the Daniel Bryan character; it is not working and he is supposed to be a wrestling creator. It know longer has to compete against "powerful SCWbles such as the NWO", mysterious characters as vampiro and raven, brooding people like Sting and Sabu, awesome ideas such as Impact Players and Corporal Punishment, multiple use of their talent, and always have a two people set. That's the one thing they are missing in there company; the two great people that define the company and take it to the place. In the early 1990s, it was Sting and Ric Flair for WCW, the Mid-1990s Raven & Tommy Dreamer, the late 2000s Goldberg &Sting, and just recently in the early 2000s it was Stone Cold & Rock, the two most popular people for the time. And today's division is then; Cena or Orton, CM Punk, Kane, Del Rio, Show or Dolph Ziggler-the end. As a matter of fact, it's really only Cena because Orton has been slipping through the ranks since 2006. And that's kinda funny, both John Cena and Randy Orton are around 35 years and they pretty much came out of the end of the Attitude Era; pretty sad time, you know why?, why? I knew from day one these stars would become the only people viable for WWE in the future. Unfortunately, they have been made the "props" for WWE's future. Oh, yeah CM Punk is trying but he's no Triple H as far as an "Attitude Era" personality. Also, the problem with WWE is through Wade Barrett, Heath Slater, Ted Dibiase, Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes, and Alex Riley; they just don't do it, they will never be a Chris Candido, X-Pac, Chris Jericho, Goldust, and Shane Douglas of today; personalities too cute and non-abrasive. On the other hand, TNA offers something WWE does not have that I kind of like, "balls". TNA actually has some original balls. It will actually do something with underdogs; make Austin Aries a trash-talking "worthy to be champ", make a Bubba Ray Dudley conniving, evil heel in likeness of Triple H, Devon self-vindicating, good anti-heels like Magnus, and failed monster gimmicks like Festus intimidating. They kind do the reverse of whatever WWE does; we need some make-shift creativity". I am here to bring "back that raw, never know what happens entertainment." And I want to do something like that with my new company, my new creativity; create raw, exciting, and not PG-natured material. I call it "dirty television."

SCW Roster

As you know SCW, has been in order for 6 weeks, and it's going to have its first PPV Caged Thunder for the first time in it's company history it will have all cage matches (The Crowd Boos greatly yeah), you can think me when turned off Disney channel.

1. Taylor Anderson (6' 5 and 225 pounds) Hometown: Orlando Jordan, Background and skills; former bodybuilder, surfboarder, cyclist, skills: grappler, powerhouse, Finisher (s): Sweet Dreams & Nightmares

2. Joe Thorn (6' 3 and 216 pounds) Hometown: Garland, Texas, Background and Skills: Hiking, Climbing, River rafting, All-American, Finisher: Destruction (torture rack to facebuster)

3. Ricardo Haas (6' 5 and 226 pounds) Hometown: Irvine, California, Background and Skills: Mic Skills, Wrestling All His life, Finisher: Lower-level (leg lock)

4. Roger Campbell (6'5 and 242 pounds) Hometown: Aurora, Colorado, Background and Skills: Trash talk, 10 Years of Wrestling, Finisher: Camelier

Conrad (6'3 and 211 pounds): Hometown: Registra, Romania: Seven Years on independent circuit, Titles: Cruiserweight Champion, Finisher: Twingling Infection

5. Justin Franco (6' 2 and 191 pound): Hometown: Roanoke, North Carolina, Background and Skills: 7 Years of Wrestling, Finisher:

6. Diamond

7. Jessie Dillon (7'3 and 330 pounds): Hometown: Oak Hill (prefers to just be called Oak Hill, Washington DC, Background and Skills: Height, Strength Advantage, Independent Wrestling Scene, Pro-football, Finisher:

8. Jack Freeman (6 '0 and 213 pounds)-Hometown: Baron, Rouge Louisiana, Background and skills (Some Martial Arts, Father has wrestling dojo), Finisher: The Division

9. Yarirobei Igarashi (5'8, 217 pounds)- Hometown: Kanawaba Japan, Background and Skills: Muay Thai, Capoeira, Taekwondo, 39-6 kickboxing record, Titles: Men's Champion, Finisher:

10. Elvira Jefferson (5'9 and 140 pounds)-Hometown or (Homeplanet): Planet Mars Background and Skills (Speed, Agility, Strength), Finisher:

11. Mina Jefferson (5'10 and 141 pounds)-Hometown or (Homeplanet): Mars; Background and Skills (Dominant in the ring, grappler), Finisher:

12. Luke Manning (6'3 and 225 pounds)-Hometown: Pasadena, Texas, Background and Skills: Mic Work, Endurance, Finisher:

13. Major (6'2 and 223 pounds)-Los Angeles, California

14. Martinez

15. Jessica Pavlov (6'4 and 217 pounds)-Hometown: St. Augustine, Florida, Background and Skills: Cage Fighting, Streetfighting, Finisher:

