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Copycat (Chapter 1)

By: The Loner

Chapter 1, Two high school teenagers try to commit a murder by imitating the town\'s notorious serial killer, The Angel without realizing they had encountered in a much more dangerous situation. (This is my first novel.I hope you guys wont compare this with the Sigourney Weaver\'s movie although the main story is the same. enjoy:))

It was already late night in Oakwood Hills. Everywhere the lights are slowly turning of one by one at a time. It is a time where people are resting and off to bed so tomorrow they can be productive again. But Mara Hillson is not one them. Mara Hillson is a night worker. She sleeps and rest at the daylight and start work at night. Like a vampire but the only difference is she does not suck blood. She is the opposite among the society of Oakwood Hills. The reason this happens because Mara Hills is a female who is active in the sex industry. She is active in a various types of field in the sex industry. You can say that she is a stripper, a hooker , amateur adult video actor, everything. She loves it because of the easy money and the pleasure meeting and ``servicing” the horny customers.

She was hated by the people especially by female in the society. This is not because of what her work was but what she had done. Almost a month ago, she was being chased with a duster by a dedicated mother and housewife because of her sneak video doing an oral sex to a 15 year old high school student leaked through the internet.

The dedicated housewife who happens to be the mother of the student really pissed off and chased her off almost half of the town. Luckily the townsfolk managed to calm her and Mara was an unexpectedly a fast runner. Maybe it’s because of the adrenaline being chased off. Besides that, her amateur video with a college lecturer also leaked through the internet, causing the lecturer to resign. Most of her neighbours hated her. But she did not mind them. She did not even socialize with them. They are not important to her.

She drove off her car with an average speed, passing slightly through the neighbourhood that hates her. She finally reached home, unnoticed about the presence of a black Chevrolet in front of her lawn. She might think that it was owned by the people next door. She never cared. She entered her house, surprise to see that it was unlocked. ``Dammit, Jerry. You broke in again”. She get in and yelled ``come on, get out!. I know it was you”. The first person she thought of doing this was Jerry, her ex-boyfriend who always come to her when he was frustrated and when he is of course, horny. Even though separated, they still contact each other and she even gave him the key to her house.

She went to the kitchen to the kitchen and suddenly saw a corpse of a man being hanged with a background of a pair of wings being painted with blood in the wall. She was shocked and scared. She backed away slowly, unnoticed of a presence of a figure behind her. She noticed something behind her. She turned to her back hurriedly to saw a long haired man with a black robe wearing a cowboy hat is behind her. He was holding a small size machete on his right hand. Mara screamed and tried to get away from the man .

She did not succed as the man caught her and pushed her to the wall. Mara fell down and as soon as she got up the man stab him in the stomach. He was stabbing Mara repeatedly and blood are pouring nonstop from her stomach. The man grabbed Mara’s shirt collar and threw her to the sofa. He put her in a sitting position. He took off something from his robe’s pocket. It was a figurine of an angel made out of ceramic. He placed it on Mara’s hand and said ``May God forgive your sins’’. He got out of the house slowly and started droves off with the black Chevrolet as Mara’s life are about to end.

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