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The Inheritor

Novel By: storyofmylife

Adilynn McGregor is a young, single woman who loves spending money and having a good time. She thinks nothing about her job of inheriting money and possessions, but what happens when she inherits more than she bargained for? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 14, 2009    Reads: 51    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

By now I wasn't sure I wanted to stay, but something in me wouldn't let me move. I noticed a ring on every one of her fingers and locked my jaw in determination.
"I…I wasn't aware of your situation M'am. I'm sorry, but I really would just like to chat,"
She sighed, "You won't leave me alone, even now?"
I smiled and shrugged my shoulders innocently. She patted her bed and I sat on it facing her.
Seconds turned into minutes and minutes turned into an hour before she finally spoke, "You said you wanted to talk,"
I was taken aback, I didn't want to do the talking, I wanted to do the listening but I took in a breath and said, "Tell me about yourself,"
"My names Carol, I am 88 years old, and I live here in this hell hole."
"What was your life like before this?" I asked.
She stared at me for a long while and said, "Probably a lot like yours,"
This lady was really starting to bug me, I had never met anyone like her, "And how do you think my life is Carol?" I asked, not bothering to call her "ma'm" anymore.
"You want everything that you don't need. You hate working or doing anything really. Life's a party, no one can touch you."
"Well…I wouldn't say…"
"Save it for someone who gives a shit," she replied.
"Carol, honestly, I came here to talk to you and be friendly,"
"No you didn't honey, quit lying. If you insist on being here at least save the BS, I read people too well for that, it's what I do..Or did,"
I sucked in a breath, "Well, what did you do exactly?"
"I made a lot of money, that's what I did,"
I smiled in spite of myself, "And how did you do that Carol?"
"Shady things, different things, but it paid off, mind you."
"How much did it pay off?"
Now she smiled, "A beach house, a mansion, three classic cars, every clothing item I'd ever need, enough money to buy a small country and a good looking husband."
"Then why are you here?" I asked, genuinely curious.
She glanced at the clock, "Visiting hours are over honey."


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