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The Inheritor

Novel By: storyofmylife

Adilynn McGregor is a young, single woman who loves spending money and having a good time. She thinks nothing about her job of inheriting money and possessions, but what happens when she inherits more than she bargained for? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 16, 2009    Reads: 56    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

I left the nursing home without as much as a glance at the receptionist at the front desk. I walked slowly to my car and laid my head on the steering wheel. Never before had I met someone as strange as Carol. Yet, I was undeniably attracted to her attitude and the amount of possessions she listed off.
But her face…
Maybe she was in an accident? Maybe a dog attacked her? But the scars were so….perfect.
I shivered even though it was eighty two degrees outside. I started up my car and turned the heat on. I needed a distraction.
Fifteen minutes later I pulled into the parking lot of Crave. It was still early so not many people were there, but I actually preferred it that way.
I walked into Crave and was immediately distracted from my worries. I saw Elle and Terri and walked right up to them.
"Hey girl, how's it going?" Elle asked, hugging me.
I sighed for dramatic effect, "It's going good. How about for you?"
"Ah-mazing" she practically screeched in my ear.
I glanced down to her finger and saw a huge diamond, "Oh my Gosh! You're getting married?!"
She nodded excitedly and jumped up and down.
"That's what I said," Terri laughed.
"Seriously Elle? With who? That's so awesome, I'm so happy for you. Oh. My. Gosh."
She got a little teary and said, "This perfect guy I met on a cruise. He has tons of money and lives in a huge house on the beach. I am in love for sure this time."
I nodded like I believed her and I hugged her again. I rolled my eyes at Terri and she smirked. This was Elle's third marriage and she was only twenty-two.
"So Ady, how's work?" she asked me.
I sipped at my glass of water and said, "Oh, you know. Same old stuff, I'm working on a new project this week actually,"
"Oh, exciting," Terri said sarcastically.
And that was the thing about all my friends; they didn't know what I did. When asked, I said I worked for a real estate agency. They just basically knew that I was wealthy, and they didn't care about how I got it.
"What about the guys department?" Terri asked.
Elle looked at me wide eyed, her blonde hair sparkling under the dim lighting, "Yeah Ady! We never see you with a man,"
I laughed, "Well I'm just busy is all. And they tie you down really,"
"Not at all!" Elle gushed, "In fact, my fianc� has a brother I think you might enjoy,"
"No thank you," I said politely.
Terri shook her head but Elle wouldn't give in, "One date? Please! You'll like him, I promise."
"Have you ever met him?" I asked.
Elle hesitated, "Well, no, but I know he has a lot of money, and I mean a lot. He does something really cool too; I just forgot what it was…"
I laughed, "One date then," I said.
Elle's promise of perfection isn't what persuaded me though; the thought of a rich boyfriend did me in.
As the night wore on I talked and danced with two of my closest friends, Elle even made the call to set me and Tyler up.
And isn't it weird how innocent things like that can turn your life around?


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