16. Judith Mercy (5'7, 135 pounds)-Hometown: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania , Background and Skills: I got Pride Character Winner, Finisher:

17. Luke Manning-the Dark Gangster

18. Jake Miller (6'1 and 215 pounds)-Hometown: Newport News, the Independent Island in the metro of Virginia, Titles: Freeweight Champion, Finisher: Milltown

19. Seductress (6'1, 217 pounds)-Hometown: Bera't, Albania, Background: Swimming, Weight lifting, Titles: Women's Champion, Finisher

20. Spencer Knight (6'1 and 187 pounds)-Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Background and Skills: Speed, Mic Work, Finisher:

21. Bruce Shelton (5'8 and 177 pounds)-Hometown: Franklin, Tennessee, Background and Skills: Popularity, looks like Rockstar Blake Shelton, Finisher:

22. The Storm (5'9 and 137 pounds)-Hometown: Brownsville, New York City, Background and Skills: Flying Ability, Mic Work, Finisher:

23. Jerry Townsend (6' 3 and 201 pounds)-Hometown: Greensboro, North Carolina, Background and Skills: Flying Ability, Shoot Wrestling, Finisher:

24. The Warning

25. Alicia Warren (5'7 ¾ and 127 pounds)-Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska, Background and skills: Model, former Wrestler, Freestyle wrestling, Finisher:

26. Jasmine Webb (5'7 and 125 pounds)-Hometown: Norfolk, Virginia Background and Skills: former Tennis Player and 7 year amateur wrestler. Skills: Flips, Aggression, Finisher: Heightened Sense

Announcers: Shane Underwood (Color Commentator), Fox (Play by Play), Lane Pitts (Color Commentator) (PPV/Off occasions), John Norman (Play by Play) (PPV/Off occasions)

Week 1: Savage Combat - December 21, 2041

Women's Championship: Diamond from Memphis, Tennessee at 5' 7 and 125 pounds (who already has Southern states Women's Championship) former kickboxer vs. Jazmin Webb from Norfolk, Virginia former Tennis Player and 7 year amateur wrestler.

Diamond starts off headscissorsing Jazmin and then afterwards gives her a Mexican Surfboard stretch. Afterwards, she gives her opponent a cross face making her nearly tap out. Diamond counters with elbows and does into a sideslip. After a while, she goes for her finisher the mortal's pride which is when he stretches out her opponent's arms vertically and does a spinning around driver. She covers 1, 2, 3 and wins.

World Heavyweight Championship: Taylor Anderson from Laredo, Texas vs. from Kanawaba, Japan Yarobei Igarashi

Clifton stands on the apron during the first match

The men measure each up intensely against each other as the winner of the Reed Cookout Knockout Tournament Yari (holds up the belt up and kisses it in front of the challenger to make him feel vulnerable and making him feel less likely to win.) Anderson then shakes his hand, (he gets various boos from the crowd because he seems "like the regular old nice babyface". Many fans throw trash!!!!!!!

Anderson goes to his opponent applying an armlock and holding it in for about 3 minutes. His opponent then gets out down a flipping armdrag putting the challenger on his back. He then starts choking Anderson with a ground sleeper. He gets out after awhile and then Yari does a spinning elbow lock into back neckbreaker for sick shot and covers 1, 2, no. After 8 minutes, the two have started to even up. Yari the obvious heel in the match pokes Anderson in the eye and then does a dragon screw leg whip. Then he goes up to the ropes and goes to perform a backflip but Anderson takes him down with a hangman's choke, which could have possibly given his opponent a concussion, which plays multiple times. Nonetheless despite a hurt champion, the challenger stomps him in the head multiple times and tries to seize pressure with a sleeper hold that isn't strong enough. Then he goes for his powerbomb (back-driver) hold knocking out the opponent when his opponent rolls him for a sneaky win for championship as he celebrates with the crowd.

Clifton laughs insanely at the loss because the opponent chose an easy finisher to counter and lose to his opponent as he checks watch 15 minutes and says okay. Anderson walks out crying and ranting that he deserves another chance foot was on ropes, but Clifton ignores him and spanks him as he leaves the ring.

Other matches: Jack Freeman beat Joe Thorn (3:59), Conrad beat Major (4:59), and Alicia Warren defeats The Warning (5:13)

I promised next time there would be a surprise division. The only way to draw ratings is to add "surprise." I had to sit down Mr. Anderson after being rude his heavyweight loss to the more renowned champion Yarirobei who wrestled in Ring of Honor, Mid-South, New Japan, and NWF, and that's why more people favored him!!! There are no second chances in life, just wrong choices.

Week 2: Savage Combat - December 28, 2041

Jazmin Webb (with partner Conrad) vs. Bera't, Albania from Mobile City, Texas (6'1, 217 pounds).

