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My new novel Im starting. Im still writing the other one but this one I have less writers block on. View table of contents...



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A soft wind blew through the quiet countryside. As two fifteen year old boys raced along on their bikes. The one in the lead had long brown hair, green eyes and a narrow face. The one just behind him was slightly shorter had black hair, blue eyes and a grin that appeared to never leave. They both began to slow as they arrived at a gigantic 19th century mansion. The roof had slowly begun to collapse into the rest of the house making it look as though the slightest breathe of wind could knock it over. Both boys got off their bikes and slowly walked towards the mansion.

"Are you sure it's a good idea Frankie?" asked the boy with the long brown hair.

"Of course Ian, I was told from a very reliable source that it was buried in the basement of the Hamilton mansion." replied Frankie.

Both boys continued walking towards the old house when suddenly Ian noticed some movement in the upstairs window of the mansion.

"Are you sure this place is abandoned Frankie?" Ian whispered.

"Yes, why?" replied Frankie.

"I could've sworn I saw something moving in the upstairs window." Ian said shakily.

"It must have been an old drape blowing in the wind." Frankie said confidently.

"You're probably right." Ian said as he chanced a quick glance at the upstairs window. He let out a sigh of relief when he saw a drape as Frankie predicted. They kept walking along the winding path that led to the door. When they at last came to the steps they paused for fear that they would collapse inward. So slowly taking one step at a time they finally came to the door. Before they went in Frankie had to ask Ian a question.

"Are sure you want to do this Ian?"

"Yeah…I'm sure just as long as we don't do anything stupid with it." replied Ian.

And with that they continued through the rickety door which almost broke off the hinges when they entered the house. They both gasped, the house was incredible inside. Despite the inch of dust that devoured the house it still had all the beauty it must have had when it was first built. A large staircase protruded from the center of the room and at the top of the stairs stood a statue of a man who largely resembled a bat. They began to enter further in the house when a swarm of real bats flew at them. In their shock they both fell through the floor before they knew what was happening they hit the floor with a large thump. Bruised and broken the tried to slowly stand up.

"Are you okay Frankie? Can you move?" called out Ian.

"Yeah I think so. Boy are we lucky a drop like that could have killed us." Frankie called in surprise.

They both tore themselves from the wreckage and walked around the room they had fallen to.

"Hey Ian were in the basement, isn't this where you said the thing was?" Frankie called out excitedly.

"Yeah we are look around for a box of some sor…"

His words were cut off by an ear piercing shriek from behind them. Both boys turned around to see a gigantic figure flying towards them. Before they could scream the shadow had devoured them.


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