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Beauty on the Run

Novel By: thatlonelyone

There's more to Ava's life than what people can really see. Behind her beauty, is the personality of a pure angel. But when her looks become a "threat" to a dark angel, he wants her. He wants to keep her hidden from the rest of the world. He wants her to be cast away from all eyes...he wants her as his slave.

Fredrik Ljungberg can't get her himself. He ends up hiring two attractive orphan boys to help him, while offering them a place to stay, and a highly paid wage. Carter and Marshall agree, not knowing what they're getting into.

But among the midst of the attacks, Carter and Marshall start seeing the true beauty in Ava. They can't help but fall in love with her. But after seeing the little kindness in the boys, Ava finds herself falling for them. View table of contents...


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They had me trapped. A tall dark-haired pretty faced boy in front of me, and an average heighted brown-haired, another pretty faced, boy right behind me. "Listen here Beautiful, we're taking you with us no matter what you try to do," said the dark haired boy in front of me. He took a step towards me, and I turned around to see the brown-haired boy doing the same.

I was in the middle of a park. Although it's pretty much the middle of the night, someone had to be seeing this, right? But no. The only escape was through the field to my right, and the pond to my left. They both took another step towards me. I only had one way to go.

I jumped into the icy cold pond with my light pink mini skirt and light pink low cut shirt. I turned to see the dark haired boy yelling at his cute partner; "CARTER DON'T LET HER GET AWAY!" So…Carter is the brown-haired boy's name…<3 *Focus Ava!* I swam as hard as I could, but there was a splash behind me. I turned again to see Carter swimming furiously after me. *Shit he's gaining on me!*

I kicked as much as I could to get him to back away, but he was trailing behind me. He finally caught onto my leg. I couldn't kick him off. He grabbed my other leg and crawled up to bring his arms around my waist, pulling me back towards the shore!

He was a hell of a lot stronger than I was, and I couldn't help but give in. There was no use in trying to pull away from his firm grasp around me. I eventually started swimming with him, until I saw the evil smile on his partner's face. Shit! I got closer and closer to Carter's neck, until I was close enough…just a little closer…YES!

Munch! I bit deep into his neck, almost like a vampire…but not in it for the blood. "OW SHE FUCKIN' BIT ME!" He cried as he splashed around. His hold was gone and I swam for the other side of the pond. I immediately heard footsteps sprinting, and I could see out of the corner of my eye, the dark-haired boy running around the pond.

My body was numb. I couldn't feel how cold the water was anymore. I stopped in the middle of the pond and looked around me. Carter was just getting out of the water, holding his hand up to his neck. I looked in front of me and saw the dark-haired boy *seriously, what is his name? I can't keep calling him the dark-haired boy!* He was standing there with his arms crossed. "You can't stay in there forever," he called out to me. I looked around anywhere else, and started swimming towards the side, away from both boys.

Immediately after, the dark-haired boy was there, completely blocking me. He was fast. I turned around and saw the bridge that passed over the pond in the middle of the park. Directly under it, I could see a sewer pipe. *disgusting….* I scanned around me again and looked at both boys before taking a huge breath. I made myself disappear under the water, the moonlight barely lighting the way. I swam as far as I could before I came up for a breath.

"THERE SHE IS MARSHALL! SHE'S GETTING INTO THE SEWER PIPE!" I knew that was Carter. *So Marshall was the mystery boy's name…. <3* I crawled up into the smelly pipe and I started running. My heels clicked against the steel pipe. I had no time to take them off right now.

The pipe was starting to descend, and I heard the sound of water falling. I must be coming near a shaft or something, shit. I slowed way down as I inched forward. The falling sound was coming from right in front of me. I could feel the mist from the disgusting sewer water hitting against the walls.

I turned around and there were flashlights pointing into the sewer. Shit, I'm running out of time! I reached around the edge of the pipe to feel a bar. I moved my hand upwards to feel another bar. I realized that these bars were creating a ladder! I quickly grabbed the bar on the top and swung myself around the pipe.

My knees banged on the side of the pipe creating a loud bang. I felt around with my foot for another bar, and finally I found it. I started climbing a few bars, and crawled over to sit on the top of the pipe. It was the only place to hide for the time being. The only light around me was reflected through the top of the shaft, which must've been a sewer plate or something from somewhere else in the city. I could see the full moon through the small slates.

I waited for a few minutes before I heard footsteps getting closer. They were talking but I wasn't able to tell who was saying what. Their voices blended together so well, and they sounded so alike.

"How fucking far does this pipe go?"

"Does it matter? We're getting paid some pretty good money to be doing this kind of shit anyway."

"I ruined my damn Nikes for this. These shoes aren't cheap dude."

"Trust me, when we get paid, you're gonna be able to buy yourself a million pairs of Nikes."

"Seriously bro?"

"No, but you'll buy a shit ton!"

"Shhh, do you hear that?"

"The falling water?"


"Yeah, that means we're getting to the end of this pipe."

I could see their flashlights reflecting off of the mist. They were getting closer. I scooted as close as I could to the grimy stone wall behind me.

I felt the vibrations of the pipe as they stepped into the opening.

"Where the hell could she have gone?"

"Maybe she jumped."

"Why the hell would she jump? Seriously, be reasonable."

"Well if you were about to get kidnapped, would you do anything you could to get away?"

"Eh, I guess you could be right. Well there's gotta be a ladder around here or something to get down there, right?"

"You look on that side, I'll look on this side."

Again, I couldn't tell who was talking. Just then, flashlights peered around the edge of the pipe towards the sides. I quietly pulled my legs up into my chest and sat against the stone wall, not moving or making a sound.

I watched as the flashlight on the right disappeared. "Carter there's nothing on this side."

The guy on the right (under me) flashed the light at the bars. "Alright well I got something over here." He put the flashlight in his mouth and then he swung around the edge of the pipe. The light blinded my eyes and I looked away, still hoping that I would remain unseen, but that wasn't the case. "Hey Marshall, I found her."

I peeked through the light to the faces of the two pretty faces. If it weren't for their devilish smiles, I totally would've thought they were cute. Seriously…. *Focus Ava, they're trying to kidnap you!* It was so hard for me to concentrate. They were both so gorgeous!

Just then Marshall grabbed my leg, it caught me by surprise because I wasn't able to kick at him. But then my other leg was grabbed; now I had no choice…I couldn't move.

I was dragged off of the pipe and over the shoulder of who I thought was Carter, and they started walking down the sewer pipe.

I watched as the other boy trailed behind us, keeping his flashlight on the ground below him. I'm still not entirely sure who they're bringing me too, but I had a pretty good idea.


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