Seductress charges her opponent with a clothesline. She then follows it with a neckbreaker. Then she picks her opponent and does a running chest dropkick (Anderson meanwhile in the back is shown taping himself up for his match.) Conrad trips up the Seductress when she off the ropes. Webb takes her out with a clothesline. She then brings her back into the ring and then falls on her opponent's neck as they hit the ground. Seductress, however too strong, back flips her opponent and then she counters her attempt at a pin to the "Wrong feeling" (inverted arm stretch for the victory) at 4:59. Afterwards, angry at Jazmin's loss and for her losing her title in only two days, he picks her up by the hair and hits her with a chair multiple times until "Freeman comes to save her". He raises the Seductress's hand as he leaves.

Clifton builds Anderson up after his win, but tells him don't expect him to be here for long. He does not plan the results in the company; this is a company that is freely chosen. He then always says another "good thing" is the main eventers don't always wrestle. People do not wrestle in the same order.

Manning (reporter for General Manager): The big surprise was a Cruiserweight Division from 125-175 pounds so it's a little tougher to just fight anybody like it would be in the WWE /TNA."

Manning: Just in "the unannounced Jack Freeman vs. Spencer Knight both coming out of Ring of Honor. Walking through the back of the locker-room, Clifton brushes surface with Manning interrupting his promo; he says don't ruin the surprise "bitchass." He then walks out to the stage to entertain the crowd and being rude blows a horn to time the match.

First Ever Ladder Match

Knight dropkicks the champs throwing him off balance then he picks up his head. He then does his signature spinning neckbreaker. Later in the match, Freeman makes a comeback with some gutwrench clotheslines and a series of three brain busters followed by a gordbuster.

(Clifton speaks to Anderson: you don't get too many chances in life) sometimes if you don't know the answers then you must create it." The purpose of knowledge is to respond; not to do the same thing." Freedom is the opportunity to recreate thoughts."

He goes up top for the Phoenix Splash he causes the unraveling but Knight moves. Knight then hits a superkick and does the relegation. When he goes for a flying move, Thorn from Renegade comes in a pushes him of the ropes into a Jack's downgrade for the win. Thorn does this for payback for being eliminated.

Savage Combat Week 3 - January 4, 2042: "A Night Built on One Angle"

Backstage, a video is shown of Conrad jumping Thorn who was getting his coffee and sitting on the couch with another diva Elvira Jefferson (when interrupts them with some boos and as he asks her a question), Conrad pushes him and beats a camera to his head.

Conrad (with Seductress) vs. Freeman for the Cruiserweight Championship

Jack runs fastly with a running lariat. Then does a snapmare/neck-breaker type combo. After a while, Freeman bounces of the ropes looking for an arm splash when Conrad lowblows him in the stomach. (Now pause: Life is all about choices, if he goes to the top and hits an idiot splash, his opponent will regain all momentum) Instead, Conrad hits him in the back and then goes for the Tingling Infection a twisting wrench powerbomb maneuver. He goes to cover when he sees tears in "Jazmin's eyes showing she is still in love with Conrad and him bad. Freeman meanwhile gets enough life to hit Conrad with the "sit down brain buster" (called the Prevention) for the winner. After the match, Conrad chases her around the ring, until she walks in between the Seductress making the two bump heads and then she walks back into the locker-room satisfied!!!!!

Conrad helps Seductress up and tries to calms Jenna (real name) can see but "Conrad" is still heavily caught up between Jazmin and does not know who to choose. He escapes taking "Jazmin."

Thorn vs. Conrad for Number one contenders

Conrad tries to jump on Thorn as if he's this invincible, indestructible, penetrating force but he does nothing but fake give punches to him but Thorn pushes him off and then does a spinning kick. He still has to hold his kick because of his injury last week. He then does a running shoulder splash. He picks his opponent up and sends him across the ropes and does a smooth spinebuster. He then picks him up and throws him into the corner and then give him some forehand can cross chops to ruin his opponent's chest. The ref has to hold him back. When he goes back he clothesline's Conrad into the turnbuckle busting open his back and damaging it. He goes for the Perfect Finish (suplex into inverted fireman's carry), when Conrad hits out of nowhere with a cheap kick to the eye (after the move!!!). Seductress distracts ref as he gets brass knuckles and hits Thorn to give Conrad the win!!!!!!!!!!!! Seductress then comes out and goes to sing one of her songs.

I get on with life as a seducer,
I'm a goofy kinda person.
I like painting on Sundays,
I like drawing in the week.
I like to contemplate Friendship.
But when I Start to daydream,
My mind turns straight to Romance.

La lalalalala!

Do I love Romance more than Friendship?
Do I love Romance more than Friendship?

Announcer: I don't know who this guy thinks he is, trying to be the next Godfather? He has not made a huge difference in SCW!!!!! I'm just happy he; s happy, feel bad for his face, though!!!!

