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Typo 2: Undercover Sacrifice

Novel By: XxalexandraxX

Thought that the action and adventures of Typo was over? Well, you have never been so wrong! The plot thickens as Maxine finds out her friend Jessica Parkers is dead...

she's having strange visions, could they be part of a bigger Satanic ritual? Will Maxine fall in love in the mixture like Sammy? Find out in Typo 2: Undercover Sacrifice! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 20, 2009    Reads: 248    Comments: 6    Likes: 2   

Typo 2: Undercover Sacrifice_
Chapter 1:
"We are joined here today" began the man shielded in black and red robes "to discuss the issues that have surfaced these past few years." He extended his hands, the crowd silenced in anticipation.
"Our Church of Almighty Satan has grown, and we have been able to provide even more sacrifices using the reliable tool, known as the internet…" he paused, giving his people a deep look of thought.
How far the church has come… he thought, remembering the initial days of the Organization of Almighty Satan. It had been in the early 17th century when his forefathers had united together in their worship. They had gone through much trouble to be where the church stands today.
The hot topic of witch hunts soon turned into Satanist hunts. The Christens started beckoning their people with false stories of the worship of Satan, telling them hollow tales. But as time progressed, so did the worship…with technology on the horizon, the numbers of sacrifices to the Dark Lord was increasing rapidly.
The priest and his people still strongly despised of the idea that they must be kept secretive, but even so, that wouldn't stop the Church of Almighty Satan. The priest flashed back to the present, staring intently towards the aware crowd.
"The law, who so does not understand our worship, is becoming even more aware of our ambition of domination, again!" the crowd yelled in agreement, raising the light ritual black candles above their heads.
"So, we must join together now, and find more sacrifices, more then ever before! Since the life of our Leader, Ted was taken by the Almighty One, we must honor his Immortal name, and all of his accomplishments, and we must pray to our Dark Lord that he receives a place in Hell as a Son of One, and a god!" The crowd erupted in cheer, chanting.
"Leader Ted, Leader Ted, Leader Ted!" The man in the robes came to the edge of the stage, next to a ritual table with the satanic inverted pentagram carved on it, and started to light an array of black and red candles.
He was performing a minor prayer for the deceased, asking Satan to bless Ted, but of course it was only a prayer; if one would ever want real results, they would have to perform a ritual; which took much blood of virgin sacrifices, but none the less, the advantage of the ritual was quite high.

The man started to chat in Latin, closing his eyes slightly. The crowd followed his prayer, murmuring in unison. All of the Satanists bowed their heads, chanting while grasping their fingers to their pentagram necklace.
"Now" the priest began "we must get to work, and prepare for our ritual, so we may have our Lord's blessing and honor our Leader's name! Since he is now deceased, I am the new Leader, and I will carry out the Church of Almighty Satan Organization duties in the name of Ted!" Again, the crowd flooded in agreement, shouting and clapping echoed throughout the underground walls.
"Now, all Hail your new Leader, chosen the by higher power of Darkness…Fred!" the priest declared, glancing in triumph towards the crowd.
"Hail Fred, Hail Fred, Hail Fred!"
"Now, all follow me into the Luring room, so we may get to work!" Fred gracefully exited the stage, with a higher declaration of power. He could feel himself gaining a feeling of confidence, now that he was the Leader. He had promised Ted, earlier on that if something would ever happen to him; he would take the rightful place of Leader. "To the catacombs!"
The crowd followed their Leader into the lantern lit halls, moving in unison, all staying silent. The Satanists trailed along side to Fred, clinging a respectful distance apart from him. They finally halted to a chamber door, Leader Fred unlocking tall bolts of chains.
He forced open the towering doors, them slightly making a racketing noise, and pushed them entirely open. The crowed stared in awe at the array of desks, on top of them placed brand new computers.

"Let our work began! And may we lure more sacrifices then ever before!"

----doesnt sound good, huh?----


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