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Pearl is a very bubbly and optimistic girl, always looking on the brighter side and making people laugh. Her friends and family would always describe her as a helpful and happy person. Everyone had loved her loveable personality. Heads would turn when she would enter a room, guys would die to go out with her, girls would shower her with their jealousy. Since she was popular and wealthy, most people would try to use her for money, mostly, men. Not having many friends, she would often feel lonely but never let herself feel down. One day, she receives a letter. It was from her Secret Admirer. But something in the letter irked her to the point of fear. And it was starting from this day, that her life is thrown upside down; ripped into a thousand, irretrievable, pieces.

Who was stalking her? What did he want? What happened when she found out who it was?

And most of all, how was she going to escape him without getting murdered? View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 6, 2010    Reads: 180    Comments: 13    Likes: 2   


S-he could hear her heels echoing on the beige, marble floor, inside the roof of the shopping centre. Frantically, she ran away from the one person in this world whom she honestly feared, who was also pursuing her. Her breathing was growing shallow and hectic as she forced herself to run faster. She looked back to find him not far away from her. It seemed like he wasn't even trying to get to her and yet he was so close. She sucked in her breath from the sight of him, and turned back around to exit the housed stores.

She felt desperate to escape from this nightmare. At last, she had stumbled outside through the double glassed doors and the soles of her heels click-clacked on the stony ground. She looked around herself and ran for it again. Hopping around the corner of a building she ran a couple of metres and hid behind a corner. Breathing desperate, her hand on her heart, she searched around someone to help her. But nobody was around.

Why is no-body around when you need them? she thought frantically, crying now behind her hand. Despite it being Saturday night, not a single person was around on this wintery evening. It was getting dark already, and this upset her, increasing the trembling. She was never comfortable in the dark.

Pearl had to get away from there, from the darkness and into the comfort of her home. But she didn't know where she was anymore. Actually, she was now lost, physically and mentally. Suspicious shadows watched her with invisible eyes. All she could hear was the thudding of her own heart in her ears, like drums growing louder and louder and she grew anxious. She was also frustrated at her stupidity to have ran somewhere without thinking. Anything could happen to her now.

Her ears caught the sound of movement. She stopped breathing for a moment, literally, but the drumming in her ears prevented her from catching anything other than a rat scurrying past her feet. She screamed, instantly regretting her action. He could have heard her and perhaps he did. He wasn't far, she felt it.

Tears threatened to pour out as she forced herself not to. She shut her eyes, a feeble attempt to calm down. It wasn't working. She had to reach home quick and be safe, which would be safer than she was now.

Pearl hid her whimper under the unusually loud clacking of her heels as she ran away from her hiding place, into a much shadowed corner, the backstreet. She could hear his voice rather faintly now and she was glad for the first time that day. He was gone, for now, however still looking for her. And she let herself fall down on her knees when she finally couldn't stop herself from sobbing. Her quiet cries echoed in the darkness, her small figure shadowed under the darkness of the moonless sky. Not a star blinked.

"Pearl!" a voice echoed anxiously, from somewhere far away. It was quite faded.

She thought that she must've imagined it, hence, it was ignored. She moved over to her right and onto a set of double steps that didn't lead to a door, it was broken down in the backyard. The windows were half bordered up with the glass shattered in those places. Nobody was home, it seemed.

The blisters on her feet hurt her awfully and were looking horrible, even in the faint light from the flickering light from someone's backyard. A sensory light, every time she would move it would flicker on for a moment before it died down again. At least she had some security from her fear of darkness.

"Where are you, Pearl?!" the same voice sounded, this time it was a lot clearer and nearer.

Startled, she was about to move herself into the vacant backyard of the house, but stopped when she realised whom it was. She pushed herself onto her heels and walked back out, looking towards her left.

Her friend, Jeremy stood on the other side. He caught sight of her and was relieved to finally find her. "I thought I would never find you!" he said. He was about to take a forward when he groaned in pain.

"Jeremy!" Pearl cried.

"Run!" he shouted back.

"What?" she asked confused. Her eyes widened in fear when she watched him fall to the ground on his knees. Blood trickle down his forehead and into one of his eye. A silhouetted figure was standing behind his fallen one, holding a large knife in his left that was coated with dripping blood. Jeremy's blood.

"Look what you made me do," the dark figure, the same figure who she had had been running away from, said. Blood had dribbled down to the hand that was gripping the knife.

Pearl was stuck. All she could do was run, but for how long?


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