Shane: he was also very sloppy in his first match!!!!!!!! This time he was a little bit more relaxed!!!!!!!!!

Weston Fox (trying to be bitterly sarcastic): I hope he wins the Grammy!!!!!!!!!

No Rules

Savage Combat: Week 4 - January 11, 2042

Webb vs. Pavlov

Webb dominates the random local wrestler as she delivers a neckbreaking clothesline to Hernandez. She then picks her up for a fireman carry's slam. She lifts up her newbie opponent and hits a brainbuster. She calls "the crowd to give her support" and goes to the top and hits the injection (a 450 neckbreaker). She covers 1, 2, no. That's not enough for opponent. Jen hits a gutwrench suplex. Cover 1,2, no. Webb gets up and dodges a running space kick and hits the egg-layer (release powerbomb) for the win as she leaves glad to get some payback; and tells her opponent to kiss her ass.

Afterwards, Clifton lectures to Anderson, I shouldn't gave you a second chance!!!! You'll let anybody down!!! You don't get two chances in life!!!! You're an idiot; you choose to lose!!!!

Anderson (crying tears): but!!!! Booking two matches, kinda mean!!!! It's kindaun-level headed!!

Clifton (uncaringly): and you don't know how much you're bringing the ratings down!!! Losing every week when they want to see an American champion win on the show!!!!

Anderson (emotionally hurt): but you told me to go for the running kick!!!

Clifton: don't listen to everything I say!!!!!! That's no going to world; don't listen to me!!!!!

Cruiserweight Division: Ricardo Haas vs. Justin Franco

Haas grapples Franco and puts him in a front head lock constantly nailing his head with elbows. He exposes the turnbuckle so he can throw his opponent head- first into it dangerously. His opponent's head is weakened. He hits his opponent in the turnbuckle weakening him again and leaving him lifeless. Hass puts in back-and-torso submissions such as the camel clutch and Boston crab. After a while, Franco starts to comeback with a lot of energy. He twists his opponent in and does a knee to the face and does a t-bone neck suplex. After a while, he goes to the top and does "a diving fist drop." He then turns his opponent into an ankle lock, trapping his opponent into forceful pressure severely." He then picks him face up and throws it to the mat. Hass puts in camel clutch "tightly" again, only for his opponent to reverse into a backflip pinfall for two counts. Then he goes up top and hits a body splash. He covers and only gets a two count. He irish whips him devastatingly into the ring post and uppercuts him for a two count. Then he picks him up and does a sleeper-drop sideslam and an elbow drop for two. He got crazy thinking that could beat his opponent. He then goes outside and attempts to get a chair. This gives his opponent enough time to put in's Franco rev up for his (inverted bronco buster) when his opponent kicks him in the stomach and goes for his signature STF, which Franco counters into a bridge pin for the win in 18:19 to celebration of the crowd. After the match Franco offers him a hug. Haas doesn't show showmanship by not returning the hug, and then slapping him and giving him his signature STF maneuver tightly into the medics come and check on Franco to see if he has life!!!!

Singles Match: Jesse Dillon vs. from random challenger

Anderson comes out and watches the number two contenders who are both very big and over 6 foot, five and 200 pounds as he thinks how he's going to riley a defeat.

Dillon wastes no time clotheslining the smaller Manning down. Then he picks him up and throws him in the corner and gives him 10 punches and powerslams him. Before Dillon thinks of doing a brainbuster, he picks Manning and clotheslines him again. He then keeps picking him up and clotheslining him multiple times to he thinks of pinning him for the win.

Before her match against a wrestler trying to get a contract "Martinez", she comes out with a song to her boyfriend Conrad questioning his love for her. She shows him the clips of "everything that happened." She defends the woman title, he celebrates with her, Jackie knocks her unconscious, she helps Jackie. She then sings

Verse One:

We were just kissing by the pond two weeks ago

Oh my baby, I want you so sit next to me but it scares me to death


There's nowhere to run


I went to the park

Under the pale moon

Putting hands up your balls

Of the mess you left when you went away

Verse Two:

You are a fool

And I'm not gonna fade


And there's a heart that's going to break


I went to the park

Under the pale moon

Putting hands up your balls

Of the mess you left when you went away

Savage Combat: Week 5 January 18, 2042

Webb vs. Seductress "Flowers in Hell Match" Winner gets Conrad

A glimpse of last week's attack shows as Webb enters and beats up the Seductress before their match begins and immediately throwing the Seductress's face to the ground and immediately grasping her neck in a submission hold trying to drive her spine out!!!! She then does a snapmare-neckbreaker to the ground. She then puts her opponent in a Boston Crab which she keeps in for almost two minutes. Her opponent desperately tries to get the ropes!!!! Jenna eventually reverses her opponent. She touches her back as she asks Conrad for brass knuckles he gets taken out by Jack Freeman!!!! Afterwards, Jackie goes for to the top rope for (the Heightened sense) hurricanrana (into reverse piledriver) when Pavlov knocks her off the top and allowing the seductress to hit a high knee for the win!!!!! Seductress and Con leave the ring villainously both holding their hands and their gold over the heads as they head back in agonizing defeat!!!

