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The Inheritor

Novel By: storyofmylife

Adilynn McGregor is a young, single woman who loves spending money and having a good time. She thinks nothing about her job of inheriting money and possessions, but what happens when she inherits more than she bargained for? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 25, 2009    Reads: 53    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

I sat there. Stunned, I was silent until Carol softly said, "Any questions dear?"
"How many?" I asked, a tear rolling down my cheek.
She paused, "How many what?"
I looked her straight in the eye, "How many people did you kill?"
She didn't even hesitate, "78 people in 60 years."
I closed my eyes and said, "This doesn't mean anything to me; I don't have to put up with this,"
She interrupted me, "Adylinn, when you leave here tonight someone will kill me. They are constantly watching me, making sure I don't blow their cover. Now that I did, I won't live to see tomorrow."
"What will they want from me, I don't understand this?!" I cried.
She patted my back, "They'll take you and force you into secrecy."
"Wait, who's 'they'?" I asked.
"Oh, Vince had two sons. They have taken over his business. They inherited everything. My son should have inherited this but he died unexpectedly after one of my missions went haywire. He has a daughter. She's fourteen now and lives with her mother. I have cut off all contact with her, hoping to save her from this. She's young and na�ve and she wouldn't last a day with them. Please, keep her safe."
I bit my lip, "So I can't escape?"
She lightly ran a finger over one of her immaculate scars, "Oh, you can try, but I wouldn't advise it."
I sighed.
"But really, I know this sounds awful but hear me out. The people you get rid of don't mean anything to you. They are nobodies. You get some of the money. And you will inherit all mine, which is a lot honey, I'll tell you. Worldly possessions may not be everything, but they sure as hell are nice."
I frowned slightly, "So you're putting a price on a life?"
"Not much different than what you do is it?"
"It is completely different! And how do you know what I do?!" I fumed.
She laughed, "I can tell what you want. Money. You take it from the old ones don't you? And it isn't much different. You know they are going to die, so you take advantage of what you can get. If I wouldn't have killed those people, Vince would have had someone else do it. I might as well benefit from it."
I didn't look at her, "I have to leave,"
"Goodbye for an eternity honey," she said, patting my arm, "Come here tomorrow and take what's yours."
"And what if I don't?" I challenged.
She sighed regretfully, "They'll force it on you, and you have such a pretty face,"
I shuddered and walked slowly out her door.
I didn't care anything for this murderer I had been talking to for the last few hours; at least, I thought I didn't. But that didn't stop me from walking up to the front desk and ringing the little bell.
"Yes?" asked a young, red headed nurse.
I looked down and filled my eyes with some false tears, "Carol, my aunt, she's not looking too good. Could you keep an extra eye on her tonight?"
"Well of course!" she smiled.
I blinked, "Thank you so much,"
I walked out into the night and flipped open my phone.
I had a text from Elle, "Bryan's brother, Tyler, is waiting for you. You're forty five minutes late Adi. Call ASAP!"
"Shit" I mumbled. I hit speed dial four and Elle immediately picked up.
"Adilynn, where the he-"
I cut her off, "I was busy at work, and they wouldn't let me leave. Tell him I am headed to the restaurant right now and I am so very sorry."
With that I hung up and jumped in my car. I hit the gas and sped off to Olive Garden, where I should have been long ago. I looked at myself in the rearview mirror and decided it would have to do.
I smoothed my dress, licked my lips, pasted a fake smile on my face, and walked into the restaurant.
I saw him sitting alone almost instantly and gasped aloud.


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