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Knock Knock Stalk Stalk

Novel By: XxalexandraxX

Three Different Girls, One Psycho Stalker…

Sasha Kabul is your average girl. She has a perfect life; two loving parents, a crazy best friend, and the hottest boyfriend. But there’s something wrong. She thinks she’s being stalked.

Cassandra Brooklyn Beth is the most beautiful junior in school. She has an amazing body, dark navy eyes, and all the guys drooling around here. But she’s in love with her best friend, Brian Pride. And just like his name, he’s proud to be gay.

Holly Paterson is a geek. A sexy geek. She has two personalities bickering away with each other all the time. The sweet, caring, super smart girl and the sexy seductive women. But the problem is… they both are trying to destroy each other.
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CHAPTER ONE: Sasha Kabul
NO ONE IS following you, I hastily thought to myself, sparing a brisk glance to the back of my shoulder. Clear. No one was there, it was just my imagination. Just breathe Sasha, just breathe. I took in a sharp breath, closing my eyes and admiring the bandy post-summer air. Just keep moving, you're almost there. I was tired of this. Ever since the first week of school I was feeling this lurking presence, like someone was following me. It had been eleven years; I should have been over the incident, why was I torturing myself like this?
My copper hair flew in the light breeze as I neared the school parking lot, searching for my best friend, Becky Blandy. She was an eager to love Southern Kentucky kind of girl. We did everything together, but sometimes she drives me insane. Becky and I had been friends ever since I moved to Shoretown to my foster parents; David and Martha Kabul, two loving parents from the coast of California. I loved the town, but I loved my home more. My old home. But that's gone, you can't live in the past…
"Sasha!" I heard a cry. I turned to look at my red-headed friend that was wearing a red plaid button up shirt, and blue jean. She smiled widely, accenting her white teeth. Her eyes glowed, and I smiled back as I embraced her in a hug. "Sashie, gosh, I haven't seen you in what, one day! Oh-Em-Gee!" yep, that's Becky alright. But I love her. "Yeah, I know, horrid, is it?" I said, adjusting my book bag. The wind whooshed across my cheeks, making my hair flutter back in the breeze.
"Yeah! Look, here comes hottie with the body!" Becky pointed towards my boyfriend, Josh Kennedy. The star of the soccer team, ripped in muscles and with a full head of golden wind-blown hair. I still couldn't believe Josh saw something in me. He might look like a jock, but he was really sweet when he tried. "Beck, stop calling him that, he does have a name!" I glared at her with my amber-like eyes.
"Yeah, and a body!" she squealed, hugging her waist. Oh Becky. Josh neared us in the parking lot and I smiled at his warm blue eyes. Now as I stared at Josh, I realized he wasn't even that cute. His hair wasn't wind-blown, but messy, like he hadn't brushed it in a week, he was two inches shorter then me, his eyes crooked, and lips cracked and chapped. "Hey babe, hey Becky." He pecked me on the cheek and grabbed my waist. "Hi Josh, how's it going?" I asked, brushing my hair aside. The question wasn't what he saw in me, but what did I? It wasn't that I liked him, no, far from it. It was that everyone else did, and I being with him made me someone.
"Its all good…now that I'm with you…" he started to lean down for a kiss, but I stopped him just in time. "Not here Hon…" Becky would melt and I would gag…I was about to say. Josh pouted, releasing his grip. "Sash…" he started, just as the bell let out a crackling ring. "I'm sorry baby, I gotta go. Don't want to be late for class!" I ran off with Becky, thinking, but that's not the only reason…
"Huh! Hello? What happened! Why didn't I see some tongue action?" Becky screamed in my ear as we charged up to economics class. "Shh, Beck, you're such a perv! I don't like kissing in public!" I counteracted, raising my head with posh. "Uh-huh. I believed you. It's not that. You don't want to kiss him, because you don't even like him. You've got a big fat, pedophile crush on Mr. Hagen!" Becky brushed her wavy red hair off her shoulders, smiling.
"Shut up!" was the best I could come up with. I took my seat, just as the second bell rang. Becky sat next to me, smiling as Mr. Hagen entered the room. I liked to call him Eric in my head. His name was just so sweet…Eric, just like the prince in the Little Mermaid. And God, did he look like a prince. Rich smooth and cropped black hair, almond emerald eyes framed with heavy lashes, and boy, take a look at that mouth. It was a perfect bee-stung pout that gemmed his amazingly white teeth. He couldn't be older then twenty-five…twenty-four maybe…
"Sasha?" I snapped back into reality as his voice beamed in my ears. "Huh?" I asked like the biggest dork. "Could you answer the daily warm-up?" I looked to the board and quickly read the question. "Inflation?" I answered, doubtfully. He smiled and I melted in my seat. He always wore a suit to school, how hot is that? I loved how the suit angled his amazing muscles, and how the curves on his chest beamed from his - "Yes, inflation is when the cost rises and worth stays the same. Good job, Sasha." He winked. Oh God, he winked! "Sash, double U-Tee-Eff?" Becky whispered to me.
"What?" I asked, looking down to my paper, my cheeks burning with a flicker of fire. "You were totally drooling! Girl, I bet you don't have the guts to get up there and tell him." She challenged, looking down to me, her lips in a crooked grin. Just then, a signal popped in my head. Who did Becky think she is? I could totally do whatever I wanted! "Oh, yeah? Watch me!" I yelled, loud enough for the entire class to hear. I shoved my desk out, got away from my chair and sucked a deep breath. You know you want too… I yelled inside my head. Just look at Eric, he's a real man, not like Josh!
"Sasha, please return to your seat…" Mr. Eric Hagen started, just as I pressed my lips to his. I slid my hand to the small of his neck, grasping his waist. I ignored the gasps of the students and the "Oh-Em-Gee" from Becky, and I just devoured Eric's mouth, lost in my happy place.


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