Clifton comes out to promote a little bit and get his heel heat. So how's everybody, fucking doing?????? I can't hear you all, or to tone down my whiteness y'all, how's everybody doing to a lot of heel heat!!! You know 'round her in Savage Television (oh, "Championship"), what big-named CEO, big-time millionaire gets it right anyway." Wrestling, we always like to do something different every night of the show!!! We decided to shake it up all a something and make it two matches in the woman's championship with a title shot next week, next week, we might do two men's championship in a night!!!!!! But congratulations to all your women, every fourth week, if possible is Woman's week. And there will be five woman's week. So you are going to see a lot of wrestling.

Judith Mercy vs. Storm for Number One Contendership

Announcer: normally I would go with Mercy but she had to be so rude to our GM and tell he needs to cut the beard or give it to the rastafarians!!!!

Storm pushes down Judith saying BBBBIIIIIIttttCCHHHH!!!! She then repeatedly slams Mercy's head into the ground bloodying her head!!!! She picks her up and goes for the destruction (chokeslam), but Judith counters and headbutt. She then takes storm down with a chopblock. Fans then start to realize she is a heel starting to boo her. She then applies a chin stretch before doing a roll over snapmare. She then goes to the ropes and comes down and a somersault that storm moves from and Mercy rolls her over for a two count. She then goes for a Russian leg sweep, but storm counters and then hits a bulldog (she called "falling rain") and puts her foot on the ropes to add leverage. The Crowd oddly cheers the heel to they seem to like better for her "deviousness."

Afterwards, mercy delivers a huge furious, vile promo. That's okay, that's okay, that's okay; you don't have to like me! you sure as hell loved me on the , well I can tell your fans of that American Idol, because as soon as I start losing you start booing. Just like that guy what's his name tall black guy with the dreads that dressed like a gymnast. The soulful giant!!!! He was doing so well and everybody liked him until they found out that he has a criminal past of arrest warrants. They even said the disqualification wasn't big enough to merit after he went down to California New Jersey legislator commented that for the show "to expose, embarrass and interrogate a young man without an attorney in front of 40 million viewers was an outrage. Because that's all you guys want to do is attack, expose, and bring somebody now, that's all you want to do!!!! I passed my wellness test!!!! My opponent failed it and had to take it three times!!!! Plus, I have been working 18 years in the 80's. You guys praise the world, but instead I offer you the love from Jesus Christ that your sins will be forgiven and no longer be hateful and spiteful of your fellow brethren!!!!! I forgive you for your hatefulness and ignorance. Referee comes in and throws mic outside!!!!

Rematch for Heavyweight title: Anderson vs. Yarobi

Anderson and Yarobi fight evenly and violently the whole match, with Anderson dominating most the match and able to block Yarobi's roundhouse kicks. He delivers a devastating backbreaker. He then goes to for a running lariat called the Sweet Nightmares & Nightmares, but does not pin him for the victory; instead he gets up and tries to setup a Cast-Away powerbomb. For some odd, peculiar emotional reason, Anderson wait for Yarobi to get up to have his opponent at his best. Then Yarobi rolls him up for the win in 9:59!!!! The Savages then come to the ring and to Anderson's fear and dismay start beating him down as Clifton comes out and gives the smerk that he was in the back of this and shows alliance with them. (He says I told your time's waiting.)

Deep downside, like to admit it or not, we all have a choice!!!!! All have a damn choice!!!!! Because we're all educated in someway!!!! It's just like when you're young and even though you don't know not supposed to steal the cookies, you still can do it anyway. You can either make the wrong choice or the wise choice!!!! The wise choice is to never have a heart and always do what you want. But always!!! Always!!!! Remember that you can the right choice because choice is within in yourself and whatever you make it. There will be a Monday Show called Savage Combat. I know oh my God!!!! Christians that's so in deterministic and ungodly!!!! No it just and defiant!!!!!

Savage Combat -- Week 6: January 25, 2042

Backstage skit

Anderson (calling Clifton from the phone): that's what I was saying, what I was saying, after one big thing, you get something else moving you move on the next, after a while, I'll have beaten all the novices. I am going to move up the heavyweight title division and retire this belt by vacating it and throwing it in the trash!!!!

Clifton (trying to high five her but she's looking at his scars): Heavyweight Champion, sounds like a good thing.

Jesse Dillon (6 '8, 245 1bs) vs. Yarobi Igarashi (5'8, 217 1bs) Heavyweight Title

Underwood: The "mean deal" Jesse Dillon from Oak Hill, Washington DC, a six-time world-league champion in the indie scene from USWA, IWGP, and Maryland National Wrestling League!!!! Former pro-bowler in the Virginia Destroyers, and amateur in the NCW!!!

