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The Inheritor

Novel By: storyofmylife

Adilynn McGregor is a young, single woman who loves spending money and having a good time. She thinks nothing about her job of inheriting money and possessions, but what happens when she inherits more than she bargained for? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 20, 2009    Reads: 56    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

"It was cold that morning and I was walking on the beach collecting shells. It's what I did every morning those days. It took my mind off things. Mom had left town with another man, I didn't know how long she'd be gone. Dad was long dead from his heart attack. I was their only child and I didn't matter at all to them. I was minding my own business; I didn't know someone else was out there until his arms were around my neck. He said to me, "Carol, you remember me don't you?" and of course I said yes because I did remember him; he was my mom's ex husband…well, one of them, she had four. He was the most recent one and he had been rich. Giving mom everything she wanted until she divorced him. She couldn't afford a lawyer though and was left with nothing from him. This made her angry at him and she'd spend days eating ice cream and ranting about him. I never understood why they split; he treated her better than all the others. But they did and I was seventeen, I hardly cared, I was counting down the days until I could leave that hell hole. I didn't realize it'd be so soon,"
She glanced at me and then continued talking, "He said that I would do exactly as he said or I would die. Dying wasn't an option for me, I was fearless and I had a whole life ahead of me. I simply nodded. He took me behind some bushes. I thought he would rape me. That's what I was prepared for. But that is not what happened.
He threw me in his car and drove me to one of his many houses. It was a huge Victorian mansion and I was dragged to the basement. He locked me in a little room and said he'd be back soon. I waited for hours in that room. I was hungry, thirsty, and had to go to the bathroom, but I couldn't see anything in the darkness. Finally, he came back down with a man and a woman. He said they were going to have a little chat with me. Again, I simply nodded."
I no longer believed this was a fake story, this sounded real to me, and I was terrified, "Carol, you don't have to continue," I began.
"I do though; I told you that, there is no turning back now."
"They explained to me what they wanted me to do and I said no. They wanted me to kill people, be an assassin. I couldn't do it you know? Killing people; I was an innocent seventeen year old girl. I had never even left our little town. They kept asking and I kept saying no. Finally, the man that had come with the woman tied me to a chair. He ordered me to be still while he picked up the chair and placed it against the wall. He taped the chair so that my back was to the wall and I couldn't move. Then he took out a knife,"
"No," I whispered, "Stop, it's not true,"
She sighed, "He took out the knife and he cut along my face. So slowly, and I couldn't even scream. Tears ran down my face as he taunted me. My ex step father and the woman just stood back there looking at us. Watching him ruin my beautiful young face, I was so angry. Vanity kills you know. When he was done he untied me and pushed me towards Vince, my ex step father. He said, "Would you like that man to never hurt you again?" I nodded as I fell to the floor, crying. Then I felt something metal thrust into my hand. A gun. I looked up at Vince and he nodded, "Keep yourself safe, kill�him." The man had backed up against the wall and looked terrified, "Vince," he said, "Vince, you can't. We're buddies. And Sue! I love you Sue." But Sue only shrugged and began kissing Vince's neck. That's when it clicked for the other guy that he was being used. I still couldn't do it, couldn't shoot the guy that I hated. Vince stood me up carefully and placed the gun correctly in my hand. He aimed at the man and pushed slightly on my finger. I shot him. I killed that man. I'll never forgive myself. Vince told me that I had done it once, and a couple more wouldn't hurt me. He said he'd pay me a lot of money for each one. And that no one would hire me for anything else because of my scars. This crushed me, I had always wanted to be a model and he knew it. He knew what to say to get me to agree."


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