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The fear within

By: Amzor89

Page 1, This is a short story and well it has a rather funny twist to it. Enjoy!

They turned and hurried back down the stairs. It was getting closer. I quickly glanced back in suspence, I felt nothing but fear as it was getting closer. The hair on the back of my neck was standing on end, my breaths were so fast, I couldn't catch them, my heart was beating so fast it was almost a drum roll. It was getting closer, and closer, I wasn't sure if I could prepare myself for what was about to happen next.  I ran and tried to look behind me but could see nothing but a cloud of dust, I could feel the panic raise.  I felt my heart was going to burst from my chest, I couldn't control my breathing. I fell and soon as I fell, it was upon me.....

"Nooooooo!!!" I screamed. "Get off me, you crazy geek-a-zoid!".

"Get your tounge out of my mouth, right this instant!". Yelling as I Pushed him away. 

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