Dillon runs straight into his opponent looking for a big boot, but Yaji ducks moving his opponent off balance. He does a sole kick into a dragon kick to knock his opponent off focus. He goes to cover, but he digresses wanting to work on his opponent's head some more drawing out his energy with a front chinlock who then changes in after a few minutes to a reverse chinlock!!!!!! Dillon actually getting face heat for being an American and longer wrestler manages to reverse and hit a sitting stunner!!!! Then he starts to dominate the match for a very long time stomping his opponent in the neck and twisting him to the ground with neck-breakers. He then sets up the Disasterpiece (falling powerbomb), when Yari spits something in his eye knocking him down. Yarirobei then hits a devastating spinning heel kick!!! He puts his arm over. Fans chant 1, 2. The challenger kicks out. Yari tries an armbar to Russian leg sweep on Dillon, when his opponent powers out and backs him into the corner. Once he's there, Yari ducks an avalanche and then repeatedly strike out the giant with crosses, lefts, rights, shin kicks, and heel kicks to he gets weaken!!! He then goes for the King Rama (cross arm spinning body slam for the win!!!!)

Fox: that's a nice strategy, give him a punch of kicks and crosses, wear down his neck area and hit' em a nice finish.

Shane: don't know about the footwork though!!!! Good night everybody, end!!!!!

All of the sudden a cage drops suddenly fast right on to the wrestling ring

Pitts: Clifton, Clifton have you gone mad, Clifton, have you gone crazy, have you lost your soul

Norman (worriedly): no, it ends the same way it begins.

Free-weight Championship No-time Limit Match: (6'8, 225 Jake Miller) vs. (6'3, 201 Jeremy Townsend)

"The Infamous Incident"

Jeremy offers a handshake and Miller then smacks it down. Miller picks him up and delivers a "horrifying" DDT, nearly breaking his neck based on the staunch tweak. He then chopblocks him and hits a Mongolian chops opening Townsend's chest open! He then throws him into the corner. He runs into him and thesz punches him before giving him a hurricanrana. Miller counters this by doing a spinning piledriver which looked very sick. All of the sudden, EMTs, come to the ring with pads and packs trying to see if the challenger is okay!!!! Rescuer: Are you okay, Are you okay???? Are you still breathing? Can you say anything?? Do you have any life in you???? Do you have any pain??? Can you feel your neck?? After a very shocking, emotional 3 minutes of assistance, and Miller feeling like he's the worst thing in the world!!!!!!!! He miraculously gets up and comes back in 15 minutes. Jeremy comes back with a diving bodypress!! Clifton has lifted the cage. He then turns this into a roll up!!! 1,2, no!!!!! After the cover, he lifts him up for the Yoke of Iron sitting down double leg-grabble neck stretch when Miller rolls him up into a pin for the win!!!! The champion thus far is Jake Miller as he celebrates to the crowd but kinda getting boos for winning of an injured person and delivering that move!!!!!

Freeweight contender's match

Spencer Knight vs. Bruce Shelton (The "twice removed, third cousin of famous country rock singer") and Grammy-Nominated country star Blake Shelton

Knight not liking Bruce's goatee and shaking hands with people in the audience then jumps Bruce and pounds on him viciously until the ref has to stop John from doing a leapfrog guillotine. The ref tells him to keep his distance and stop playing dirty games because he has more charisma than him. Knight pushes the ref but the ref does not disqualify him because he was so shocked. He then surprises Shelton with a running dropkick! He goes up to the top!! Trying to hit a diving cross body slam when Shelton hits him with him with a running knee to the turnbuckle for the win out of nowhere! Afterwards, Shelton celebrates with the fans and throws them all T-shirts and memorabilia of "cousin" Blake Shelton's CDs, trying to make it seem like he is the fan favorite and good guy. Knight tells to the ref that Shelton used an illegal move but the ref tells him he had no right to push him in the first place!!!!!!! The ref then cruelly restarts the match, ringing the bell, but Knight does not make attention, Shelton then rolls him up and uses the ropes for leverage and wins!! Now it's again two times. As he leaves the ring, Shelton puts up his fingers two times you let me beat you!!!! As a usual loser would do, Knight talks trash until his opponent leaves the ring, igniting a feud! The ref then sees the camera and tells them to restart the match again. He starts it once more. This time he beats "Shelton" as he cockily lies down. "Knight" leaves in disappointment and anger at the "crowd favorite" using his favor for heat. He then leaves the ring, and flips off Shelton. He rather sit down and have "a cold" beer.

