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The Break-Up ::ThatLonelyOne::

Novel By: thatlonelyone

Tags: The, Break, Up

Alice Newport is just a typical high school girl. She doesn't do a lot in her life other than homework and hanging out with a few of her friends. Her life really isn't all that exciting. But one day while walking home from school, she gets invited to a club for a party. This wasn't just a party though, this party was a gathering for people from all over the world. Alice decided it would be fun to go. That night she falls in love with a Romanian boy, Alin, from Bacau, Romania. When she gets the opportunity to go to his home country, she takes it. Soon after arriving in Romania, drama hits her love life and causes a mess. She's left all alone in a gang-afiliated city. She doesn't know anyone, anywhere, and she doesn't know any ways of communicating. There's no escaping for her, and she's surrounded by gangs. Can she survive? View table of contents...


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There was so much going on in my mind today. There was the spring finals I had to prepare for, and then after that I have to worry about prom. There's too much to do and I barely have any money for it. I just lost my accounting job that I had for 2 years and I'm pissed. I was working so hard, but then somebody decided it would be a good idea to pull a prank and blame it on me. There was no proof, but who are they going to believe! Ugh, this was just going horrible.

I decided today would be a nice day to walk home. Since I don't have my car, it's probably better that I get out a little more. I don't really want a ride home from Cindy. She's been annoying me a lot lately. Cindy is somewhat my best friend, but she got a boyfriend recently. She's been really bad about it too. She thinks he's her world, that he's the only person in existence. I really can't stand being around her anymore when that's all she talks about.

My thoughts were interrupted by the car horn behind me. I'm walking down the side of the street so I'm wondering why in the hell is someone honking at me! So I turn around and I see a car right behind me. It's Cindy. Great….

She waves at me and I wave back at her. I stand there like an idiot as she waits, probably for me to get into her car. After an entire minute of looking like a fool, I turn around and start walking away from her car in the direction I was previously going, and then she honks again. This time she gets out of her car, and I hear her car door slam before I hear her yell. "Hey, where are you going?"

So I turn back around to look at her again. "I'm walking home Cindy, what does it look like I'm doing?"

"Why won't you accept a ride from me? I mean, why else would I pull over on the side of the road?"

I cross my arms as I looked around me. Other drivers were looking at us, like we were some sort of lovers who just got into a fight and I jumped out of her car or something…. I mean of course that was not the case but that's what it seemed like. "Cindy I wanna walk home today. I really don't feel like being around you."

"Whatever," she said in her usual tone. Her "usual tone" was the tone she used when she was annoyed. It was always easy to tell because she used it quite often when she would talk trash about other girls in high school. It was always the same high school drama we would converse about.

I continued walking towards my house. I had my iPod playing some of my favorite songs while I walked down the block. Out of the corner of my eye I saw this girl running towards me from a side street. She was coming closer and closer and finally I had to look. I turned to see her waving her hand at me. Then I realized it was Karol, a girl from my science class. I didn't really know her well, but she was extremely smart, and she was extremely nice. I realized as she got closer, she had something in her hand. I was actually somewhat curious about what it was.

She finally stopped in front of me, trying desperately to catch her breath. "Hey," she managed to get out between pants.

"Hey," I replied in a way that seemed like a question. "Why were you running at me?"

Before I got an answer she practically threw the piece of paper at me. I grabbed it as she said, "read this and let me know."

I was confused by what she meant, so I started reading. It was an invitation for a party at a club. It's supposed to be an authentic kind of party with a bunch of people from many different places all over the world that come to hang out and meet people. This seemed like somewhat of a good idea for this Friday night. "So who's all going to be here? Is this just a onetime thing? I don't think I've ever heard of this kind of party before."

She'd finally caught her breath a lot more now because I was finally able to understand her words without a problem. "Well, it's not that often that it happens, but it's a really fun thing to get into. My cousins go to this a lot and they kind of got me hooked into it." She smiled at me. "It's a really fun thing and you should check it out on Friday. My cousins know a lot of people around the world from this experience, and they've introduced me to some of them too. Would you want to come?"

The question caught me by surprise. I thought more about it. Being able to meet a bunch of people around the world seems like a really cool idea! Being friends with people around the world would definitely give me a better chance to travel the world. "Yeah Karol, I think I might come. But would it be cool if I brought someone too?"

"Of course!" She answered so fast. "The more people that come, the merrier it will be!" She smiled again really big.

"Okay." When I talked it made it seem like I wasn't interested, I felt bad but there's nothing I can do about that. She's so full of energy.

"Yay!" She screamed and then ran away from me. She sprinted back the direction she came from, and I watched her until she entered the black car that had been sitting on the side of the street.

How odd. Now I have to figure out when I'm going to get all this studying in. Speaking of studying, I realized I have a test tomorrow in math class! Crap, I don't feel confident on this at all.

My thoughts were interrupted again as a car passes me honking it's horn. I realized it was another one of my closer friends, Kasey, who drove passed me. I waved to the trunk of her. She was out of sight a few minutes later, so I continued walking home. I'm still baffled by the encounter with Karol. I don't think we've ever had a real conversation before. She's not really a social person, at least from what I've seen. I don't have anything against her though, so I guess spending this Friday night hanging out with her will be a lot of fun. I think it's going to be an awesome experience meeting people from all over the world! It's going to be fun!


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