Shelton Delivers Promo and tries to apologize for his antics

Shelton: "Whereas I swear I am sorry I had to play with the former number one contender to get the number one shot, it's just what I do, just what I do." I love playing around. I love drinking. I love doing things that are stupid. (Emphatically: and I love partying and hanging with the country)." I come from a nation famous for farming and famous "rock stars"; that's why we sing so good; I appreciate the low-life and learn to deal with disappointment, so nothing ever dissatisfies me. However, what does dissatisfy or "bring me down" is when I see one individual pick on another; perform a top-rope piledriver on another man to injure his career-well that's just sick (the "fans" boo because they think he is trying to get cheap sympathy from them!!!"). He then says "he can't stand it". Tomorrow, they'll be a cold beer in hell.

Special Off-brand promotion: "Hateworthy" January 20, 2042

In the Pelham Center in Pelham, Alabama

Fox once again: these men agreed to be tied together on this turning seat and agree to answer each other's questions. If the men eventually can't answer these questions then they will be forced to fight in a street fight --- no rules for 30 minutes.

Shelton: "The only question I want to know why during the Operation Iraqi Freedom War from 2003-2011 to find Weapons of Mass Destruction and declare Iraq internationality; did you leave me to my ass beat by those 400-armed Iraqis in those vehicles and tanks and let me get my head blown off? I wouldn't be crazy today.

Miller (irritated): Well, it's not like I wanted to leave you alone, but it's just like the crazy GM said "you should" just let crazy people do crazy things and let them destruct themselves.

Shelton (femininely, emotionally): oh really, "that's what you think of me"?? You think I'm raw, wild, and out of control. Then how's about this? Shelton cuts the ropes and then starts going after Miller with a staple gun putting multiple holes in his face. Miller tries to walk out the stage barely fighting Shelton. Miller walks backstage were plenty of cameras and directors come back to watch the brawl. Miller is then shown throwing Shelton's head into a locker-room. You want to "muscle me, boy"; you want to embarrass me; you want to make me look like an "ex-military patriot when it was all those suicide bombers and human rights." He then hits him with a sledgehammer 14 times causing "refs" and staffs to have to stop them and request a straining order.

As For Us

Fines had just returned Kiawa Island to the Potomac. After putting some in the truck, All out G counted and weighed it to take it to the customers. The Damn, Illtime worked at the crime laboratory at BioMerieux lab so got damn much that they actually let him get in with his gloves, his specs, coat, he's actually able to go behind there backs and dilute the crack. Illtime by the way was a mad scientist who had majored in biochemistry and medicine biochemistry and for 10 years knew how to perform cutting-edge and extremely eye-beholding, intelligent stuff with us, plus we won a lot of awards. He went to George Washington University, so he could really help us with converting these crack grams into units and changing the brands into the whitest stuff. He knew the neurotransmitters of dopamines to the powders to be dissolved (so did Fines lazy ass sum of 'bitch who would never gotten his) to dissolve to ante the taste, and effects of each level of exposure!!!! And you know me the baby gangsta was always standing on the sidelines, doing nothing really but get ready to put some grams in my pocket, stalk some hallways, and bother the off-guard policeman!!!! So after the units had finally counted and got to the Capitol Heights Posner House, Cold Heat knew it was funny stuff. It was supposed to 33 (mmm, hmm, muthafucking pounds!!!!), so when I get the shit I call up George (the weigher) and ask him "cockily and casually, so how's it going chico?? Frantically, "there ain't going to be no chico if we don't weight this shit right and not get right and we caught by the official" again??? Bitch ass didn't weight the shit right!!"??? Na, home skillet??? It' ain't even like that anymore??? Somebody must have mixed in low-grade??? Give me at least 5 more high-grade??? Or I'll shoot you sugar, now go weight it???? George weighed the pounds on the scale again and was about to send me rush delivery!!! I told our customers it would be a 1 hour and about 3 minutes late to the Medinas. They said that's okay but they might gank me next time they see me in the street??? George was out of his mind old as he goes around in the lab pressing IllTime to hurry before the lab closes, "make it faster, turn it faster, don't worry about the buprivicane in it, just dry it and dispense it, and "come on, Jesus," put some damn epinephrine in it. "boy" you can't dissolve lidocaine until its 70, boy you don't know anything." They were out in the Cadillac, they were testing us, they were about to take one of hostage. George sent it to Fines and fines drove it to Ill Intent, who then dropped some of the purest stuff on the freeway. "Sam of the Medinas said, if he doesn't' get it in in time, you're family. You're always good with us!!!! I think they were going to arrange a sitdown. "My wife's, she's just a tagalong. I said "I hope she's a forgiver." illTime then brought in the powder. We have salt, freebase, (clips of them putting down in the Medinas' hands and them patting Clif on the back, metal through your pipe lung shit!!!!, greek, maple leaf Sunday the brown, and our ethanol-produced GreenCo. (hmmm, mmmh, kinda sucked for awhile) was mediocre the bit and couldn't exactly figure it out on our own the right solutions to precipice the cocaine base and it called delays and what acids where safe and tested to dilute in, gave some people some injuries, it happens. Eventually, we moved from mob affiliates to outside stores (clips of them selling to people out liquor stores), in alleys, to our mothers, sisters, and brothers, and even the post-man after the 42/7 week, he was so exhausted he could use dust to relieve himself. We needed to collect these grams to pay for our own condo that was $1500 a month, what were we getting ourselves into!!! Then about $3 for bus transfers, suburban kids won't lend a dollar, they have everything to easy anyway!!! All the while where watching out for rival gangs and crooked cops that mixed up their contraband with us.

Who else did we mess around with???

We were in the streets for the next 21 months!!!! After were freed from the Tijuana, we started to slime off, and that's when we started to have rival gangs. The BlackStreet disciples and the Hidden Valley Kings mostly were usually at war for who were best traders over the I-95 and 85 route. The Diablos and Mongols, also tried to rival us for cash. Who knows how the fuck that started? Were all they ever came from, the Valley Kings specifically where on our back, those fucks were chasing us for the profit!! They started consuming the Colombia/Venezuela border and then our destinations, but we were going to fight for that!!! So one day, when we were unloading luggage, these guys came on us and said "we got a mix up"!!! And because we were unloaded, had to just roll out and hope for redemption!!!! They did that just so they can dig their hands even more into our packages and fuck up our game!!! They went away for 30 minutes, and then they came back on 21-inch choppers trying to run us down and kill us when we threw down some pellets and immediately went to the back of the auto Glass Outlet and hid behind Fines car!!! I cocked my single action and then fired aimlessly until I got glazed under my armpit (left). We fought for a long time. I some members on our side dead and about 2 of their members half-alive!!!! The crew had to take me to the hospital to get bandaged on!!! All out G was wounded in the leg just as he was trying to open up the door!!! Another day, we were unloading pounds from the back of a CM & Steel store at 9 pm, when Ill Intent felt something hit him in the back and fell directly to the ground!!! Then there are some more bullets thrown in our direction!!!! Suddenly, seeming like the leader of the gang!!!! Shines the light in our faces and sees our big size of about 7 and Rob says "oh shit, duck"!!! We started ducking as we beg them to stop "Hey Stop", "Hey Stop". Then they started running away after they got what they wanted. We started shooting them at them until the bitches forcing to run for their luck. Then the cops came in and IllTimelays down to acting like he was the victim of a shooting, but cops kick him up and "laughs at his silliness"!!! Unfortunately, IT got hit and they had to take him to the hospital and put our name as suspect criminals. Now, let's go back to the streets. In the streets, it's a lot of danger, a lot of risk niggaz act like a fool. Especially the goons and hooligans with nothing to do smoke weed and fuck with innocent niggaz. So I was playing craps one day in at Fines house and about to roll a 7 and get $20, when I noticed this veteran leader of KUMI 415, a dangerous nigga not known to spare pity to anyone, started to break in my bmw M2. He said he does not fear me. Sometimes getting back in the hood is like ignoring dangerous conditions of a housing area, and not tell the landlord the hazards or repair in the area; they been here longer, so they can do whatever the want to do. So should I retaliate, well anyway I started shooting. With that 9mm 70z, he stung my ruger. This punk ass then took some of my DVDs and movies. Afterwards, we engaged in a bunch of burglaries up on the coast. During one of the burglaries, Fines accidentally left his antique clock trying to get a new one for himself, how could some not notice, love Fortee!!!!!!!

Anatolious Hawk

So we had this big named guy named Anatolious Hawk. I know that's the craziest name you've probably heard now!!! But you heard it. I know it sounds, dumb, crazy, weird guy, like some reject from the Fringe Series!!! Well, anyway this was from George the genius who thought you can dilute cocaine from peanuts. Look at this stiff-necked, uncool, unlikeable wall street looking guy, that looked weak and untrained, nobody thought of him as a brother, no offense, not being 20th century racist, but nobody wants his white blood. No criminal smarts, except what were the best cars and trucks to transport and load in. By the way, we had to cut down our gang to make it not seem like did not have too much with them!!!! We started moving to the Northwest and East to spread out some more. Unfortunately for our business success, many pilots missed the routes from Boston due to enhanced security on imports!!! One time DEA found 6,000 1bs on dock when the pilots where onboard to Eastern Maryland!!! It's always better that you get actual hired professionals than mob members to do smuggling!!!! During one operation in May 2011, we lost our Norris truck with $12, 000 of kilos loaded and our customers were mad enough to reveal our operations. One day, our contract pilots apparently did not weigh kilos the correctly and gave us 400 grams of heroin mixed cocaine. They said that the scale "might have been broken" or "turned off" by the DEA because they are alumicolor-sensitive", but I can see right through that lie, they keeping 10% of the bags in their cabins!!!! Cough it up!! Be a man!!!


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